u20/ Turkey  v   Croatia -0,5 Turkey @ 1,99

i was waiting other bookies yesterday for eventualy VIp (http://castrof.eu/vip-today/) but just bet365 put and odds drop but still more no in other bookies (while i write analise 188bet put it)..

lets see..Croatia go in turkey, in antalya play two games. this is 2nd, first one was because two days and turkey easy win 3-0 and was much better team. they have enough quality players http://pokit.org/get/?2c99bc5ff4c01fb1b936ca62c63b94b2.jpg

Turkey are preparing for U20 World Championship 2013 (they are hosts) while Crpatia coem without some players and this squad is very weak

Türkiye: Muhammed Alperen Uysal, Erhan Kartal, İlkay Durmuş, Ethem Ercan Pülgir, Ahmet Yılmaz Çalık (Dk.88 Sadık Çiftpınar), Muhammet Karpuz, Enver Cenk Şahin (Dk.81 Tayfur Bingöl), Hasan Türk (Dk.62 Okay Yokuşlu), Artun Akçakın (Dk. 62 İbrahim Yılmaz), Taşkın Çalış (Dk. 81 Cumali Bişi), Kadir Ari (Dk. 46 Kenan Karaman)

Hırvatistan: Oliver Zelenika, Toni Gorupec, Ivan Aleksic, Filip Mrzljak, Matej Mitrovic, Josip Calusic, Danijel Miskic, Ivan Mocinic, Dejan Cabraja, Ljuban Crepulja, Dolezal Jan

Turkey has very talented team, some players in big clubs collecting minutes, some standard in 2nd league clubs while4 of them in germany.. Croatian league is weak and we are without Pavičić, Čanađija, Milić, Tomaš, N. Datković…

Hrvatska i dalje deseta

Handball Sweden, HK Malmö – Alingsås HK
Alingsas -1ah

Quality, form and h2h (malmo won just once in 12 games) all on away side. Also Malmo will miss tree important players Geissler, Pecikoza, Lindahl.

Alingsas without Enstrom

Friday the 13th

Derry City – Sligo under 2,5 @ 1,73

Usually i dont like u/o to play but this is because few reasons. First of all, on both sides missing topscorers. Derry is without McLaughlin  (16/7) while is Sligo without league topscorer North (16/15). Average of derry is 2,4 and Sligo 2,1.  

Denmark»Superliga, Aarhus – Aalborg (first round)

Aarhus without some changes, no one come just Lucena (df 24/0) left. Out for this game are povlsen(mf 26/0 last season), Larsen (26/8 ls) and Eckersley (df 27/1)

Aalborg also without changes, just  Thelander (df 23/2 in AB) come. They have out Nielsen (df 29/2, suspended from last season) and Kayke (att 17/2)

Switzerland»Super League, Servette – Basel


We can see some important players leave like Nater (mf 26/2), Eudis (23/4) and Yartey (att 31/8). They didnt make some significent signings, mybe Lang play first 11, other not so quality. Also, they have problems in defence  Vincent Ruefli (df 30/2) and  Genseric Kusunga (df new defender from Basel) are suspended, Patrick Baumann (df 8/1) is injured while are Isaga Diallo (df 18/0) and   Julian Esteban (att 14/1) and Christian Schlauri (df 9/1). Diallo probably out

Basel also leave important players: Abraham (df 233), Huggel (mf 23/4) retired, Shaqiri (mf 31/9). Also  Fabian Frei (mf 31/4) and Mohamed Salah with olimpic team so we can said they are little weaker than last season

Slovakia»Corgon Liga, Zilina – Myjava

Champs are opening new season with new team, 2nd league champs. Important players stayed.

Spartak Myjava

They came:
Peter smoker – home kennel, Matej Székely (both Spartak Trnava), Luke Sebek, Thomas Marček (both (AFC Nové Mesto n. Váhom), Thomas Mrva – pupil home (MFK Dubnica n. Váhom), Peter Majerník – domestic pupil (FC Brasov / Rum).

Ivan guys (SK Jalšové), Lubomir Ulrich (hosťovanie Piešťan), Peter Kumančík (Nové Mesto n.V.), Miroslav Manak (Nové Mesto n.V.)

Ukraine»Premier League, Volyn Lutsk – Karpaty


So, Volyn has no Maicon (24/13) any more.

J-League » Iwata – Sapporo  -1,5ah Jubilo Iwata @ 1,84

Jubilo is without first gk Kawaguchi  but he is injured whole season. Also striker Kanazono (scored 12 goals last season) injured from begining, didnt even play this season (and without him they are best <ttacking team). Only new important miss is Sung Dong (mf 11/2) and he is out alreaddy 3 games. So, nothing new (Han Sang-Wun is new striker but cannot play yet).

Sapporo is worst team in league, won just 4 pts this season (17 rounds) and have injurie problems. Most of them are long term injured, 10 players was out and after last game midfielder kawai (16/0) also injured. tree goalies are out long time so they recive much goals. Also must said Quirino (att 7/0) left club before two days.

J Iwata is also best home team, 6-1-1 while is Sapporo worst away, 8-0-0 (5:22)