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Bolivia league cup, Oriente Petrolero – Blooming  2-0  
Blooming weakest in league and in this game will use youngsters
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Flora better team, in better form. Sillamae bring coach from Russia 3rd league, they play 120 minutes in Europe andthey will play for tree days important game in Europe with Krasnodar and probably some rotations. Will try to send you update when more infos about squad


Match fixing probe finds 380 suspect games
European police are investigating claims of match-fixing in relation to 380 games and 425 players, officials and other individuals.

Europol has revealed that 380 football matches across the globe are under suspicion of match fixing, following a lengthy investigation into what it considers a criminal network within the sport.

A total of 425 players, officials and other individuals are suspected of being involved in an organized crime syndicate based in Asia, which is thought to have been organizing the operation to rig the results of matches.

Rob Wainwright, director of Europol, says the allegations included two Champions League fixtures, one of which was played in England in the last two or three years, though they did not name the matches in question.

“This is the work of a suspected organized crime syndicate based in Asia and operated with criminal networks around Europe,” he told a press conference in Netherlands. “It is clear to us this is the biggest-ever investigation into suspected match fixing in Europe. It has yielded major results which we think have uncovered a big problem for the integrity of football in Europe.

“We have uncovered an extensive criminal network.”

Criminals wagered 16 million euros on fixed matches and recorded an 8 million euro profit, the investigation has revealed.

Payments of 2 million euros have been made to those involved in the scheme, with the biggest single sum to an individual totaling 140,000 euros.

The Asia-based syndicate is believed to have liaised with criminal networks throughout Europe, with match-fixing believed to have occurred in 15 different countries.

Friedhelm Althans from Bochum Police, Germany, and a spokesperson for JIT Veto, said: “We have evidence for 150 of these cases and the operations were run out of Singapore with bribes of up to 100,000 euros paid per match. Even two World Cup qualifiers in Africa and one in Central America are under suspicion.”

So far, 50 people have been arrested, with officials stating their concern that the news was simply “the tip of the iceberg”.

Wainwright said that Europol’s findings would be shared with UEFA president Michel Platini, adding: “This is a sad day for European football and more evidence of the corrupting influence in society of organized crime. But this investigation also proves the value of international police co-operation in fighting back against the criminals involved.

“Europol and its law enforcement partners are committed to pursuing serious criminals wherever they operate. Unfortunately this also now includes the world of football, where illegal profits are made on a scale and in a way that threatens the very fabric of the game.

“All those responsible for running football should heed the warnings found in this case.”

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San Carlos – Saprissa

Saprissa will be without important players: Yeltsin Tejeda (mf 7/1), Gabriel Badilla (df 5/0), Daniel Colindres (att 7/3), Jorge Alejandro Castro (att 4/0) and José Carlos Cancela (mf 8/4) y Juan Bustos Golobio (mf 7/2)

Santos DG – Zeledon

Pérez Zeledón: Robert Arias (df 7/1), Keylor Soto (mf 7/2), Néstor Monge (mf 8/1)

Cartagines – Puntarenas

Cartaginés: Danny Fonseca (mf 5/0), Randall “Chiqui” Brenes (att 8/3)

Puntarenas FC: Pedro Leal (df 5/0)


Nacional Potosí – Universitario

Nacional Potosí formaría con: Matías Garavano, Miguel Hurtado, Claudio Centurión, Rafael Segovia, Henry Alaca; Edson Zenteno, Eduardo Melgar, Dino Huallpa, Gary Paz; Gastón Mealla y John Obregón.

Universitario formaría con: Federico Elduayén, Oscar Áñez, Jefferson Lopes, Alan Loras, Enrique Flores; Luis Liendo, Edgar Escalante, Ronald Gallegos, Alejandro Bejarano; Gabriel Ríos y Juan Eduardo Fierro.


Caracas – Atletico El Vigia

Los convocados por el auriverde para el encuentro ante el Caracas FC son los guardametas Adrián Rodríguez y Reiver Molina; los defensores  Luis Carrillo, Janner Aislant, Erlys Vázquez, Alveiro Aislant, Edgar Mendoza y Leonel Vielma; los volantes Carlos Martínez, Javier García, Allizon Maldonado, Luis Rivas, Cristian Osorio, Daniel Reis y Johan Moreno; y los atacantes Jhonathan Parra, Orangel Carrero y Norman Cabrera.

