Derbi Svetog Duje

Hajduk Split – RNK Split

Derbi Svetog Duje or St Duje Derby. I dont see Hajduk as favorites here. At last odds should be the same IMO. I belibe at the end of season Split will fight with Rijeka for 2nd spot while Hajduk will be few points behind them. Split from begining (from their first season in 1st league) looks as serious club who buying clever and not spending much. This mercato they sold best striker Cop to Dinamo and no other important leaving. They bring good, fast, perspectiv striker Henri Belle from Istra, than Aljosa Vojnovic, another striker who had quality but now was in Iran and dindt look him last year (in first round scored to Rijeka and was good). Also they bring very good radotic from Cibalia, Paracki nad few other players. So they are stronger than before no matter Cop leave, they keep best players Križanc, Marčić, Vitaić and Vidić and bring new faces. For this game they have back main defender, expirienced Križanac..

..I belive it’s weakest Hajduk i ever seen. No money, no president, no players, no wages, and first time that fans are not interested. I belive more in Split and Rijeka (ifor 2nd place in league) than in Hajduk. Hajduk was banned because of doubts to Sibenik and they couldnt play friendly games (they played few weak friendlyes but couldnt play as hajduk). They bring only young perspective striker Maglica from Osijek. Other players come back from loan. Club left manny important players: Neretljak (Rijeka), Gabrić (Rijeka), Tičinović (Nordsjaelland, Dan), Lendrić (Waregem, Bel), Buljat, Lima, Vejić, Andrić, James, Režić, Sačer (Tomasov left before). Also Sharbini brothers (anas best player) will leave and will not candidate for this game. Only good news if we can spoke abouth something good in Hajduk is that striker Vukusic stayed (for now).

This was copy/paste from last preview. New president come, both Sharbini left club, yesterday they played in Latvia Euro game with Skonto and didnt impressed (home played good, suprised me). They loose 1-0 in Riga, was controling game (game was bored) and than in last minutes recive goal and than was pannic. That was their 3rd game in last 7 days, this game with Split will be 4th in 10 days. So if we look that they must travel more than 2000 km we will see they didnt have much time to rest, refresh players when they must also made some trainings. Also Trebotic is suspended by club (and he scored goal to Skonto)..