austria cup


Weiz last season played in Landesliga (4th league), now will play in regionalliga. And they are in problems for thsi game

WAC is Bundesliga team, they are on the end of preseason, their league starts next week (2 weeks earlier from regionalliga) and they are serious in this game

for Weiz:
“A new captain against the Bundesliga That’s really bitter, just before the big Cup Showdown against Bundesliga club WAC Markus Durlacher moved in a test game to a shoulder dislocation and could only be treated under general anesthesia. The team leader thus falls out on Friday – as well as replacement captain Rupert Hopfer, who is on vacation. The loop will therefore take over goalkeeper Sascha Harrer. “The WAC is the clear favorite, but we want our skin to sell as dearly as possible,” says Weiz coach Uwe Hölzl. “It’s nice when you get so attractive lot in the cup.” Behind the use of Christian Friedl is still a question mark. The defensive man suffered in May a scaphoid fracture”

Polish Cup » Legnica – Arka Gdynia  dnb 1
Both from 2nd league, Arka with 10 points more but Arka priority is 1st league (to save 2nd, promotionplace or even won league). First game in Gdynia finished 1-1.
Legnica didnt lost at home from begining of last september. They cannot count on young 18-yo Jakub Chrzanowski (att 3/2),  Piotr Kasperkiewicz (mf 11/0) i Mateusz Szczepaniak (mf 18/4). 
Arka priority is league, specially in this situation when is seazon breaking. This will be their 5th game in just 16 days and they travel more than 2000 km. This game they must travel 600 km. Also they have 9 players out, rotations are expected and squad is mistery (last tree games they di9dnt have 18 players to full their bench). For this game two youngsters called up

Przypuszczalny skład Miedzi: Bledzewski – Wołczek, Woźniczka, Midzierski, Zasada – Madejski, Bartoszewicz, Cierpka, Łobodziński – Burkhardt – Zakrzewski.

Joga bonito

Barbarense-Sao Paulo FC 2 @ 1,55

Sao has today back important players Ganso, Jadson, osvaldo, Rodrigo Toloi, maybe even Luis Fabiano..

Hosts weak team and today without suspended defenders duo Rafael Silva and Juliano

União Barbarense: Walter; Camacho, Hélio e Bruno Pires; Alex, Cláudio Britto, Edílson, Guilherme Batata e César; Caihame e Cesinha.

São Paulo: Denis, Paulo Miranda, Lúcio, Rafael Toloi e Carleto; Wellington, Fabrício, Douglas e Ganso; Osvaldo e Aloísio.

Copa do Brasil



Cameta – Atletico GO 2 @ 1,5

Cameta is new club, born 2008. and playing paulista league..Atletico Goianiense Serie B team (relegate last season from Serie A) and with strong squad this game  LINK

CAMETÁ: Labilá; Américo, Filho, Guará e Souza; Wilson Guerreiro, Sandro, Franklin e Vélber; Landu e Alex Pedroso – Técnico: Ferreti.

ATLÉTICO-GO: Márcio; John Lennon, Gilson, Diego Giaretta e Leonardo; Dodó, Ernandes, Robston e João Paulo; Pipico e Ricardo Jesus – Técnico: Waldemar Lemos.

Gurupi – America MG  2 @  1,45

Big quality on America side, they are playing in Serie B and hosts in Tocantinense league. America with good team here

Gurupi A provável escalação do Gurupi tem Ruan; Apodi, Santiago, Anderson Cristo e Fernando; Detinho, Sandro Maranhão, Thiago Campo e Tomás; Ricardo Urubu e Héder.

América para o jogo contra o Gurupi contará com Neneca; Patrick, Everton Luiz, César Lucena e Wanderson; Claudinei, Juninho, Doriva e Rodriguinho; Nikão e Fábio Júnior

CSA – Cruzeiro 2 @ 1,35 

Huge quality difference, specially when Cruzeiro come with strong line up like in this game. As i said above picks, in case of winning two goals difference 2nd game will not play so it’s good for clubs like Cruzeiro not to have too tight scedule so i belive also in hendicep

CSA: Flávio; Leandrinho, Adalberto, Cléberson (Leandro) e Fabiano; Robson, Elyeser, Rodolfo e Alex Henrique; Diego Clementino e Everaldo. Técnico: Beto Almeida.

CRUZEIRO: Fábio; Ceará, Bruno Rodrigo, Léo e Everton; Leandro Guerreiro, Nilton, Éverton Ribeiro e Diego Souza; Dagoberto e Borges. Técnico: Marcelo Oliveira.  LINK

Flamengo PI – Santos  2, hendicep on Santos

huge quality difference, Santos with powerfull squad wants big win and dont want to play 2nd game.. LINK

FLAMENGO-PI: Robson; Niel, Laércio, Rafael Freitas e Rafinha; Alessandro, Marcelo, Léo Maceió e Lúcio; Darlan e Edson Di
Técnico: Josué Teixeira

SANTOS: Rafael; Rafael Galhardo, Edu Dracena, Durval e Léo; Renê Júnior, Alan Santos, Cícero e Montillo; Giva e Neymar
Técnico: Tata (interino)

Crac Go – Nautico 2 @ 1,8 

Serie C club v Serie A club. Nautico with best line up, specially impresive attack Elton (att 15/14) – Rogerio (att 13/12) LINK

Ficha técnica

Crac-GO: Aleks; Carlos Sales, Bruno, João Paulo e Rodrigo; Coquinho, Washington, Marcelo Kilder e William Amendoin; Pantico e Danilo. Técnico: Hemerson Teixeira.

