evening cup infos

Copa argentina, Racing Club – Patronato x2 @ 2,1 betclic

Racing Club is Primera Division club (2-2-2) and they are big bookie favorite for this game against Primera B club patronato de la juventud Catolica. patronato is mid table league club which dont have missing worries. Also, game will play on north Argentina, in Salta (Patronato have less to travel than Racing).

Racing with reserves on this game
Alfio Basile, who will not travel to Salta for Cup shock Argentina, divided his boys into two groups. Those who travel to Salta on one side and the rest by another. In practice, the most important fact to know that Patricio Toranzo was eventually run in Buenos Aires because it is still sore right ankle, the result of a blow.
Squad: De Olivera (0/0) y Dobler (0/0); Lluy (4/0), Saveljich (0/0), Silva (0/0), Cáceres (10/0), Sainz (1/0), García (0/0) y Licht (19/0); Zuculini (3/0), Yacob (19/1) y Aued (8/0); Fariña (1/0), Vietto (1/0) y Sarmiento (4/0); Viola (21/2), Colombini (0/0) y Caballero (0/0).

So, there are not in group main players: first gk Saja (25/0, all games), defenders Martinez (22/0), Pillud (21/0), Cahais (23/1) – so almost all defensive line, than midfielders Moreno (19/3), castro (18/5), Pelletieri (23/0) and Toranzo (21/0) – so whole midfield line and first chioice attackers Gutierrez (20/8) and Hauche (24/3).

I belive Petronate can make some resault here no matter they are league above. They are, but not above this players which will play against them today and which never played together. Dont know much about their strenght but this is ‘must try bet’ for me

Copa do Brasil

Palmeiras – Coruripe (aggr 1-0)

Palmeiras with strong squad (Carvalho and Valdivia out): Deola; Artur (Cicinho), Henrique, Leandro Amaro e Juninho; Márcio Araújo, Marcos Assunção e João Vitor; Maikon Leite, Barcos e Ricardo Bueno.

Gremio – River Plate (aggr 3-2)

Gremio with strong squad: Victor; Gabriel, Werley, Gilberto Silva e Julio Cesar; Fernando, Souza e Marco Antonio; Bertoglio, Marcelo Moreno e Kleber.

Portuguesa – Cuiabá Esporte (aggr 1-1)

Botafogo RJ – Treze PB (aggr 1-1)

Botafogo with strong ine up, back is El Loco
Jefferson, Lucas, Antônio Carlos, Fábio Ferreira; Márcio Azevedo; Marcelo Mattos, Renato, Andrezinho, Fellype Gabriel e Elkeson (Herrera); Loco Abreu

Ponte Preta – Sapucaiense (aggr 0-0)