Scotland Premier League


man. : C. Brown
Northern Ireland N. McGinn (Brentford, 0 €) – 04 July 2012
Republic of Ireland J. Hayes (Inverness, 0 €) – 01 July 2012
Republic of Ireland J. Shaughnessy (Forfar, B.L.) – 07 May 2012
Nigeria D. Uchechi (Free) – 01 July 2012
Scotland M. Reynolds (Sheffield Wednesday, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Iceland K. Arnason (Rotherham United, 0 €) – 01 July 2012
Algeria M. Chalali (Free) – 01 July 2012
France Y. Mawéné (Free) – 01 July 2012
Togo Y. Folly (Free) – 01 July 2012
Northern Ireland R. McArdle (Free) – 01 July 2012
Scotland D. Mackie (Free) – 01 July 2012
Scotland F. Fyvie (Wigan) – 16 June 2012
Celtic Glasgow

man. : N. Lennon
Scotland G. Spence (Hamilton, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Réunion Q. Boesso (Gazélec, 0 €) – 13 June 2012
England J. Thompson (Chesterfield, B.L.) – 08 May 2012
Denmark M. D. Rasmussen (Midtjylland, 0 €) – 01 Augu 2012
Sweden D. Majstorovic (AIK Solna, 0 €) – 01 Augu 2012
Scotland G. Spence (Raith Rovers) – 18 July 2012
Poland P. Brozek (Trabzonspor, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
South Korea D. Cha (Düsseldorf, 0 €) – 01 July 2012
Netherlands G. Loovens (Real Zaragoza, 0 €) – 01 July 2012
Mexico E. Juárez (América Mexico) – 05 June 2012
Republic of Ireland D. O’Dea (Free) – 02 June 2012
Dundee FC

man. : J. Scott
England I. Davidson (Raith Rovers, 0 €) – 11 June 2012
England C. Finnigan (St. Johnstone) – 01 June 2012
Scotland J. Baird (Raith Rovers) – 15 May 2012
England C. Finnigan (St. Johnstone, B.L.) – 07 May 2012
Wales R. Weston (KR Reykjavik, 0 €) – 03 May 2012
Dundee United

man. : P. Houston
Scotland M. Gardyne (Ross County) – 01 July 2012
Scotland M. Millar (Falkirk) – 01 July 2012
Poland R. Cierzniak (Cracovia) – 01 July 2012
Czech Republic F. Mentel (Clyde, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Northern Ireland B. McLean (Preston NE, 0 €) – 14 June 2012
Argentina D. Casalinuovo (Raith Rovers, B.L.) – 01 June 2012
Scotland D. Hilson (Forfar, B.L.) – 07 May 2012
Slovakia M. Lacny (Sparta Prague, B.L.) – 31 Dece 2012
Scotland S. Robertson (Blackpool, 0 €) – 27 July 2012
Slovakia D. Pernis (Free) – 01 July 2012
Scotland P. Dixon (Huddersfield Town, 0 €) – 01 July 2012
Scotland D. Swanson (Peterborough United) – 06 June 2012
Scotland G. Kenneth (Free) – 14 May 2012
Heart of Midlothian

man. : J. McGlynn
Scotland C. Thomson (Suduva, B.L.) – 30 July 2012
Scotland D. Thomson (Raith Rovers, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Scotland J. McGlynn (man., Raith Rovers) – 21 June 2012
England J. Sutton (CC Mariners, B.L.) – 01 June 2012
Scotland J. Stewart (Raith Rovers, B.L.) – 07 May 2012
Spain S. Santana (Tenerife) – 06 July 2012
Scotland C. Kane (Dunfermline Athletic) – 01 July 2012
Scotland I. Black (Free) – 01 July 2012
Slovakia M. Kello (Free) – 01 July 2012
Uganda D. Obua (Free) – 01 July 2012
Portugal Paulo Sérgio (man., Free) – 07 June 2012
Republic of Ireland S. Elliott (Free) – 21 May 2012
Scotland G. Glen (Free) – 21 May 2012
Poland A. Mrowiec (Free) – 20 May 2012