Estudiantes Merida – Llaneros

Both teams enter this game with different realities, while Estudiantes de Mérida has scored just one point and have some casualties as Pierre Pluchino Yan suspension and Angel Hernandez Salazar and suspension, now adds far issued six prohibition dates against Jose de Jesus Vera, after what happened on Sunday in the capital against Deportivo Petare when the chief judge, Candelario Andarcia, made decisions that harmed significantly to students, not only in that game, but also his report with added unreal sequelae in the immediate future of the team.

On the other hand, the “Ghost Battalion” comes enrachado, pointer in the championship and getting really positive results against rivals in the papers very complicated, and with a recent history quite favorable when facing academic squad.

Trujillanos – Yaracuyanos

Lista de Convocados
Porteros: Luis Rojas y Héctor Pérez.
Defensas: Víctor Valera, Ángel Faria, Edward Bracho, Edixon Cuevas, Edwin Ávila, Mayker González y Víctor Sifontes (Juvenil).
Volantes: Francisco Carabalí, José Manríquez, Leonardo Zarosa, Gerardo Mendoza y Arquimedes Figuera.
Delanteros: Wuilber Bravo, Cesar Álzate, Genlis Piñero y Omar Perdomo (Juvenil).

Suspended players

• Luis Renteria (Zamora FC) 2-match ban for insulting a player of the opposing team and cause animosity substitute players and staff from both teams, provoking an altercation between them, in the field, after the game .

• Jose Morales (Deportivo Anzoategui) 2 match ban for insulting a player of the opposing team and cause animosity substitute players and staff from both teams, provoking an altercation between them, in the field, after the game .

• William Camargo, trainer (Atletico El Vigia) 2 match ban for swearing with obscene words to the referee.

• Víctor García (Real Esppor) 1 game suspension for receiving two yellow cards in one encounter.

• Engelbert Briceño (Trujillanos FC) 1 match suspension for receiving two yellow cards in one encounter.

• Geancarlos Martinez (Deportivo Petare) 1 game suspension for disregarding the instructions of the authorities of the meeting, publicly belittling arbitral authorities, causing unwarranted delay of five minutes at the start of the meeting.

• Pierre Pluchino (Estudiantes de Merida) 3 game suspension. One match ban for insulting the referee with obscene words during the match and two to enter the pitch again insulting terms referred referee foul language, publicly belittling arbitral authority after the match along with the Technical Director and the CEO of his team.

• Jose de Jesus Vera, Technical Director (Estudiantes de Mérida) 6-game suspension for entering the field of play immediately ended the meeting, together with the CEO, to insult with vulgar and derogatory terms to referee and inciting animosity from players and coaching your team, publicly belittling arbitral authority.

• Javier Minniti, Delegate (Estudiantes de Merida) 6-game suspension for entering the field of play immediately ended the meeting, together with the technical director, to insult with vulgar and derogatory terms to referee and inciting animosity of the players and coaching technical team, publicly belittling arbitral authority.




bolivia futbol transfers

  • Debuts = promoted from youth team so playing first game
  • Siguen = players from last season who stayed with the club
  • Llegaron = new transfers who arrived



Fernando De Souza


Diego Marcelo Blanco

Vladimir Castellon

Ivan Enrique Huayhuata

Pablo Javier Lanz

Ronald Rodriguez


Carmelo Angulo Mendoza (Nacional 2012)

Mauricio Baldivieso (Real Potosi 2012)

Diego Didier Bengolea (Universitario 2010)

Charles Da Silva (Bolivar 2009)

Henry Max Machado (Universitario 2012)

Osvaldo Medina (San Jose 2012)

Edgar Rolando Olivares (Universitario 2012)

Rodrigo Vargas (Bolivar 2012)



Hugo Christophe Bargas

Carlos Andres Zabala


Francisco Antonio Argüello (Oriente 2012)

Raul Rene Gonzalez (Nacional 2012)

Andres Jimenez (Guabira 2012)

Limbert Mendez (Aurora 2012)

Ronald Segovia (Aurora 2012)


Luis Hernan Boyero

Alexis Alfredo Carrasco

Felix Candia Saucedo

Jose Luis Chavez

Enrique David Diaz

Oscar Alberto Diaz

Sergio Daniel Galarza

Luis Enrique Hurtado

Victor Hugo Melgar

Jorge Antonio Ortiz

Ronald Taylor Rivero

Lisandro Oscar Sacripanti

Amilcar Alvaro Sanchez

Diego Fernando Valdes

Diego Vejarano

Ricardo Verduguez



Leandro Marcelo Maygua

Luis Gabriel Renteria


Jose Carlos Barba (Aurora 2012)

