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Argentina 19.4.

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Aldosivi – japan porn site San Lorenzo

+0,5 Aldosivi


Pick against San Lorenzo which played this night Copa Libertadores game in Brazil (2500 km far), now flight back home and go on league game with Aldosivi and after this game playing most important game so far in this season, last round in Copa Libertadores..

San Lorenzo will change whole team, best players will be rested (and preparing) for Libertadores game while reserves will play

Libertadors squad http://int.soccerway.com/matches/2015/04/17/south-america/copa-libertadores/sport-club-corinthians-paulista/club-atletico-san-lorenzo-de-almagro/2004916/

Squad for this game
Ciclón presente un equipo alternativo el domingo, con el que ya ensayó a principios de semana. El probable once inicial sería: Franco; Catalán, Yepes, Cardona, Arias; Prósperi, Mussis, Quignon, Barrientos; Verón y Cauteruccio.

Aldosivi full squad available
Entonces, Aldosivi tendrá dos cambios que serán los ingresos de Díaz y Galván por Quilez y Martín Rivero. Los once: Pablo Campodónico; Díaz, León, Guillermo Ortíz y Canever; Pablo Lugüercio, Galván, Hernán Lamberti y Diego Lagos; Roger Martínez y José Sand.

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Sochaux-Creteil​ -0.75 Sochaux @ 2,08 BetVictor


​Sochau 10 points more than this week oponents​ and still fight for promotion. Creteil 7 points far from red zone
​Sochaux nave doubtful Raphael Caceres (att 17/4)

​Creteil in problems, manny offensive players missing (3 more than on last game when min. won weak Orleans): Faneva Ima Andriatsima​ ​(att​ 24/6​), Frederic Piquionne​ ​(att​ 22/7​), Bagaliy Dabo​ ​(att​ 22/2​), Marcel Essombe​ ​(att​ 21/2​), Ben Amadou Sangare​ ​(​att 14/1), Rafael Dias​ ​(​mf 11/1)

Thet scored just two golas in last 8 games and now manny ofensive players missing (scored together 19 of 35 team goals).

Sochaux gorgeous dating sites collection have good defence, specially at home where recived just 11 goasl

Infirmerie : Andriatsima (reprise), Dabo (cheville), Dias (reprise), Essombé (reprise), Piquionne (reprise), Sangaré (reprise)


Belgium on Easter

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Mechelen – Waasland Beveren -1ah Mechelen


Quaity, form, away missing problems, hosts motivated for wonderful xxx videos free teen clips Europe, away team not care and will use youngsters..

Mechelen finished regular part of season with 4 wins and lost just one game in last 12 (winning strong Standard and draw with other tree best clubs in country, Anderlecht, Gent and Cl Brugge). At home they are much better than away. They dont have injury problems, just is Tim Matthys​ ​(​27/1)​ doubtful while is ​Joachim Van Damme​ ​(​df 16/0)​ suspended. ​Important midfielder Cisse is fit to play

​On other side Bevere​n in last 4 games lost tree with one draw, in last 12 won just once. They had luck by other resaults and stayed in league. Away from home even weaker. Also in missing problems (injuries and contract expire), out atre: Jorn Vermeulen​ ​(​df 7/0), Mijusko Bojovic​ ​(​df 7/1), Hugo Sousa​ ​(​df 17/0), Wouter Corstjens​ ​(​df 20/1), David Hubert​ ​(​mf 22/0),Aboubakar Oumarou​ ​(​13/0), “Ibou” Ebrahima Sawaneh​ ​(att​ 26/2​), Colin Coosemans​ ​(​first gk 22 caps), Hrvoje Cale​ ​​​​(​df 20/0) and Robin Henkens​ ​(​mf 22/0). Also Bourabia (mf 6/0) and Emond (att 28/13, topscorer) were sick and dont know how much are they ready

​Also they will include some youngsters

Colin Coosemans, Robin Henkens and Hrvoje Cale have an expiring contract and were not included in the selection. Brepoels had previously announced a few young people to spend the first team chances in the playoffs. Thus, among others belong Niels De Pauw, Alec Luyckx, Dylan De Belder, Floriano Vanzo and Zakaria M’Sila to the selection. Also Nicolas Godemèche is again caught and pulls along with the group to Mechelen.​



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Ukraine cup, Chernomorets Odessa – Dnjipro
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​Dnjipro playing great season, they eliminated Ajax and come into Europa league quarter finals, in league they have same points like Shakhtar (for 2nd place, CL place) ​and they are in cup quarter finals where they can open passage. As i said, they will be bussy on other competitions so they must solve cup next round asap, in this, first game.
They mean serious, their National team players come back (Dennis Boyko, defender Artem Fedetsky, midfielders Ruslan Rotan, Yevhen Konoplyanka, Roman Bezus and striker Roman good lesbian pron Zozulya). They was on NT game with Spain (1-0) and than come back and split the public, one part of public is angry they betray country by going on cup game, they think they should stay with NT to play with Latvia. Other agree with players..
Chernomoters still without away win http://uncensored-cartoon.tumblr.com/ but more important is they dont have money so in winter break lot key players leave club and now manny youngsters and reserves
(grey are players which left)
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