Basket, Finland, UU-Korihait Uusikaupunki – Nilan Bisons 

pick: Nilan -21,5 link 

– first game was +45 for away team

– worst team vs best (3 teams on bottom)

– UU-Korihat left tree best players, americans and playing with their players

– UU-Korihat have one injured player also

Italy » Serie B » Ternana – Pro Vercelli 1 @ 1,85 bet365


I belive odds will drop. Both are in bad form but hosts have more quality and playing hme. Ternan will be without Fabio Pisacane (df 7/0), Biagio Meccariello (df 6/0), Massimo Gotti (mf 1/0). Also Guido di Deo (mf 10/0). I would said not so important players (wasnt played on last few games, long term injured). Only new blow is striker Angelo Raffaele Nolè (19/4). They are working to bring some famous names (Gianluca Zambrotta, Simone Barone, Daniele Ficagna)

On the other side Pro Vercelli in big problems. Form is awfull, loose last two games agains directly opponents for relegation. They are in bad position, just is Grosseto under them on table. Also coach will have much problems for this game:
suspended are Simone Sini (df 11/0), Alessandro Ranellucci (df 18/0) and Andrea Rosso (mf 8/0; injured are Gabriel Pires (mf 12/1), Massimiliano Scaglia (df 16/2), Alberto Masi (df 13/1), Gianni Fabiano (att 14/2); doubtfull are Alessio Innocenti, Stefano Murante, Matteo Di Piazza (att 10/1)

I pick home win becausee of so much away problems


spezia – ternana    spezia -0,5ah @ 1,88 sbo

Spezia has very rich and powerful chairman, Volpi (water polo Pro Recco owner). They played first game 0-0 in Terni without 4 important players which will play this game. They also will have more than 10 000 fans and everithing is ready for Serie B promotion. Volpi ‘thinks’ all is clear, sure and he laready start with new, modern stadium for 20 000 fans

spezia: lollo (mf 18/0), madonna (mf 32/6)

ternana: Pisacane (df 32/3), Bernardi (mf 21/3), Nole (att 26/8)

Koper – Triglav  -1eh koper @ 2,0

Just one round is after this one and than is over. But after this round some teams can make sure their finale position. If Koper win today they can make sure they will play eeurope (if other resault is good for them). Also, if Triglav win and Nafta not, they cannot be directly relegate, they are sure in ‘relegation playoff’.
Koper, 3rd, solid at home, good team and great defence. Aljaž Struna (df 23/0) and  Milan Osterc (att 30/9) are out for hosts but they are outt last few games so it’s not a problem, they have much longer bench, bigger roster than their opponents. Also they are in good form, won last 4 games, didnt loose last 12 (9-3-0) and with big steps walking to europe.
Trioglav made some suprises but also was destroyed few times. Mostly hearts this one few weaks ago against Maribor when they loose big 8-0. Out are: Brajič (mf 19/0), Smolej (df 14/0), Sever (mf 16/1) all injured and suspended Dolžan (mf 29/1). Their attack is weakest in league (scored 19 goals in 32 rounds), their defence is worst in league and what we can expect than from them,. Suprise? I dont thing so..

Denmark, Landspokal finale, Horsens – FC Copenhagen

Playing in Copenhagen

Horsens out: Jochumsen (gk 18/0), Absalosen (att 9/1) and Hajdarevic (att 14/1)

Fc Copenhagen out: Larsson (df 4/0), Ottesen (df 23/5) and Delaney (mf 19/1)

Champions League Women » Lyon W – Frankfurt W   1  / -1eh Lyon

Game will be played in Munchen (expected 40 000 people). Frankfurt is sensacional finalist, nobody expected them there and they are big underdogs in finale. Lyon is best team in this moment, best ladie team last years (won last year CL, year before loose in finale on penaltyes..).  Frankfurm will be without their important striker Fatmire Bajramaj , first goalkeeper Angerer, defender Krieger, midfilder Kulig (she is long term injured). I decide for hendicep because it’s finale, just one game and i belive lyon feminas would leading. In that situation Frankfurt dont have nothing to loose, can just get something so must attack. I belive than one counter of Lyon would be enough. They are powerfull, very powerfull attacking team. Look this attacking potentional (8 players scored 141 goals if i calculate good): Renard (df 17/7+7/1 ine europe+2/1 for france), Abily (mf 19/13+7/8 in champions league+6/2 for france), Dickenmann (mf 15/8+6/3 in CL+4/4 for Switzerland), Henry (mf 17/7+6/1 in CL), Necib (mf 18/8+7/2 in CL + 6/1 for France) and uncredible strong attacking trio Thomis (att 18/12+7/3 in CL+5/3 for France), Le Sommer (att 18/19+8/8 in CL + 6/3 for France) and fianly Schelin (att 18/20 + 8/5 in CL + 6/2 for Sweden). No matter Frankfurt will be almost at home, Lyon has quality, has expirience so i belive they will have resault also

DPMM FC – Home Utd  1 @ 2,0

Singapore Cup

Defending title Home Utd will be weakened by important absences in this match.

To the already out Arai( def.9), for this match Home wil be also without first and second topscorers strikers Mendy ( 12 11 goals) and Ihata ( 10+2 8goals), plus captain Jihay ( midf. 10) and defender Anzite ( 12).

Hosts have no line up poblems and with Home weakened both in attack and in defence i think that hosts are favourite and can win this match

analise by mrgol