coming with reserves

Chile cup, Huachipato – L. Schwager

-1,5ah @ 2,34 in Marathon

1st league club will host 2nd elague club but Lota Schwager from 2nd league will come with reserves

Those in the ‘bulb’ visit to Huachipato for the group stage of the Copa Chile MTS preserving their best elements.

No matter that the rival outside a senior and as a last antecedent in the Copa Chile MTS recorded a win in proportions by 5 goals to 0 anta Deportes Concepción, Nelson Cossio has a clear goal and it was decided not torisk players preserving them for the First B tournament when Huachipato faces today in the CAP.

Anyway, those who today will be chosen to jump onto the field confident they can spring a surprise. “Clearly Huachipato is the super favorite, but we want to surprise. Just as we are 11 against 11, “said defender Carlos Galleguillos lotino SOUTH daily.