man. : P. Fenlon
Scotland L. Griffiths (Wolverhampton, L.) – 21 July 2012
England B. Williams (Colchester, 0 €) – 10 July 2012
Scotland P. Cairney (Partick Thistle) – 02 July 2012
Republic of Ireland T. Clancy (Free) – 01 July 2012
Republic of Ireland K. Byrne (Ross County, B.L.) – 01 June 2012
Scotland S. Taggart (Stranraer, B.L.) – 13 May 2012
Scotland D. Handling (Berwick Rangers, B.L.) – 07 May 2012
Scotland J. Forster (Berwick Rangers, B.L.) – 07 May 2012
England L. Horner (Stirlingshire, B.L.) – 07 May 2012
Honduras J. Claros (Motagua, B.L.) – 01 Febr 2013
England I. Osbourne (Blackpool) – 20 July 2012
Scotland G. O’Connor (Tom’, 0 €) – 12 July 2012
Republic of Ireland M. Doherty (Wolves B, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Republic of Ireland R. O’Donovan (Coventry, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
England T. Soares (Stoke City, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
England G. Francomb (Norwich, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Scotland L. Griffiths (Wolves, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Scotland M. Scott (Ross County, L.) – 28 June 2012

man. : T. Butcher
Scotland G. Morrison (Grindavik, B.L.) – 26 Augu 2012
England R. Draper (Macclesfield) – 06 July 2012
England G. Warren (Newport) – 01 July 2012
England J. Byrom (Stevenage) – 01 July 2012
England D. Raven (Free) – 28 June 2012
England J. Oswell (Crewe) – 28 June 2012
Spain A. Reguero (Free) – 28 June 2012
France K. Gillet (AEK Larnaca) – 19 July 2012
France C. Gnakpa (Walsall, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
England S. Winnall (Wolverhampton, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
England S. Williams (Bradford, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Austria T. Piermayr (Free) – 01 July 2012
England G. Tansey (Stevenage) – 01 July 2012
France G. Tadé (St. Johnstone) – 01 July 2012
Republic of Ireland J. Hayes (Aberdeen, 0 €) – 01 July 2012
Scotland R. Tokely (Ross County, 0 €) – 01 July 2012
Spain R. Golobart (Wigan, B.L.) – 01 June 2012
England C. Hogg (Free) – 01 June 2012

man. : K. Shiels
Netherlands J. Tesselaar (Free) – 25 June 2012
Scotland R. McKenzie (Brechin City, B.L.) – 07 May 2012
Scotland G. Fisher (Cowdenbeath, B.L.) – 07 May 2012
Czech Republic Z. Kroca (FASTAV Zlin, 0 €) – 02 July 2012
Scotland L. Toshney (Celtic Glasgow B, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Portugal David Silva (Olhanense) – 17 June 2012
England B. Gordon (Chelsea B, B.L.) – 14 May 2012
Senegal M. Sissoko (Udinese B, B.L.) – 13 May 2012

man. : S. McCall
England S. Ramsden (Bradford) – 01 July 2012
Scotland N. Devlin (Stenhousemuir, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
France L. Bovari (Corte) – 24 June 2012
Scotland J. Pollock (Clyde, B.L.) – 07 May 2012
Scotland J. Halsman (Greenock Morton, 0 €) – 01 July 2012
Republic of Ireland T. Clancy (Free) – 21 June 2012
England S. Lawless (Partick Thistle, 0 €) – 15 May 2012
Northern Ireland S. Craigan (Retired) – 14 May 2012
Ross County

man. : D. Adams
Scotland R. Tokely (Inverness, 0 €) – 01 July 2012
Scotland A. Cooper (Elgin City, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Scotland R. Duncan (Peterhead, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Scotland R. Naismith (Nairn County, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Scotland M. Scott (Hibernian, L.) – 28 June 2012
Scotland G. Glen (Free) – 16 June 2012
Scotland D. Soutar (Forfar) – 02 July 2012
Scotland G. Miller (St. Johnstone) – 01 July 2012
Scotland M. Gardyne (Dundee United) – 01 July 2012
Northern Ireland J. Flynn (Falkirk, 0 €) – 08 June 2012
Republic of Ireland K. Byrne (Hibernian, B.L.) – 01 June 2012
St. Johnstone