Náutico: Felipe; Auremir, Alison, Alcides e Douglas Santos; Josa, Rodrigo Souto, Martinez e Giovanni Augusto; Elton e Rogério. Técnico: Levi Gomes (Interino).

Arapongas – Sao Caetano

Here is quality difference on away side (Serie B team, hosts two leagues under) but i dont like their form..


Desportiva Ferroviaria – Figueirense  2 @ 1,5

I belive quality will decide here..

Felipe; Diego, David (Luan), Maikon Jordan e Tatá; Thiago (Alves), Gilmar, Flávio Santos, Léo Oliveira e Carlos Vitor; David Dener

Técnico: Mauro Soares

Ricardo; Maylson, Thiago, Douglas Silva e Helder; Jackson, Ronaldo Tres, Tinga e Botti; Ricardinho e Marcelo Toscano.

Técnico: Adilson Batista.

VIP info was this:
Cyprus Cup » Paphos – AEL Limassol AEL -1,25 @ 2,11 ibc;2

hosts with juniors (just 2 older players in team). true, they played last two weeks with lot youngsters also and both loose convincigly

AEL with strong line up
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weekend infos

Manisaspor – Karsiyaka 1 @ 1,87 betvictor  

14 community Karsiyaka player’s left and 2 are injured so they have just 9 seniors players available on trainig and they must take some youngsters link

Banahene (topscorer 16/6) and Oner (df 3/0) are injured while Makukula (att 10/3) , Fatih Sen (mf 15/3), Türkmehmet (mf 6/0), Yalciner (att 8/0), Gungnor (df 16/1), Solakel (df 16/0), Aktas (mf 12/0), Akbay (14/0), Tasdelen (df 16/0), Gurol (mf 4/0), Adican (df 16/0), ozcan (3/0), kocabey (mf 5/0), Yalçiner Taha (mf 8/0)

Manisa is currently leading table and doing great for title and promotion and there wasnt important changes

Ponferradina – Elche
Elche -0,25 

quality is on Elche side. Thez are definitly best team in league, they have 11 pts more than 2nd and they recive just 11 goals in 21 round. Carles Gil (mf 16/3) adn club captein Albacar (df 19/7) are seriously missing but David Generelo (mf 15/0) is available again. Berange and Miguel Linares also out but not important

Ponferradina is 18 pts behind lece after 21 round. They win or loose, just one draw till now (10-1-10). They loose last two games and i expect the same in this game because they have important missings: Acoran Barrera (mf 18/3), Mateo Miguez (att), Juan de Dios Prados (mf 17/0) are injured and main player, topscorer Yuri de Souza (att 19/11) and Baro (df 13/1) are suspended..

Qualitz is definitly on away side, hosts have 3 important missings and Elche want secure title and promotion as soon as posible so no time for relax..

Valladolid vs Real Zaragoza

Valladolid out: Lluis Sastre Reus (mf 13/0), Manucho (att 13/6), Victor Perez (mf 17/3)

Zaragoza with 4 suspended players: Alvaro Gonzalez (df 17/1), Cristian Sapunaru (df 15/1), Javier Paredes (df 13/0) and Jose Mari (mfv 14/0)
Also out are: Ivan Obradovic (df 1/0), Romaric (mf 8/0), Stefan Babovic (mf 4/0), Carlos Aranda (att 11/0)

Getafe vs Sevilla

Getafe out: Abdelaziz Barrada (mf 16/3), Mehdi Lacen (mf 9/0), Pedro Leon (mf 15/2), Jose Mane (df 7/1), Angel Lafita (mf 15/2), Miguel Torres (df 14/0)

Sevilla out: Fernando Navarro (df 19/0), Piotr Trochowski (mf 6/2), Jose Gomez Campana (mf 5/0)
Sevilla play cup game this week

Spain Segunda, Gijon – Numancia 

Gijon has no loss in last 7. Midfielder De las Cuevas (mf 12/1) left club (come back to Osasuna) while they bring good midfilder Bustos (mf 7/0) from Celta and Sevilla’s defender Esponosa. Alex Menendez, Marcos Landeira and Alex Barrera are long term injuries while is mf Mendi (17/1) suspended.