Ariel Juarez (Real Potosi 2012)

Carlos Emilio Lampe (San Jose 2012)

Carlos Israel Vargas (San Jose 2012)


Lorgio Alvarez

Jhasmani Campos

Ever Cantero

Rudy Alejandro Cardozo

Jorge Ignacio Cuellar

Ronald Eguino

Alvaro Edil Espindola

Leonel Justiniano

Damian Emanuel Lizio

Alejandro Mendez

Damir Miranda

Romel Javier Quiñonez

Diego Gabriel Rivero

Jason Siquita

Miguel Gerardo Suarez

La Paz


Juan Enrique Bustillos (Bolivar 2012)

Jhasmani George Duk (Oriente 2012)

Marcos Emanuel Ovejero (Universitario 2012)

Herman Soliz (Universitario 2012)


Romulo Alaca

Carlos Alberto Arias

Jorge Luis Cortez

Carlos Miguel Hermosa

Daniel Mancilla

Carlos Alberto Marandipi

Jorge Alejandro Molina

David Joel Torrico



Henry Alaca Maconde (La Paz 2011)

Claudio Ruben Centurion (Real Potosi 2012)

Dino Huallpa (Real Potosi 2012)

Eduardo Melgar (Oriente 2010)

John Adolfo Obregon (La Paz 2012)

Nelson Sossa (Real Potosi 2012)

Edson Marcelo Zenteno (Aurora 2012)


Juan Pablo Aponte

Fernando Ariel Brandan

Matias Garavano

Miguel Angel Hurtado

Herlan Gaston Mealla

Jorge Gary Paz

Rafael Segovia



Juan Felipe Alves

Pedro Jesus Azogue

Sebastian Javier Britos

Danilo Ezequiel Carando

Diego Franz Quiñonez

Hernan Luis Zanni


Adrian Cuellar (Guabira 2012)


Marvin Orlando Bejarano

Mariano Sebastian Brau

Miguel Angel Hoyos

Gualberto Mojica

Ronny Fernando Montero

Rodrigo Mauricio Vargas

Wilder Zabala



Jorge Gonzalo Benitez

Daniel Ramiro Correa

Aldo Vladimir Gallardo

Marcel Maximiliano Ortega

Jorge Hernan Orgaz

Juan Camilo Rios


Jorge Marcos Andia (Blooming 2012)

Rolando Campos (La Paz 2011)

Freddy Chispas (Universitario 2012)

Vladimir Compas (The Strongest 2012)

Faustino Abraham Garcia (Bolivar 2007)

Miguel Ortiz (Universitario 2012)

Martin Adrian Palavicini (Real Mamore 2010)

Pedro Gabriel Viera (Guabira 2012)

Real Potosi


Carlos Ariel Neumann


Rony Jimenez

Eduardo Ortiz

Rosauro Rivero

Pastor Ventura Torrez

Luiis Alberto Vaca


Ariel Cirilo Alejandro Aragon (Guabira 2012)

Adan Alexis Felix Bravo (Guabira 2012)

Juan Carlos Galvis (La Paz 2012)

Eder Jordan (Nacional 2012)

Luis Fernando Marteli Dias (La Paz 2012)

Milton Erik Melgar (Universitario 2012)

Santos Rodrigo Navarro (Blooming 2012)

Juan Carlos Zampieri (Bolivar 2012)

San Jose


Victor Hugo Angola (Real Potosi 2012)

Sebastian Dario Carrizo (Real Potosi 2012)

Juan Pablo Fernandez (Real Mamore 2012)

Ignacio Awad Garcia (Blooming 2012)

Jose Marcelo Gomes (Universitario 2012)

Mario Alberto Ovando (Real Potosi 2012)

Jose Feliciano Peñarrieta (La Paz 2012)

Abdon Reyes (Bolivar 2012)

Christian Maciel Ruiz (The Strongest 2011)

Roly Desiderio Sejas (Real Potosi 2012)

Didi Torrico (Nacional 2012)

Luis Anibal Torrico (Real Potosi 2012)


Douglas Rodolfo Ferrufino

Carlos Enrique Saucedo

The Strongest


Marcos Israel Barrera (Universitario 2012)