man. : S. Lomas
England R. Vine (Free) – 31 July 2012
Republic of Ireland P. Cregg (Free) – 13 July 2012
Netherlands N. Hasselbaink (Free) – 01 July 2012
France G. Tadé (Inverness) – 01 July 2012
Scotland G. Miller (Ross County) – 01 July 2012
Scotland T. Scobbie (Falkirk) – 01 July 2012
Scotland Z. Clark (Elgin City, B.L.) – 01 June 2012
Scotland S. Higgins (Ayr United, B.L.) – 13 May 2012
Scotland M. Durnan (Elgin City, B.L.) – 13 May 2012
Scotland L. Caddis (Arbroath, B.L.) – 13 May 2012
England C. Finnigan (Dundee FC, B.L.) – 07 May 2012
Scotland S. May (Alloa, B.L.) – 07 May 2012
Canada M. Haber (Stevenage) – 06 July 2012
Scotland J. Keatings (Celtic B, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
England J. Compton (Falkirk, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
England J. Morris (Bristol City, 0 €) – 13 June 2012
England C. Finnigan (Dundee FC) – 01 June 2012
England K. Oyenuga (Tottenham B, B.L.) – 01 June 2012
Republic of Ireland C. Sheridan (CSKA, B.L.) – 01 June 2012
England L. Croft (Derby County, B.L.) – 14 May 2012
St. Mirren

man. : D. Lennon
Scotland J. Naismith (Greenock, B.L.) – 01 Janu 2013
England S. Parkin (QotS, 0 €) – 01 July 2012
Scotland J. Robertson (Cowdenbeath) – 01 July 2012
England L. Guy (Free) – 01 July 2012
Scotland J. McKernon (Ayr United, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Scotland M. Lamont (Dumbarton, B.L.) – 13 May 2012
Scotland J. McShane (Hamilton, B.L.) – 07 May 2012
Scotland J. McShane (Hamilton) – 01 July 2012
Scotland J. Naismith (Greenock, L.) – 01 July 2012
Australia A. Mooy (West Sydney) – 01 July 2012
Scotland S. Thomson (Free) – 01 July 2012
Netherlands J. Tesselaar (Free) – 17 May 2012
Netherlands N. Hasselbaink (Free) – 17 May 2012
Scotland S. Thompson (Dover, 0 €) – 14 May 2012
England A. McHugh (Free) – 13 May 2012
Scotland G. Smith (Free) – 13 May 2012
Scotland H. Murray (Free) – 07 May 2012


Hearts -St.Johnstone

First round of new season in Scotland higher league; could be a risk bet on an opening match, but Hearts seems – more or less – in same situation of Stabaek in Norway, that decided to play with young players.

The same happens here: in summer market hosts sold more then 15 player and made no acquisitions.

They are in the hands of many promising youngsters that should try to give to the team another year in Premier League

At least 14 of their players have less then 25 years, many are 21 years old or less and only two- three of them had some role as regulars in last season.

More, for this match Hearts has also two defenders unavailable, Hamill ( 28+1 2g) injuried since April, and banned Grainger ( 27). This further reduce the choices and the experience of the team- the sector in which the are more experienced players remain just the defence).

Also St. Johnstone suffered the departure of two keyplayers, Jody Morris (midf. 28+1) and topscorer Sandaza ( striker 29+1 14g), and trainer hopes that will not suffer an injury crisis during teh season, because the team has a very slim bench, but their team seems have a more competitive team and in this match will debut new striker Vine, for many years involved in English Championship,while there aren’t missings for this round.

Another thing that plays in favour of the guests is the fact that St. Johnstone already played two competitive matches in EL, where was put out from Turkish Eskisherispor with a loss in Turkey and a drawon his own field.

In my opinion guests can gain at least a draw here
Published Aug-03-2012, 21:57 CET

Betting option: Draw No Bet
Pick: St. Johnstone dnb
Odds: 2.9 (by mrgol)


Spain Ol. – Morocco Ol.

Spain loose all chances to promote in next round coach will rest some players (like Mata for example) and some players which didnt play will get chance

Santa Clara – Trofense

Manny important players: Reguila(27/9 top scorer to Santa Clara), Edu (26/7 2nd scorer), Andre Carvalhas (26/1), Pedro Santos (24/2),

Aderllan Leandro Santos (28/6), Elvis (22/0), Feliz (27/2), Dinis (12/1), David Bruno (23/1), Gilmar (7/0) , Rafael Crivellaro (23/1)

Also suspended Gabriel Viana


Wednesday evening’s game at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff sees Great Britain face Uruguay in the last of the final round of group games.

Stuart Pearce’s side will guarantee qualification for the quarter finals if they avoid defeat, whilst only victory will do for the South Americans unless United Arab Emirates record victory against Senegal, in which case a point will be good enough.

With Spain already out of the tournament, Great Britain are now second favourites to win gold, with most bookmakers offering a price of 9.0 (8/1).

After being denied all three points in their opening match following a late equaliser by Senegal, Great Britain were impressive in their 3-1 victory over UAE on Sunday.

