info for 27.3.

Guatemala, Deportivo Petapa – Comunicaciones

away team without 4 players: E. Vásquez def 13/1, C. Castrillo def 31/2, J. Contreras mid 21/6 and C. Figueroa mid 26/3

Este es el once de Comunicaciones para este partido: Juan J. Paredes 35/0 ; Dagoberto Arreola 5/0 , Joel Benítez 33/1 , Raúl Limenza 3/0 , Rafael Morales 37/2 ; Rigoberto Gómez 28/0 , Jean Márquez 33/3 , Carlos Figueroa ? 26/3 , Jairo Arreola 34/9, Paolo Suárez 8/4; Dwight Pezzarossi 28/4.

> Petapa anuncia esta alineación: Luis P. Molina 31/0; Roberto Cóbar 9/0, Josué Aragón 22/1, Iverton Paes 11/1, Edwin González 6/0; Marwin Marroquín 14/0, Edy Ortiz 30/1, Mafre Icuté 32/2, Fco. Aguilar 11/0; Sandro Zamboni 31/13 y Johnny Brown 10/1.

Copa Argentina, Deportivo Armenio – Newell’s Old Boys

Neutral ground, hosts in Prim B metro (3rd league), Newell’s from Primera and Newell’s will rest lal regulars

paulista – Sao Paulo

Only three players who were holders in the match against Bragantino begin the duel in Jundiaí: goalkeeper Rogério Ceni and strikers Luis Fabiano and Wallyson.

Corinthians – Penapolense

With seven changes, Timon has mixed team against Penapolense
Without Cassio, Renato Augusto and Igor, Tite ‘safe’ other four starters for classic game of the Libertadores. Paulinho should be on the bench
The new team can not exactly be called “Expressinho” because all substitutes have been owners at some point last season. The training had Julio Cesar, Edenilson, Chicao, Paul Andrew and Fábio Santos; Guilherme Andrade and Guillermo, Jorge Henrique, Romarinho and Emerson Sheik; Guerrero.