Angers – Clermont 2 @ 4,59  pinnacle  1-2 😉

i want go on this bet because of hosts problems but stop when i saw posibility that Clermont topscorer Dembélé would maybe go to Africa to play for Mali. He didnt so here is a bet..

Angers is better team but for this game they have 4 players suspended: Malik Couturier (df 8/1), Ibrahima Diallo (df 17/0), Rayan Frikeche (mf 14/2), Olivier Auriac (mf 18/0). Also injured is Jeremy Henin (df 12/0) and doubtfull two players without cap Stevie Riga and Jonas Henrique Pessalli and Richard Socrier (att 4/0)

So 5 standard players are out and they played 4 days ago friendly game with 19th Niort (in squad which probably will play this game, without missing players) and loose against so weak team

update: more good news (for me and pick, bad for hosts)

Diego Gomez (mf 15/1), Arnold Bouka Moutou (df 2/0) are also out for this game so young Hafidi would be include in squad and could debut.

On the other side is Clermont which was out of form and winter break come in right time for them. They also played friendly game now, it was against two teams, half against each and all available players get chance. Players who had some problems with injuries like Fabien Farnolle (first gk), Gregory Lacombe (mf 14/1), Jaques Salze (df 5/0) was all include in game(s) so there is no missing problems (just Touncara out but he didnt play this season). Also good news for coach is that Imorou (df 12/0) is available after a ban and Clermont have been boosted by the news that Dembele (att 19/7, topscorer) will not go to the Cup of African Nations with Mali

As i said good thing for them that winter break come because not so good form but still Clermont are unbeaten in the league on the road since August

__________________________________________________ ___________

If you dont belive in 3for3, in cooperation between clubs here analise stop for you but i will give few more arguments to people who belive..

very nice h2h (picture is down) with two ‘mistakes’. We can see season 10/11 Angers won both games but if we lok position on table in that moment everything would be clear, they need points (while Clermont didnt need)

other ‘mistake’ and in my eyes reason why didnt come same as in first game whas in season 08/09 when first game was draw and 2nd won Angers, reason to me is Angers fights for title and promotion, Clermont was quite sure

last tree games was away win, good odds, always more than 3,0. Last game last season was ht/ft 1/2 (biggiest odds 60) now if i am right, again turn for away win (and Clermont need that win)

i look also chairmans (didnt change for years), referee (not suspicious) but not suspicious

All in all this pick i must bet if i look in any corner, it is normal value when hiosts miss some important players but also it is very suspicious to me in other way..

Türkiye Kupası, Eskisehirspor – Mersin
Eskisehirspor -1,25ah @ 2,04 sbo  3-1

Quality is on home side and they means serius in this cup. They bring few new players, they strenght their squad and they will het chance today. Topscorer Ateş (9 goals) will probably start game on bench but Kamara (8 goasl) will lead attack

My pick is based on weaknees of Mersin. They are one on weakest clubs in Turkey Super Lig and today they have to do this game without some importzant players (from official site):
Joseph Boum (df 11/0), Aydın, Ömer (df 7/1), Steponov (df 14/1), Yattara, Özden (gk 3/0), Culio (mf 16/2), Mert Nobre (att 16/9, best scprer), Mehmet Yıldız (new signing) ve lisansı yetişmeyen yeni transfer Mitkoviç (new signing)
Bugün transferi açıklanan kaleci David Bicik ve Gosso’da henüz takıma katılmadıkları için Eskişehir’e götürülmediler. (cannot understadn this part with translater)

Kadroda yer alan isimler;
Cengiz, Orkun, Serkan Yanık, Ivan De Souza, Mustafa Keçeli,Murat Ceylan, Burhan, Hakan Bayraktar, Nurullah, Eren, Can Erdem, Nduka, Tanju, Kadir ve Mahmut.

France, PSG – Ajaccio -2ah Paris SG @ 1,9  0-0

Usually dont like top leagues and high hendiceps but must take this.