Captain Ryan Giggs opened the scoring to give Team GB a first half lead before Rasheed Elisa drew UAE level on the hour mark.

Substitute Scott Sinclair scored with his first touch before Daniel Sturridge made sure of the three points with a superb chip with fifteen minutes left on the clock.

Probable starting line-up (4-4-2): Butland – Bertrand, Richards, Caulker, Taylor – Allen, Ramsey, Giggs, Cleverly – Bellamy, Sturridge.

Uruguay did enough to get all three points in Group A’s opening game against UAE last Thursday, before their shock defeat to Senegal three days later left them with a mountain to climb.

Uruguay had the majority of the chances on Sunday, and even had a man advantage for the majority of the game following Abdoulaye Ba’s red card. However, two more goals for forward Moussa Kanate gave the African side the points.

Probable starting line-up (4-3-3): Campana –Aguirregaray, Rolin, Coates, Albin – Rodriguez, Arevalo, Lodeiro – Ramirez, Cavani, Suarez.


Norwegian champions Molde face a tricky tie in the third qualifying round given they are up against a team that reached Champions League last 16 stage last season.

Basel, too, had an easy job in the previous round, but it is the Swiss side that are considered favourites to go through.

Molde have been closing the gap behind leading sides in Norwegian Eliteserien over the last few years, but it wasn’t until last season that they finally managed to win the first ever league title.

The success came at a perfect time, exactly 100 years after the club had been founded, and it was achieved with Manchester United legend Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at the helm.

The team were somewhat reinforced in the winter and they currently sit in second place in the league standings, six points behind surprise leaders Stromsgodset.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer rested several starters in the league game against Lillestrom, but Joshua Gatt, Magne Hoseth and Jo Inge Berget remain injury doubts.

Probable starting line-up (4-4-2): Pettersen – Linnes, Hovland, Vatshaug, Rindaroy – Mostrom, Eikrem, Berg Hestad, Stamnestro – Angan, Chima.

FC Basel have become regular in Champions League group stages and they enjoyed a lot of success in Europe last season.

The Swiss side managed to beat mighty Manchester United to the second place in the group, although they were later trashed by Bayern Munich in the Last 16 stage.

FC Basel entered the new season without two key players as both Xherdan Shaqiri and Granit Xhaka made a switch to Bundesliga, while defender David Abraham joined Getafe.

In came defenders Gaston Sauro and Marcelo Diaz, but the club failed to find proper replacements for the departed midfielders.

As a result, Basel have been struggling at the start of the season, winning just one of first three league games, although they did record a double victory over Estonian side Flora in the previous qualifying round.

Apart from Fabian Frei, who is away on international duty, boss Heiko Vogel will have full squad to choose from.

Probable starting line-up (4-4-2): Sommer – Steinhofer, Sauro, Dragovic, Park – David Degen, Cabral, Yapi Yapo, Zoua – Streller, Frei.


Danish giants FC Copenhagen square off with Belgian side Club Brugge in the Champions League 3rd qualifying stage, with a tight game expected at Parken Stadium.

One of the most decorated clubs in Scandinavia missed out on their fourth successive league title to Nordsjaelland and were, therefore, forced to take part in the Champions League qualifying stages.

The club have seen two very important players leave this summer, with best ever top scorer Dame N’Doye joining Lokomotiv Moscow and key defender Zanka Jorgensen leaving for PSV Eindhoven.

Bayer Leverkusen youngster Nicolai Jorgensen was the only notable signing, while former Anderlecht boss Ariel Jacobs took over the reigns from Carsten Jensen.

Boss Ariel Jacobs has no fresh injury worries, but he is expected to make some changes to the side that beat Aab at the weekend.

Probable starting line-up (4-4-2): Wiland – Jacobsen, Standsgaard, Sigurdsson, Oviedo – Bolanos, Grindheim, Kristensen, Vingaard – Santin, Abdellaoue.

The Belgian giants have once again failed to lift the league title, but at least they managed to win the second place that allowed them to take part in Champions League qualifying stages.

After selling key midfielder Nabil Dirar in January, Club Brugge decided to seriously reinforce the squad over the summer, bringing no less than five new players.

Proven goalscorer Mohamed Tchite was probably the biggest signing of the transfer window in Belgium, but Buysse, Jorgensen, Larsen and Trickovski should also improve the quality of the squad.

Fredrik Stenman, Jesper Jorgensen, Bjorn Vlemincx and Ivan Trickovski are all sidelined through injury and have stayed in Belgium.

