austria cup


Weiz last season played in Landesliga (4th league), now will play in regionalliga. And they are in problems for thsi game

WAC is Bundesliga team, they are on the end of preseason, their league starts next week (2 weeks earlier from regionalliga) and they are serious in this game

for Weiz:
“A new captain against the Bundesliga That’s really bitter, just before the big Cup Showdown against Bundesliga club WAC Markus Durlacher moved in a test game to a shoulder dislocation and could only be treated under general anesthesia. The team leader thus falls out on Friday – as well as replacement captain Rupert Hopfer, who is on vacation. The loop will therefore take over goalkeeper Sascha Harrer. “The WAC is the clear favorite, but we want our skin to sell as dearly as possible,” says Weiz coach Uwe Hölzl. “It’s nice when you get so attractive lot in the cup.” Behind the use of Christian Friedl is still a question mark. The defensive man suffered in May a scaphoid fracture”

double bet

iceland 2, Thor Akureyri – Fjolnir 1 @ 1,5

Thor has very bad h2h with Flolnir but i belive they will win today. No missing woes and they are best team in league. As you know, they was playing Europa league (cup finalists) and they won last 8 games. Fjolnir loose last 2 games. They had changed alreaddy 4 goalkeepers on goal, gunnarsson out..
This teams are most offensive teams so over should also come

Mattersburg (Am) – Ostbahn  1 @ 1,5

Mattersburg amatuers has much more quality, some palyers are long term injured, nothing special. Two strikers are in very good form, Ressler (5/6) and Klemen (5/5). First league will have break because of international ggames so A team will not play and maybe send some player on this game (they will play tomorow friendly with TSV Hartberg)Suspended: none

Injured: Alexander Ibser, Sebastian Bauer, Thomas Bartholomay, David Lechner, Dukagjin Karanezi, Alexander Taschner

Heinz Griesmayer: “We know that Nilsen’s not a bad team. But we are called to the home defeat against Parndorf eradicate the stain. We naturally want to bring in a threesome. ” 

Ostbahn week club which come from Landesliga and now maybe back then quickly. Two Czech players are out, Siegl and Smutny. First rounjd they won but now in very bad form

Booked: Patrick Siegl 
 Robert Smutny

Peter Benes: “This is obviously very difficult for us. I saw the game against Parndorf. Since it was thought in the first half hour, the shoot your opponent so right out of the stadium. The enemy is busy in all positions very well, because we need to take a good day and a top performance at points. 


friday bet

Arsenal Vs Manchester City (Beijing)

The two EPL rivals will meet each other but this time this is out of Europe when they will have a clash in PreSeason friendlies in Beijing, China.

City vs Arsenal friendly

Arsenal and Manchester City will have a clash before they meet up in the Premier league. They will face each other in a friendly match Friday in China. Although they will have most of their stars on holidays, no doubt these two will have hard fight being rivals in similar league. They will be noticed by most of the Football fans all around the world when they meet somewhere outside their region.

After being able to score only in 1 match in their friendly season, City will look for a better performance against Arsenal who recently won 2-1 against Malaysia XI.

Manchester city not only has pressure to win the game as the league winners but they also would look for victory to prevail their 1-0 loss in their latest meetup back in last season.

Probable Line Up

Manchester City: Costel Pantilimon, Kolo Toure, Vincent Kompany, Aleksandar Kolarov, Pablo Zabaleta, Lopes, Adam Johnson, Razak, Toure, Tevez, Aguero

Arsenal: Vito Mannone, Thomas Vermaelen, Johan Djourou, Ignasi Miquel, Andre Santos, Alex Song,Francis Coquelin, Mikel Arteta, Chukwuemeka Aneke, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Theo Walcott

Croatia » 1. HNL » Rijeka – Zadar 1 @ 1,7

It could be called pick of the day. Abouth Zadar i wrote in preview for first round. Financial problems kick them and they couldnt bring players. Good for them is that team is almost same but you must every season strenght your team if you want survive. They are tipical home team and with this team and this style i give them no chance in Rijeka. Specially if they play like first round whern they played home with weak osijek (which was also tired from europe) and they didnt make to osijek any serious chance. osijek come and played 0-0, osijek keeper Vargic (coach want put young debutant on goal because Vargic’s mistakes in euro game but he put them again) didnt even need to come, he was withouth job on goal. Poor Zadar, poor osijek but i expected more from Zadar because they was always home team. For this game new player Jolic can debut.