About PSG i dont need write much, it’s megateam with Zlatan (16 caps, 18 goals) and title is ‘must win’ for rich owners, they dont spend money for nothing. No leavings, they bring just one player, one of most perspective youngsters Lucas Moura. There are some long term injuries, nothing speciall

On the other side hard days for Ajaccio. After break they palyed Coupe de France with Rouen from Nationa league (3rd league) and they are eliminated (120 minutes). For this game they are without lot important players: Faty (mf 16/1) and Oberhauser(gk 1/0) are both out injured while are Medjani (df 19/1), Mostepha (mf 17/1), Diarra (mf 16/1), Diawara (df 15/1) and Belghazouani (mf 17/4) all on international duty***8230;

PSG also played cup but rest main players. This will be first league game for Ajaccio new coach

Hockey Slovakia, Martin – Piestany 2 and h2 1,85 / 2,35

Home Martin have big financial problems.. today team left 7 players + 2 injures + best player is doubtfull, because he has a new intrested (new club).. club reduce payout for players.. bad form and the weakest team in Slovakia Extralige.. Piestany is newcomer, very good and experience team. Ist very defensively style play (best defence). But today (11.1) must win.. hcp -1,5 start on 2.40 in local now 2.01, and away win in local 1.80 and ropped (example doxxbet)… Martin without : Mikušovič (38/5+11), Raček (9/0+0), Zukal (38/0+1), Horský (28/4+1), Murček (37/1+8), Hús (24/0+1), Vartovník (25/5+3) – doubtuful Markovič (38/23+21). Injures Slimak (1/0+0), Beran (25/7+14 – third best players). camejko

news: Two more important players out for Martin, Vazan and Novotny so they trained today with just 3 formations


Coupe de la Ligue

Monaco will change goalkeper and defence but in ofensive part they are strong..there are regular midfielders and deadly attacking duo Germain (5/3) and Toure (5/6)

Le groupe asémiste
Gardiens : 
Caillard, Sourzac
Défenseurs : Adriano, Appiah, Kagelmacher, Kurzawa, Labor, Phojo, Tzavellas
Milieux : Bajrami, Coulibaly, Dingomé, Dirar, Mendy, Poulsen
Attaquants : Germain, Touré


Gardiens : Arnaud Balijon, Maxime Hautbois, Mike Vanhamel.

Défenseurs : Gaëtan Belaud, Pierre Talmont, Simon Falette, Makan Traoré, Lindsay Rose, Kévin Perrot.

Milieux : Anthony Gonçalves, Yohan Betsch, Vincent Le Baron, Ludovic Gamboa, Bilal Hamdi, Oscar Ewolo

Attaquants : Julien Viale, Fabrice Do Marcolino

Missing : Lhadji Badiane (blessé), Renaud Dreuslin, Romain Ciaravino, Ghislain Gimbert (blessé), Jérôme Lebouc, Jordan Adéoti, Martin Mimoun, Corentin Rocu, César Lolohéa et Ousmane Traoré.


Le groupe:

Sorin, Léon, Acapandié, Hengbart, Coulibaly, Ndong, Ebanéga, Jullien, Rivieyran, Mandjeck, Meïté, Segbéfia, Le Tallec, Ntep, Oliech, Langil, Makengo.

Coupe de la Ligue

Coupe de la Ligue

Laval – Le Mans

Gardiens : Arnaud Balijon, Maxime Hautbois.

Défenseurs : Makan Traoré, Pierre Talmont, Lindsay Rose, Martin Mimoun, Jordan Adéoti.

Milieux : Anthony Gonçalvès, Yohan Betsch, Vincent Le Baron, Ludovic Gamboa, Bilal Hamdi.

Attaquants : Jérôme Lebouc, Fabrice Do Marcolino, Julien Viale, Ghislain Gimbert.

Missing 10 players: Lhadji Badiane (blessé), Renaud Dreuslin (blessé), Gaëtan Belaud (blessé), Kévin Perrot, Ousmane Traoré, Mike Vanhamel, César Lolohéa, Corentin Rocu, Oscar Ewolo, Romain Ciaravino.

Le Groupe du Mans FC :

Gardiens : Janot, Beunardeau
Défenseurs : Cuffaut, Doumbia, Adenon, Kassai, Koné, Bamba
Milieux : Ekeng Ekeng, Sanson, Derouard, Kanté, Sido
Attaquants : Koura, Sylla, Belfort, Momi, Cissé

Nimes – Monaco

Le groupe de Nîmes : Merville, Al-Shaïbani – Parpeix, Poulain, Stosic, Bouby, Haddou, Amewou, Bénézet, Gragnic, Ogounbiyi, Koné, Thibault, Ripart, Robail, Piocelle, Benyahia.