Probable starting line-up (4-3-3): Kujovic – Hogli, Donk, Larsen, Figueras – Odjidja-Ofoe, Zimling, Victor Vazquez – Meunier, Akpala, Refaelov.

Celtic – HJK

Injury worries hit Celtic ahead of Euro tie

NEIL Lennon will learn this morning whether Kris Commons and Anthony Stokes will be fit enough to feature in Celtic’s Champions League qualifier against HJK Helsinki on Wednesday after the pair picked up hefty ankle knocks in Saturday’s encouraging 1-1 draw with Inter Milan at Parkhead.

Champions L: Injuries & suspensions: 01/08/2012

Anderlecht v FK Ekranas
Anderlecht: –
FK Ekranas: Ribokas, Velička, FofanaFC København v Club Brugge
FC København: Bergvold
Club Brugge: Stenman, Vlemincx, Jørgensen, Trickovski

CFR Cluj v Slovan Liberec
CFR Cluj: Panin, Piccolo, Maftei, Hora, Celestino, Rui Pedro, Godemeche, Ganea
Slovan Liberec: Rabušic, Delarge, Nezmar

New Rangers to start life in Scottish Third Division

Rangers 13-07-12
 Scottish giants Rangers were sensationally ordered to start life in their new guise in the lowest tier of Scottish football today, the ultimate humiliation for one of most iconic names in European football.

Rangers’ “newco” were sent into the Third Division following a meeting of Scottish Football League (SFL) clubs, meaning the 54-time domestic champions will visit grounds that barely attract three-figure crowds on match days.

The Scottish Premier League (SPL) and Scottish Football Association (SFA) were hopeful Rangers, the most successful club in Scottish history,  would be parachuted into the First Division, with SFA chief executive Stewart Regan claiming that putting them into the Third Division would bring financial catastrophe and a “slow, lingering death” of the game.

But 25 of the 30 SFL clubs voted against Rangers restarting life in Division One and instead to send them plummeting down the leagues after Charles Green’s Sevco consortium, who now run the club, were forced to apply for entry to the SFL once SPL clubs voted against them being allowed to stay in the top flight.

Rangers entered administration in February owing up to £134 million ($209 million/€167 million) to unsecured creditors.

The old company will eventually be wound up and the club, which have invariably played before 50,000-capacity home gates, now have to win three straight promotions to get back to the SPL which they have dominated for decades with their Glasgow rivals Celtic.

sfl 13-07-12
“Today has been one of the most difficult decisions to be made by all concerned,” SFL chief executive David Longmuir (pictured above, right) said.

“The decision has been taken in the interest of sporting fairness.”

Green said ahead of the meeting that his consortium would accept whatever decision was reached.

Afterwards he added: “We’ve learned to expect the unexpected and have to accept the decision.”

But SPL chief executive Neil Doncaster said before the vote that sending Rangers to the bottom rung of the pyramid would “inflict massive damage” on the whole of the game in Scotland.

Rangers barred from playing in Scottish top league

GLASGOW, Scotland (AP) — Glasgow Rangers will not be playing in the Scottish Premier League next season as a result of the club’s financial meltdown, a move that likely ensures rival Celtic will win the title.

SPL clubs voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to reject a bid by a reformed Rangers to stay in the division. Rangers could wind up being relegated to the third division.

The 140-year-old club has won a record 54 domestic league titles but has tax debts of 21 million pounds ($32.7 million) and entered bankruptcy protection in February.

Failure to secure agreement with tax authorities led to Rangers chairman Charles Greenpurchasing the club’s assets in a 5.5 million pound ($8.6 million) deal and establishing a new company.

Celtic and Rangers have won every league title since Aberdeen under manager Alex Ferguson in 1985 and no other club has finished as high as second since Hearts in 2006.

“At today’s general meeting, SPL clubs voted overwhelmingly to reject the application from Rangers newco to join the SPL,” the Premier League said in a brief statement.

Americans Carlos Bocanegra, Maurice Edu and Alejandro Bedoya could attempt to leave the club rather than play in a lower leaguer.

Rangers needed an 8-4 majority in Wednesday’s vote but St. Johnstone, St. Mirren, Aberdeen, Hearts, Hibernian, Dundee United and Inverness had already declared their opposition. On Tuesday, Motherwell announced their fans had voted to reject the application..

A club from the First Division — most likely to be Dundee following its second-place finish last season — could take Rangers’ place in the 12-team SPL. Dunfermline, which was the only club relegated from the SPL, could also take Rangers’ spot by staying in the top tier.

   no more old firm