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Superfund Pasching – Leoben 1 @ 1,7

No injuries in home side.
Away team missing : Fuzfa (mf 25/1 ), Rottensteiner (att 21/14 ), Rinnhofer (df 20/0), Lechner (df 19/2), Hackinger (df 24/2)

SAK Klagenfurt – LASK Linz (Am)

SAK out: Florian Oberrisser (df 25/0), Marjan Kropiunik (mf 25/2), Christian Mpaka (df 24/0)

Lask: Dominik Stadlbauer (df 21/4), Shawn Barry (df 13/1) and doubtful Adilaid Dizdarevic (mf 12/0)

A. Klagenfurt – Gleinstätten

A Klagen out: Christoph Mattes (mf 3/0), Sandro Gotal (ATT 6/2), Marco Reich (att 20/6), Alen Skoro?

Gleinstätten: Lukas Hasler (mf 17/0), Daniel Buchegger (mf 0/0), Michael Rabko (mf 26/2)

GAK – Union St. Florian

Gak out: Reuven Oved (mf 6/0), Stefan Kammerhofer (df 21/2), Stefan Nutz (mf 23/2), Thomas Murg (att 23/9) and doubtful Mario Steiner  (mf 17/1)

St Florian: Ewald Huber (mf 23/0), Thomas Gröbl (mf 23/4) and doubtful Thomas Zemann

GJB sporting director Walter Koleznik: “We want to win the next game the same, because we are not allowed to fall away from the relegation matches. The opponent has a good team, it is not so simple. Despite our best available team will run up to fetch the next three points. “

Union St. Florian coach Willi Wahlmüller: “It is a great story. We can all play in Graz in peace and try to do something. We have many young players will get their chance. Against GAK everything is possible, but I’ve played so far there twice 1:1. Away against strong opponents we make a good impression. For my team it will be a pleasant experience and with a good result it would be even better. “

Vorwärts Steyr – SV Allerheiligen

Vorwarts out: Daniel Lindorfer (att 16/8) and doubtful Kovacevic (mf 18/1)
Allerheiligen out: Darko Vasic (mf 23/3), Hakan Kahraman (mf 18/0), Dominik Messner (mf 3/0) and doubtful Aladin Hozanovic (mf 10/0)

Russia division 1 / relegate group

Baltika – Chernomorets Novorossijsk  1

Chernomorets come on long trip without some important players. They have just teoreticly chances to survive. They are also week away and today will play young squad.

“Chernomorets”: Plotnikov (6/0), Kaleshin (41/5), Shpedt (7/0), Lozhkin (6/0), Ershov (36/0), Minosyan (27/1), Vasiliev (4/0), Surodina (34/1), Okoročkov (30/1), Grigoryan (7/0), Demenko (8/1)

Yenisey – Luch Energiya // small bet on 2

Yenisey waiting end of season, playing for nothing and  coach will make some -experiments. Luch Energia need pints for surviving

“Yenisei”: Il’in (14/1), Kovalev (23/0), Nikitin (4/1), Kachan (39/3), Shabaev (39/0), Sharyn (3/1), Sitdikov (29/0), Goncharov (26/2), Leshonok (38/7), Chadov (31/5), Bazanov (42/13)

Out are: suspended Shevchenko (att 13/1) and Kirakosyan (df 32/0), injured and resting: Sinitsyn (gk 34/0), Pyatikopov (df 35/3), Fedoriv (df 33/2), Korobkin (mf 40/1), Surnev (mf 39/2), Fatullaev (41/3), Gauračs (att 32/5)

“Luch-Energia”: Kotlyarov, Zaseev, Udaliy, Mogilev, Semochko, Ushenin, Krendeleev, Fedorov, Slavnov, Alkhazov, Tihonovetsky.

Out are:  Gasinski (mf 36/2), Dedechko (mf 20/4)

Germany, playoff for Bundesliga, Fortuna Dusseldorf – Hertha (2-1)

Fortuna Düsseldorf out: Almer (gk 12/0)

Hertha BSC out: Franz (df 7/0), Lustenberger (mf 12/0), Ottl (mf 26/0), Lasogga (att 32/8), Torun (att 20/4)

Torino – Sassuolo

Toino out: Coppola (gk 22/0), Glik (df 23/2), Pratali (df 6/0), Stevanovic (mf 34/3), Suciu (mf 3/1) and pasquato (att 3/1)

Sassuolo out: Donazzan (df 3/0), Troiano (mf 3/0), laribi (mf 7/1) and Masucci (att 19/4)

FC Sevastopol – Lviv over 3,5 @ 1,7 Sportingbet