early bet

All Boys – Boca Juniors  over 2 @ 1,8 pinny

Last round in Argentina. Boca still can be champs and it’s clear that they are best team but with few last games they loose top spot and now they diont belive in title and they will send reserves. Reason is, of course, copa libertadores finale 3 days later (Corinthians). As i said, they are best team but because of CL they must play lot games with reserves. They won Apertura and they will play Copa Libertadores next year, maybe even they win it this year.
Why than over and not All Boys win?
Reason is simple, they have good reserves which played lot games (in league and cup – but also with some new faces today, specially in defence) together and All Boys will mis some key players. No matter they usually not play overs i belive miss of some key players and last round, game for fans can give us goals.
All Boys get 4 red cards last game so out are: Ferrari (df 10/1) , Matos (att 36/13), Dominguez (df 34/2) and Coronel (df 17/0). Also is first goalkeeper Cambiasso (37/0 – all games) out so leyenda will be first time on goal. So, with this defensive worries i belive they must recive at last goal but also they must play last game for fans, attack and score (no matter topscorer is out).
All Boys: Leyenda o Cambiasso; Vella, Quiroga, Soto y Martínez; Emmanuel Perea, Fernando Sánchez, Martín Zapata y Juan Pablo Rodríguez; Pérez García y Torassa.
On the other side ‘best team’ Boca with reserves.
Boca: Sebastián Sosa (2/0); Aguirre (0/0), Gastón Sauro (1/0), Enzo Ruiz (1/0) y Juan Sánchez Miño (20/1); Diego Rivero (24/1), Cristian Erbes (13/0), Guillermo Fernández (3/0) y Cristian Chávez (28/2); Darío Cvitanich (26/9) o Lucas Viatri (14/4) y Nicolás Blandi (14/6)
Además quedaron concentrados Sebastián D`Angelo, Brian Flores, Exequiel Benavídez, Leonardo Baima, Leandro Paredes, Orlando Gaona Lugo, Cristian Alvarez y David Achucarro.
So we can some changes in defence with unexpirience players and strong attack. I belive at last  2 goals will come, hopa in a more

Corinthians – Palmeiras  dnb2

Another copa libertadores finalist (Corinthians). They are palying with Boca and of course it’s most important game of season and they will rest all main players. Therre will again play reserves, and as you can see, they won just 1 point. They need to play game with Botafogo but Association postponed that game ‘because of Brazilian football interest’. I read a lot of their news and they are talking just abouth Boca game, just talking abouth finale (there are two games, first is in Argentina).
On the other side Palmeiras also start badly. They have good team but still looking for first win (i belive this time come). They also had cup game two days before so it could be a problem but they dont have squad problems, Marcus Assuncao is out but main problem for Luiz Felipe Scolari is how to start scoring. I belive he will find the way. If they cannot that against rivale reserves, they didnt deserve and there will be hard later in season for them. It’s now all on them