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FC Pasching – GAK    1

It’s last round. Grazer AK won league and will play playoff with Hartberg from 1. liga and in this game will rest all first team players. Coach said just Stefan Nutz (mf 23/2) will start because he need games after injury
Resting: Posendorfer (gk 26/0), Kammerhofer (df 22/2), Schilling (df 25/1), Deutschmann (df 28/2), Fink (df 23/1), Durlacher (mf 23/5), Hofer (mf 27/3), Murg (att 24/11), Rauter (att 28/22) maybe even  Brauneis (att 27/13)
Pasching need points, you can see up why

SV Allerheiligen – UVB Vöcklamarkt

Both without topscorers, hosts miss Hofer (22/10), away team Peter (27/10)

DSV Leoben – Austria Klagenfurt

Leoben miss Petkov (df 26/0) and doubtful Lechner (df 19/2), Rinnhofer (df 20/0) and main player Rottensteiner (21/14)

Aus Klagenfurt without one of two topscorers (both 7 goals) Sablatnig (26/7) plus Dollinger (23/4), Gotla (6/2)

Sturm Graz A. – Vorwärts Steyr

Sturm miss Michael Hoffer (df 10/0) and David Schloffer (att 29/5)

Vorwarts miss Peter Orosz (att 13/5) and  topscorer Lindorfer (att 16/8)

Villach SV – FC Wels

Villach without Patrick Böck (gk 27/0 ), Mario Ramusch (df 25/1), Christian Prawda (df 27/1), Johannes Isopp (df 26/5), Michael

Kirisits  (mf 24/5)

Wells will miss  Nils Zatl (mf 10/1), Kai Fazeny (mf 25/1)

Doubtful: Milan Koprivarov (mf 21/3), Philipp Schopper (mf 28/0)

Kapfenberger Amateure – LASK Juniors

Kapfenberger need points, LASK is worst in league
Kapfenberg miss Michael Gregoritsch (att 7/1), Filip Gacevski (gk 17/0)
Lask will miss Rexhe Bytyci (mf 10/1), Dominik Stadlbauer (df 23/4), Lukas Kragl (att 5/0), Ulrich Keck (df 26/0)

austrija regionalliga

FAC Team für Wien – Wiener Sportklub 1 @ 2,25

FAC out: Daniel Moser (gk 5/0), Paul Bichelhuber (mf 16/6), Cem Tosun (df 19/0)

doubtful: Michael Pittnauer (att 6/1)

Wiener out: Philip Dimov (df 27/1), Sertan Günes (att 27/15) ,Ingomar Szabo (df 26/6), Christoph Hevera (df 27/1), Nenad Grumic (mf 12/0)

SKU Amstetten – Mattersburg Amateure

Amstten Out: Andreas Michl (gk 29/0) and Jasmin Pllana (df 0/0)

Doubtful: Holzer (df 13/0),  Achleitner (mf 21/3),

Back: Stankevičius (att 16/0)

Mattersburg out: Martin Rodler (df 11/1), Dominik Höfel /mf 25/7), Markus Schmidt (mf 9/1), Erdal Özdemir (att 2/0), Dukagjin Karanezi (mf 16/0), Sebastian Bauer (df 6/0), Lukas Rath (df 3/0)

..and first time after long time Mattersburg will have no help from first team..

Rapid Amateure – SV Schwechat

With a slip of the Waldviertler early on Wednesday in the season finale against SC Ritzing you even get the chance to even the championship.However, coach Zoran Barisic waive several players. Among other things, a use of Bajrami Eldis is uncertain, since this is the U-19 national team in action.

– Rapid cannot promote because of rules

Rapid out: Kristijan Dobras (mf 28/6), Dominik Wydra (mf 23/5)

Fraglich: Lukas Denner (df 17/1), Stefan Holzmeier (df 21/1), Ferdinand Weinwurm (att 22/1), Eldis Bajrami (mf 26/4)

Schwechat out: David Ambrosch (mf 24/1), Mark McCormick (att 21/4)

SV Stegersbach – 1.SC Sollenau  over 2,5 / over 3  (wait odds)

Stegersbach out: Glauver Aranha Pinheiro (att 25/8), Christoph Witamwas (mf 23/0)

Sollenau out: Mario Feurer (df 22/0), Aleksandar Marinkovic (mf 13/0)

this would be fight for topscorer so i expect goals

Admira Amateure – SC Columbia

Admira out: Thomas Gösweiner, Markus Wostry, Max Sax

doubtful: Ivan Laudanovic

Columbia out: Max Blauensteiner (mf 12/2)

Game will play in Schwadorf  (admira working on stadium). Few first team players stay to train with admira II and help them to survive