Claudio Ranieri has selected a group of seventeen players for the trip to Nimes on Tuesday, August 7 at 8:00 p.m. in the first round of the League Cup. As announced, the Italian coach ASM FC has largely turns its workforce by integrating seven players who were not on the scoresheet in Laval. However, Danijel Subasic Kagelmacher Gary, Eric Marester, Delvin Ndinga, Gary Coulibaly and Valere Germain effectrueront not moving.

Le groupe asémiste
: Caillard, Sourzac
Défenseurs : Adriano, Labor, Phojo, Raggi, Wolf
Milieux : Bajrami, Dingome, Dirar, Dumont, Eysseric, Ferreira Carrasco, Mendy (photo), Poulsen
Attaquants : Touré, Barazite

Istres – Clermont  1 @ 2,25

Istres: CHELLE, AKROUR et BRU  are at rest while SAINATI is suspended thus allowing Moulin, CHAKOURI, TARDIEU et BOUTAIBr boutaib Parsemain in a competitive match.

Clermont: To take no risk, Regis Brouard decided saved Avinel and Imorou (groin), while Dembélé, Rivière, Lacombe et Ekobo should take place on the bench.The opportunity to find the owner for eleven Bockhorni, Fomen, Sylla, Esor, Moreira and Pinau, scorer last Friday. Perrinelle, Armand and Touncara are too righteous.

Le groupe clermontois

– Gardiens : Farnolle, Fabre.
– Défenseurs : Bockhorni, Salze, Saïss, Fomen, Esor.
– Milieux : Bayod, Sylla, Moreira, Capelle, Lacombe, Ekobo.
– Attaquants : Dembélé, Rivière, Pinau.

Le groupe istréen

Gardiens : Pétric, Véronese.
Défenseurs : Barillon, Moulin, Chafik, Cantareil, Chakouri.
Milieux : Tarasconi, Tardieu, Genest, De Preville, Touati, Ba.
Attaquants : Yahia Chrif, El Hemdaoui, Boutaiba.

Caen – Lens

Le groupe de Caen : Perquis, Bosmel – Calvé, Wague, Pierre, Raineau, Mbone, Seube, Agouazi, Moulin, Fajr, Guerreiro, Cuvillier, Nabab, Duhamel, Poyet.

Lens liste des joueurs retenus : Samuel Atrous, Rudy Riou ; Rémy Bonne, Yohan Démont, Patrick Fradj, Nicolas Saint-Ruf, Alassane Touré, Alaeddine Yahia ; Ludovic Baal, Alexandre Coeff, Pierre Ducasse, Jérôme Le Moigne, Lalaina Nomenjanahary, Anthony Rogie, Pierrick Valdivia ; Julien Leghait, David Pollet.

Amiens SC – Auxerre

Francis DE TADDEO (Amines) decided to grant a tenure keeper No. 2 in the League Cup or Coupe de France. So for this match against Auxerre this will Romain RUFFIER that will keep the goals of the CSA.

Le groupe d’Amiens : Ruffier, L’Hostis – Mainfroi, Cirilli, Mienniel, Lybohy, Ielsch, Paul, Beynié, Lacourt, Puyo, Pouye, Raynier, Touzghar, Kodjia, M’Changama, Bazile.

Le groupe d’Auxerre : Sorin, Léon – Hengbart, Coulibaly, Ebanega, Rivieyran, Mandjeck, Meité, Makengo, Kapo, Bourgeois, Le Tallec, Acapandié, Tchouatcha, Langil, Haller.

Angers SCO – FC Nantes

For this game, the coach Angevin, Stéphane Moulin has made ​​some changes in his group over to meet Friday in Clermont.
Fabien Boyer and Yoric Ravet, slightly affected, are provided as Vincent Manceau. Arnold Bouka Moutou, Maxime Rousseau and Rayan Frikeche integrate the group.