Mauricio Saucedo (Oriente 2011)

Walter Veizaga (Oriente 2012)


Alejandro Saul Chumacero

Pablo Daniel Escobar

Andres Martin Gemio

Sacha Silvestre Lima

Luis Hernan Melgar

Luis Javier Mendez

Enrique Parada

Rodrigo Luis Ramallo

Nelvin Soliz

Diego Horacio Wayar



Eduardo Araujo Bastos

Ricardo Braz de Lima

Federico Martin Elduayen

Saul Torres


Alejandro Rene Bejarano (The Strongest 2012)

Vinicius de Figueiredo Delazeri (Nacional 2012)

Edgar Marcelo Escalante (Nacional 2012)

Jose Gabriel Rios (Nacional 2012)

Carlos Eduardo Vargas Menacho (Nacional 2012)


Juan Eduardo Fierro

Jorge Enrique Flores

Jesus Ronald Gallegos

Luis Antonio Liendo

Edson Rigoberto Perez



Lucas Sebastian Defranceso

Edson Mauricio Hinojosa

Mauro Andres Zanotti

Christian Zarate


Santos Amador (Nacional 2012)

Augusto Andaveris (Aurora 2012)

Jaime Cardozo (Aurora 2012)

Maximiliano Gabriel Andrada (San Jose 2012)

Gerson Luis Garcia (The Strongest 2012)

Pablo Antonio Salinas (San Jose 2012)

Hugo Suarez (Oriente 2012)

Nicolas Suarez (San Jose 2012)

Edward Mauro Zenteno (Aurora 2012)


Gianakis Suarez

La Paz only made ​​two changes compared to the East on July 29

The Strongest only made ​​two changes against University on July 29

bolivia > Liga de Futbol Prof

Bolivar – Petrolero de Yacuiba

Newcomers in league Petrolero will have manny problems in their first game (first round is postponed, players strike). Cannot tell much about their quality, time will show it but i can be sure in one – they will have big problems on lot away games. Of course, i mean on altitude problems. First game and they are going on biggiest altitude, in La Paz on 4014 meters. Bolivar already played one game, loose vs Bloomin 1-0

Also, tree Petrolero players strike (didnt want play) first round (lot players in all clubs was in strike), whole round iwas postponed and that tree players are relased from club

fter the defeat last Thursday at Blooming in the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivar try to vindicate their fans today at the Hernando Siles stadium starting at 15:30 when he takes on Petroleum Yacuiba, newly promoted to the League Bolivian Professional Football (LFPB).

For the game against the yacuibeños, technical director Miguel Angel Portugal will not have players who are considered distinct holders in the team for different reasons.

From the outset the skipper blue, Walter Flores, will not play to meet the penalty was given after being sent off in the final of the Winter Cup at Wilstermann. Another player who will be the second match suspension is the defender Tobias Albarracin, who saw the red card in the last game he played for the club in San Jose last League tournament.

They are joined by Gabriel Valverde, expelled Cup Eguino Center and Ronald, who saw two yellow cards in the opening match of the Academy in Blooming.

On the defensive absences, the further strengthening of Bolivar, Jose Carlos Barba, could debut officially with the Academy.

They are not all bad news for Portugal, Jhasmani Campos and kept his one-match ban and will be part of the meeting this afternoon if the Spanish tactician so decides.

About the Panamanian striker Luis Renteria, it was already enabled and could debut today at the Benjamin of the League, it’s likely to start the comparison from the bench.

The cast visitor arrives at the seat of Government’s willingness to perform well with a heavy national football and for that purpose, led by Mario Rolando Ortega should be very cautious in the field of play for heavenly footballers are no spaces defense sector and do damage to your bow.

Minutes before the game, Ortega give a list of 11 names who will play, but most likely use the players who played the run that took place in Villamontes, which came out champions after defeating the final against The Strongest, so which provides a comparison between Benjamin attractive garter belt and most successful campus Bolivia.

The match referee will direct the Orlando San Luis Quintana and will be assisted by Jose Vidal and Ronald Vargas.

Bolívar formaría con: Carlos Lampe; Cristian Vargas, Alejandro Méndez, José Carlos Barba, Lorgio Álvarez; Damir Miranda, Diego Rivero, Rudy Cardozo, Damián Lizio; Jhasmani Campos y Ever Cantero.