1. Simmeringer SC – SC Neusiedl am See

Simmeringen out: Mario Kurka (df 27/0), Denis Rizanovic (mf 16/0)

SC/ESV Parndorf – Austria Wien Amateure

Parndorf out: Fabian Miesenböck (att 22/2), Manuel Salomon  (df 1/0), Julian Salamon (att 6/0), Thomas Jusits (mf 25/7), Philip Petermann (gk 17/0)

Austria out: Bernhard Luxbacher (mf 9/2)

austria regionalliga

Austria » Regionalliga leagues

Central, FC Gratkorn – SV Gleinstätten

Gratkorn out: Marc Klicnik (att 20/3), Markus Zmugg (att 25/7), Andraz Bajlec (df 12/3)

doubtful: Gerald Säumel  (mf 19/0)

Gleinstatten out:  Daniel Buchegger (0/0), Jürgen Trummer (df 26/0), Daniel Seiner (df 26/2)

Central, UVB Vöcklamarkt – Union St. Florian

Vocklamarkt out:  Jozsef Peter (att 27/10), Markus Grössinger (mf 24/3), Andreas Weiss (df 14/1), Harald Lehner (0/0), Stefan Sammer (df 24/0)

doubtful: Manuel Schrattenecker (df 14/0), David Vitzthum (mf 22/4)

St Florian out: Ewald Huber (df 23/4), Thomas Gröbl (df 23/0)

Central, GAK – DSV Leoben  1 @ 1,45

GAK will play playoff with Leoben (9th in 1st league) for promote so they must play seriously to keep form

GAK out: Thomas Murg (Nationalteam – att 24/11)

doubtful: Sebastian Radakovics (df 10/0), Stefan Nutz (mf 23/2), Mario Steiner (mf 17/1)

Leoben out: Markus Briza (mf 23/5), Marco Pigneter (mf 24/1), Diego Rottensteiner (att 21/14), Roland Rinnhofer (df 20/0), Thomas Lechner (df 19/2)

doubtful: Norbert Kerek /att 20/8)

DSV Leoben goalkeeper Christian Petrovcic: “We can expect a very young team in the derby against GAK, which is already looking forward to so many people to play. We will purely depend fully, we do not need extra motivation for this game, of course. In principle it is for me a game like any other, but by the natural scenery is something special. ”

East, Columbia SC – FAC Team für Wien

Columbia out: Philippe Weiss (mf 22/3)

Wien out: Cem Tosun (df 19/0), Paul Bichelhuber (mf 16/6), Daniel Moser (gk 5/0),  David Mihaly (att 3/0), Michael Pittnauer (att 6/1)
doubtful: Sascha Laschet (df 24/3), Arvedin Terzic (att 26/6)

East, SC Neusiedl am See – SV Stegersbach

Neusiedl doubtful: Tomčak (att 12/7)

Stegerbach out: Glauver Aranha Pinheiro (att 25/8), Christoph Witamwas (mf 23/0)
doubtful: Paul Oswald (att 21/4)

East, Mattersburg Amateure – SC/ESV Parndorf  1

Mattersburg need points to stay in league and will have help from first team with 4-5 players. Away team in awfull form

Mattersburg out:  Markus Schmidt (mf 9/1), Erdal Özdemir (att 2/0), Dukagjin Karanezi (mf 16/0), Sebastian Bauer (df 6/0), Lukas Rath (df 3/0)
doubtful: Manuel Tuzcai (att 20/2)

Parndorf out: Manuel Salomon (df 1/0), Julian Salamon (att 6/0), Thomas Jusits (mf 25/7), Philip Petermann (gk 17/0)
doubtful: Filip Juroszek (mf 20/3)

East, SV Schwechat – 1 Simmeringer SC

Schwechat out: Mario Töpel (df 9/0), David Ambrosch (df 24/1), Mark McCormick (att 21/4)
doubtful: Mario Glogowatz (mf 14/1)

Simmeringer out: Alen Orman (mf 24/8), Hakan Öztürk (mf 13/1), Oliver Pranjic (mf 11/0) Alek Duric (,mf 12/3), Daniel Weber (att 8/0)

East, 1.SC Sollenau – SV Horn

Horn will play playoff for 1st league (2nd class) with Regionallliga West Winner

Sollenau out: Mario Feurer (df 22/0), Aleksandar Marinkovic (mf 12/0)
doubtful: Helmut Prenner (mf 27/5), Marco Angeler (mf 24/3)

Horn out: Thomas Friess (df 20/0)
doubtful: Antonio Pranjic (mf 1/0), Patrick Osoinik (df 15/0)

later few more infos and one more vip pick (waiting for odds)