Numancia Eneko Satrustegui (df 14/0), Regalon (dff 16/1), Julio Alvarez (mf 11/1) and Gorka Larrea (mf 5/0) are injured while Natalio (att 20/10), Adrian Ripa Cruz (df 8/0)

CS Maritimo vs SC Olhanense

Maritimo suspended: Valentin Roberge (df 14/0), Marcio Rozario (df 6/0), Sami (mf 14/1)
Out are: Romain Salin (gk 9/0), Wellington de Lima Gomes (gk), Joao Luiz (mf 10/0), Olberdam (mf 2/0), Heldon (mf 10/0), Fidelis (att 14/2)

olhanense out: Babanco (df 11/0), Fernando Alexandre (mf 14/1), Ivanildo (mf 9/2), David Silva (mf 9/1), Tiago Terroso (mf new signing), Djaniny (att 8/0)
Transfer In: Tiago Terroso (mid, Chornomorets), Djalmir (att)
Transfer Out: Vítor Vinha (df 0/0, free), Rui Sampaio (mf 1/0, free), José Luis Fernández (mf 1/0, Godoy Cruz)

Willem II vs ADO Den Haag

Willem II: Gaby Jallo (df 5/0), Ruud van der Rijt (df 4/0), Kevin Brands (mf 10/0), Jeroen Lumu (att 6/1), Kees van Buuren (df 17/0)
Doubtful: Mitchell Pique (df 15/0), Genaro Snijders (att 15/1), Ricardo Ippel (mf 9/0)

Ado: Robert Zwinkels (gk 6/0), Tom Beugelsdijk (df 15/2), Kenneth Omeruo (df 17/0), Gabor Horvath (df 3/0)

Olympique Marseille vs Montpellier HSC

Marseille: Leyti N’Diaye (df 0/0), Foued Kadir (mf 0/0), Charles Kabore (mf 17/0), Pape M’Bow (df 0/0). Loic Remy (att 14/1) is sold to QPR. This season scored just one goals and started just 2 games (last seasons scored 15 and 12 goals)

Montepellier: Cyril Jeunechamp (df 7/0), Karim Ait Fana (att 7/0), Joris Marveaux (mf 5/0), Garry Bocaly (df 7/0), Jamel Saihi (mf 10/0), Benjamin Stambouli (mf 10/0), Younes Belhanda (mf 17/6), Abdelhamid El Kaoutari (df 7/0), Marco Estrada Quinteros (mf 13/2)

AC Ajaccio vs Valenciennes

Ajaccio: Ricardo Faty (mf 16/1), David Oberhauser (gk 1/0), Carl Medjani (df 19/1), Mehdi Mostefa (mf 17/1), Sigamary Diarra (mf 16/1), Fousseni Diawara (df 15/1), Chakhir Belghazouani (mf 17/4)

Valenciennes: Dusan Djuric (mf 0/0), Mody Traore (df 1/0), Pape Abdou Camara (mf 6/0), Gael Danic (mf 17/4), Carlos Gilberto Nascimento Silva (df 15/1), Gregory Pujol (att 13/5. Foued Kadil (mf 18/6) is sold to Marseille
Transfer In: Younnousse Sankhare (Dijon – loan); Maor Melikson (Wisla Krakow); Lindsay Rose (Laval)

Stade Brestois vs Saint Etienne

brest: Alexandre Alphonse (att 0/0), Adama Ba (att 1/0), Larsen Toure (att 8/2), Benoit Lesoimier (mf 16/2), Paul Baysse (df 18/2), Ahmed Kantari (df 17/0), Ismael Traore (df 8/0), Kamel Chafni (mf 18/1), Ousmane Coulibaly (df 4/0), Jonathan Ayite (att 12/2), Jhon Jairo Culma (mf 15/0). Martial (df 12/0) back from a ban and Sissoko (mf 19/0) returns

St Etienne: Ismael Diomande (mf 1/0), Banel Nicolita (mf 2/0), Danijel Aleksic (att 1/0), Max Gradel (att 17/3), Faouzi Ghoulam (df 14/0), Alejandro Alonso (mf 9/0), Romain Hamouma (mf 19/4)

Trabzonspor vs Karabukspor

Trabzon has in Africa Souleymane Bamba (d 11/0f) and Didier Zokora (mf 15/0). Remzi Giray Kacar (df 9/0) also out. problem is that only women and children are allowed to watch

karabukspor has Antony Seric (df 14/0) suspended. Out are Larrys Mabiala (df 16/0), Lomano Lua Lua (att 15/5), Ugur Ucar (df 3/0), Gokhan Unal (att), Luton Shelton (att 10/3), Kagan Soylemezgiller (mf 9/0), Jugurtha Hamroun (mf 9/0)
Doubtful are also Vjekoslav Tomic (gk 14/0, probably out), Guven Varol (mf 1/0), Erdem Ozgenc (df 12/0)

Derby County vs Nottingham Forest

Derby without Shaun Barker (df 0/0), Jake Buxton (df 16/2)

Nottingham Forrest: Sam Hutchinson (df 5/0), Marcus Tudgay (att 1/0), Adlene Guedioura (mf 20/3), Daniel Ayala (df 13/1), Andy Reid (mf 25/4), Lee Camp (gk 26/0)
Doubtful is Dexter Blackstock (att 22/6)

AZ Alkmaar vs Vitesse

Vitesse wothout Bony (att 18/16)

Pescara vs Torino

Torino withotu topscorer Bianchi (att 19/7)