Petrolero formaría con: Pedro Viera; Camilo Ríos, Daniel Correa, Miguel Ortiz, Bladimir Compas; Edil Carrión, José Ernesto Romero, Jorge Hernán Orgaz, Freddy Chispas; José Cababa y Martín Palavicini.

Wilstermann – Aurora

– both from Cochabamba

Los Rojos (The Reds) are intended to give another joy to his fans, after he devoted champions of the Winter Cup at odds, also helped them to be in good physical condition and mood and take on his classic foe.

Aurora comes to this encounter with the same predisposition that his rival, after beating Uruguay Cerro length by 2 to 1 for the first phase of the Copa Sudamericana. Charles da Silva would be new to the team of coach Julio Cesar Baldivieso.

Wilstermann con un esquema de 4-3-3 formaría con: Hugo Suárez; Maximiliano Andrada, Edward Zenteno, Mauro Zanotti, Gerson García, Jaime Cardozo, Nicolás Suárez, Cristian Zárate, Augusto Andaveris, Lucas De Francesco y Pablo Salinas.

Aurora entraría al campo de juego con: Pablo Lanz; Carmelo Angulo, Diego Blanco, Osvaldo Medina, Iván Huayhuata, Edgar Olivares, Carlos Guzmán, Ronald Rodríguez, Mauricio Baldivieso, Vladimir Castellón y Rodrigo Vargas. APG

San Jose – Nacional Potosí

After leak Clausura Championship title, San Jose wants to fit in the top of the table.The saint will be visited Potosi at 16:00 National Stadium in Jesus Bermudez.

Marcos Ferrufino, like its aimed reiterated that, in this championship, the purpose is concentrated in the first place with a different team away as determined to sign several other campuses, including the goalkeeper Carlos Lampe, who now holds in Bolivar .

Juan Carlos Paz Garcia, has some choices to assemble the eleven principal is also because the Colombian John Obregon, recently joined the preparation and is in good physical condition. In practice football coach the team tested would enter from the first minute of play with Gaston Nelsson Mealla and Sosa in the attack.

La V azulada formaría con: José Peñarrieta; Didi Torrico, Douglas Ferrufino, Aníbal Torrico, Juan Pablo Fernández, Ignacio García, Sebastián Carrizo, Marcelo Gomes, Abdón Reyes, Carlos Saucedo y Cristian Ruiz.

Mientras que Nacional Potosí lo haría con: Matías Garavano; Miguel Hurtado, Rafael Segovia, Claudio Centurión, Juan Pablo Aponte, Eduardo Melgar, Edson Zenteno, Fernando Brandán, Gary Paz, Gastón Mealla y Nelson Sossa. APG

Universitario – The Strongest

Universitario formaría esta tarde con: Federico Elduayen en el arco; Saúl Torres, Vinicius Delazare, Ricardo Braz y Enrique Flores en la defensa; Luis Liendo, Juan Eduardo Fierro, Edgar Escalante y Eduardo Bastos en el medio campo; Carlos Vargas y Gabriel Ríos en el ataque.

The Strongest lo haría con: Andrés Jemio en la portería; Enrique Parada, Luis Méndez, Marcos Barrera y Diego Wayar en la defensa; Nelvin Soliz, Wálter Veizaga, Alejandro Chumacero, Mauricio Saucedo y Pablo Escobar en el medio campo; Luis Melgar en el ataque.

Oriente Petrolero – La Paz

The 1-0 victory that earned East Oil Guarani against Paraguay in the Copa Sudamericana motivates the Santa Cruz campus to get another win against the La Paz Football Club today at 19:00 at the Estadio Ramon Tahuichi in his debut in the Apertura championship 2012-2013.

The coach Erwin Sanchez will make a change in the lineup that won the victory on Thursday. Midfielder Hernan Zanni will not be part of the eleventh, his place will be taken forward by Adrian Cuellar.

Así formaría Oriente Petrolero: Sebastián Britos; Miguel Hoyos, Ronny Montero, Mariano Brau, Marvin Bejarano, Pedro Azogue, Wilder Zabala, Gualberto Mojica, Juan Felipe Alves, Adrián Cuéllar y Danilo Carando.

Entre tanto La Paz FC lo haría con: David Torrico; Enrique Bustillos, Herman Soliz, Carlos Hermosa, Raúl Reque, Carlos Arias, Carlos Marandipi, Helmuth Gutiérrez, Daniel Mancilla, Jorge Cortez y Marco Ovejero. APG