Triple Bet

AAB + Vienna + Lokomotiva

Denmark Hockey, AaB Pirates – Copenhagen 1

Best team vs worst team. Big quality difference, AAB won last 6 while loose last 11..

Hockey, TWK Innsbruck – Vienna Capitals 2

Another big quality difference. Inssbruck is worst team, last two games they recive 9 goals (Alba and Dornbirn) – 125 goals in 22 rounds. they loose 6 in a row. Before two eweeks they played in Inssbruck and Viena beat them 8-0. Vienna is fighting for title with Medvescak and there is no space for mistake here. They have some missings but nothing new and captein Gratton is back after suspension

Cro Cup, GOŠK – Lokomotiva 2

Big quality difference, most talented team in country will play in Dubrovnik against 3rd league club. Lokomotiva means seriously and they must promote in cup semi finals. They are with best squad, no missings and thery get easier opponents. Gošk is 11th in 3rd league south, nothing speciall. They had little luck in cup so they come so far. In preliminary round they get promotion on ‘green table’, than they eliminated Šibenik from 2nd league on penalties and last round they eliminated 3rd league Nedelisce on extra time. From this round there will be two games (home and away)