Le groupe Angevin :

Gardiens : Grégory Malicki, Alexandre Letellier
Défenseurs : Martin Fall, Ibrahima Diallo, Arnold Bouka Moutou, Jérémy Henin, Marc Zoro
Milieux : Maxime Rousseau, Rayan Frikeche, Olivier Auriac, Charles Diers, Alharbi El Jadeyaoui, Diego Gomez
Attaquants : Richard Socrier, Claudiu Keserü, Fodé Doré

Michel Der Zakarian, Nantes coach, also makes many changes in its group after the match played Saturday afternoon in Nîmes.

Le groupe Nantais :

Gardiens : Riou, Zelazny
Défenseurs : Alhadhur, Cichero, Djidji, Djilobodji, Veigneau
Milieux : Deaux, Eudeline, Keita, Pancrate,Trébel, Veretout
Attaquants : Djordjevic, Lee, Mayenga

Arles – Guingamp

Le groupe d’Arles-Avignon : Yattara, Butelle – Quintin, Abdelhamid, Zarour, N’Diaye, Aho-Abou, Cardy, Plessis, Savanier, Dalé, Douniama, Sangaré, Suarez, Mara, Rocchi.

Guingamp : Mamadou Samassa, Vincent Planté, Paul Babiloni, Thierry Argelier, Baïssama Sankoh, François Bellugou, Mamadou Camara, Lionel Mathis, Mustapha Diallo, Christophe Kerbrat, Laurent Dos Santos, Quentin Rouger, Charly Charrier, Fatih Atik, Rachid Alioui, Christophe Mandanne, Moustapha Yatabaré.

Chateauroux – Dijon

Chat:Caradec, Millieras, Fournier, Sambou, Neves, Afougou, Nestor, Dasse, Fauque, Orinel, Hautcoeur, Beauvue, De Freitas, Tainmont, Guerriero, Essombé, Jeannot, Chamed, N’Kololo

Dijon:: Reynet, Tchagouni- Diabaté, Cissé, Bamba, Paulle, Malouda – Bérenguer,  Guerbert, Achour, Baradji, Mollet, Paye-Koné, Thil, Tavares

Metz – Sedan

Metz missing: Baning, Wagué, Cherro, Bourgeois, Mané.

Gardiens : Carrasso, M’Fa.
Défenseurs : Métanire, Milan, Martin, Inez, Lê, Bussmann, Croizet.
Milieux : Kehli, Proment, N’Doye, Cassan, NGbakoto, Sarr.
Attaquants : Sakho, Keita.

Le groupe sedanais

Gardiens : Florent PERRAUD ; Geoffrey LEMBET
Défenseurs : Habib BELLAID ; Kévin BOLI ; Florentin POGBA ; Kalifa TRAORE ; Franck BETEHE
Milieux : Farid BEZIOUEN ; Yoann COURT ; Mickaël LE BIHAN ; Florian MAKHEDJOUF ; Damien MARCQ ; Virgile RESET ; Fabien TCHENKOUA ; Ahmed YAHIAOUI ; Louis BONGONGUI
Attaquant : Mamadou DIALLO

Niort – Boulogne  1 @ 2,1

Boulogne relegate last season and now is in National league (few years ago was Ligue 1). They are much weaker than last season (some palyers left, some are injured)

Le groupe de Niort : Roche, Elissalde – Letzelter, Bong, Khalis, Bernard, Gonzalez, J. Gastien, Ricaud, Glombard, Roye, Durak, Hébras, Diaw, Lahaye, Pallois.

Le groupe de Boulogne : Gurtner, Sauvage – Colin, Gace, Diarra, Dao, Vandenabeele, Boulenger, Oliveira, Loriot, Dohin, Kanté, Allart, Karuru, Chadili, Mignon.

Tours – Le Havre

Le groupe de Tours : Leroy, Maubleu – Tritz, Fontaine, Fabre, Moimbé, Ketkeophomphone, Gherieni, Gamiette, Meité, Diego, Kouakou, Biancardini, Chavalerin, Dutournier, Seguin.

Le groupe du Havre : Boucher, Samba – Rivierez, Louvion, Genton, Mendy, Lemarchand, Nouri, Mahrez, François, Zola, Mesloub, Bonnet, Fontaine, Malfleury, Rivière, Mendes (incertain, main player, 2/2), Fanchone.

Vannes – GFCO Ajaccio  Gajaccio ah0 @ 2,12

Vannes relegate in national league and players leave club: v (gk 31/0), Abenzoar (df 17/0), Quintin (df 22/1), Moulin (df 25/1), Brillault (df 30/2), Loval (mf 23/10, 2nd scorer), Malcuit (att 12/2), Rachdi (mf 3/0),  Gomis (gk 1/0). Most of their players for this season come from their B team, youngsters. Also for this game not on list Cristophe (df 22/0) and Ben Nabouhane (att 35/11, topscorer). Gazelec Ajaccio promoted from national, didnt have main leaving and bring few new names

Le groupe de Vannes : Le Rouzic, Anceaux – Reydel, Ponroy, N’Diaye, Bonnet, Berson, Boé-Kane, Youssouf, Bangoura, Diguiny, Haquin, Kakou, Jarsalé, Béréaud, Sanchez, Eveno, Gaffory.

Le groupe du GFC Ajaccio : Maury, Rastello – Kehiha, Bocognano, Rachidi, Flégeau, Romey, Poggi, Dufau, Laïfa, Colinet, Lubasa, Seymand, Chevalier, Mandrichi, Colloredo, Verdier, Touré.


Oldham (Eng) – Manchester City (Eng)

Premier League champions at Boundary Park

Paul Dickov is relishing the prospect of Latics taking on the best as Premier League champions Manchester City visit Boundary Park tonight.City have yet to confirm their side, but Latics’ manager expects some of their stars to feature.City are currently on tour in the Far East, but their Euro 2012 players were given extra time off.Dickov said: “This is the biggest test of our pre-season as they don’t come any bigger than the Premier League champions.

“I would expect some of their top players will feature so it will be a fantastic test for us, both fitness wise and tactically how we deal with them.”

This is the penultimate friendly before the competitive action kicks off against Sheffield Wednesday in the Capital One Cup on Monday, August 13th.

And Dickov expects his players to up the ante as the competition for places intensifies.He said: “It is up to everyone to impress me as the team will be picked on merit.”There are two friendlies left for all the players to show me what they can do.”

..for city probably will play (maybe not frome begining) players from Euro (which didnt traveled in asia).. Joe Hart, Joleon Lescott, Gael Clichy, Samir Nasri, James Milner, Gareth Barry and Emmanuel Adebayor  (maybe even David Silva, Edin Džeko and Gareth Barry)
They had longer rest because of Euro2012..

AFC Wimbledon (Eng) – Preston (Eng)

Terry Brown (Wimbledon)says that pre-season will step-up a gear for his first-teamers against Preston North End tomorrow night.

The Dons boss has experimented with youngsters during our friendlies so far, but he says that getting 90 minutes into those who will start the season at Stevenage in two weeks’ time is now crucial.

“I need to get to a situation where I am giving 90 minutes to the 11-14 players who will be regulars,” Terry said. “Preston will offer me a chance to do that. We have mixed younsters in with the seniors and at any given time during our friendlies we have had at least six or seven young players in the squads. They are players with no experience of men’s football whatsoever. Some of the yougsters have acquitted themselves well, but Preston offers us a chance to concentrate on the first-team.”

The Lilywhites (Preston) will head to the country’s capital in buoyant mood following their 1-0 win over Greek side AEK Athens last Saturday courtesy of winger Jeffery Monakana’s late strike.

It was arguably North End’s strongest pre-season performance, and the Dons will provide a different type of test for Graham Westley’s side.

Team News
Tough tackling midfielder Jack King looks likely to miss Preston’s trip down south due to an ankle injury sustained in the first half against AEK.

John Welsh and winger David Amoo will be hoping for a return to action, but striker Lee Trundle will definitely be out with a knee injury.

Campeonato Brasileiro B » America RN – Barueri -1ah AmericaRN @ 1,74

After great form America won just once in last 5. But theat’s because of away games, at home they are very strong (6-1-0). Two defenders are suspended, Cleber and Edson Rocha but they they strenght squad with defender Rodrigao and midfielder Nethino (both can play).
Gremio is one of worst teams in league, just one win in 13 rounds, just 6 points and just 9 goals scored. In last 15 games they won just once (and it was worst team Ipatinga). Important defender Leonardo injured, mf Dionisio suspended while Ronaldo Angelim, another important defender, left club.
2nd best home team vs poor team, por away and must go 3000 km for this game..home win will be, i belive with hendicep