Rijeka is new club. When i said new i mean they changes 80 % of team. But it is possitive stuff. Last season in half of season Gabrielle Volpi come in club. It’s very rich Italian who owned Pro Recco and Primorje (in waterpolo) and lot other. He decide to make Nk Rijeka European club so he bring lot new, quality players (yes, i forgot to mention that he also owns Spezia, Italian football club which he bring in Serie B and probably will now invest lot there to bring them in Serie A / also forgot to said few days ago he quit with waterpolo but that’s not importnat now). So, new players are: Lukasz Mierzejewski, Dario Knežević (ex international player), Mato Neretljak (great defender, Hajduk didnt pay his saleries and he come in Ri), Josip Brezovec (great midfielder), Jurica Vranješ (ex international player), Drago Gabrić (great midfielder, Hajduk didnt pay his saleries and he come in Ri), Leon Benko (great winger/striker), Luka Marić (good defender from Istra), Ivor Weitzer (back from loan), Ivan Mance (Istra’s first gk), Diego Vannucci (they said he is good player from Italy) and Andrea Mutombo (perspective Nigerian from Volpi’s camp in Nigery)
players leave club: Igor Čagalj, Dino Drpić, Alen Dedić, Valentino Stepčić, Andro Švrljuga, Mario Tadejević, Ivan Bošnjak, Damir Čehič. Only Cagalj and Svrljuga was important

NK Rijeka (Vitez) 3:0, Sarajevo 0:1, GOŠK Gabela 2:0, Široki Brijeg 2:2 (9:8 poslije jedanaesteraca), Imotski 1:0, Široki Brijeg 3:2
Rijeka – Tom Tomsk 2:0, Rijeka – HIT Gorica 2:0, Rijeka – Sevastopolj 1:1, Rijeka – Gaz Metan Severin 1:2, Rijeka – Radomlje 5:1

In first round Rijeka loose vs another great club Split. They will need time for good game, manny players come, most of them didnt play together single game but as time go i expect resaults on first place and as time go more and more they will sure play deady football, that are good quality names. So maybe they will not play briliant but i expect home win. They are stronger this gae for great ofensive player Leon Benko (can play as striker but also as winger). Team is really good and they need just one more striker to bring, speaking with few strikers and soon we will know ne name. But now Benko comes in squad, here is yound perspective nigerian striker and Mujanovic, good midfielder from Slaven Belupo is comming..sure home win and on this odds worth a try on hendicep. ..was writing preview yesterday and today in two parts so forgot to mention that everybody wants see new Rijeka and expected to be big fan support in first home game..also didnt nmention Zadar has nobody who can score

Stromsgodset – Fredrikstad

Hosts are best team right now, specially good at home (7-1-0) and have tree important players back for this game: Nudu (df 13/0), Madsen (df 15/0) and Strand (mf 12/1).

Fredrikstad is better just than Stabaek. They are weak team, loose last tree games and poor away (specially will have problems on this artificial turf). This game they are without Dure (df 6/1), Valencia (mf 10/2) and Hussain (mf 12/3). Only good news for coach is that striker Halvorsen (15/2) is back

Kapfenberg – Horn

Kapfenberg relegate from 1st league and club left:  Wolf (first gk, 35/0), Tieber (att 3/0), Harrer (mf 16/0), Gregoritsch (mf 16/1), Taboga (df 20/0), Gerson (df 15/0), Sahanek (mf 11/0),  Lovin (mf 15/0) and hanek (df 7/1). Only good signing is Burgstaller from Sturm.  A Lustenau destroyed them 5-0 and Grgic get red card in that game. Also Sencar suspended from before.

Horn in new in league. They are stronger than last season.. for other Erste liga games you can remind here

Austria Bundesliga

Austria Vienna

man. : P. Stöger
Slovenia D. Vrsic (Olimpija) – 01 July 2012
Austria P. Stöger (man., Magna WN) – 01 July 2012
Austria D. Tadic (Magna WN) – 01 July 2012
Austria P. Salomon (Lustenau, 0 €) – 01 July 2012
Slovakia P. Hlinka (Magna WN) – 01 July 2012
Austria F. Klein (Salzburg, 0 €) – 01 July 2012
Austria M. Liendl (WAC St. Andrä, 0 €) – 06 June 2012
Austria I. Vastic (man., Free) – 21 May 2012
Magna Wiener Neustadt

man. :
Austria D. Offenbacher (BW Linz, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Austria C. Freitag (FC Lustenau) – 01 July 2012
Austria D. Tadic (Austria Vienna) – 01 July 2012
Austria S. Rakowitz (Hartberg) – 01 July 2012
Slovakia P. Hlinka (Austria Vienna) – 01 July 2012
Austria M. Berger () – 01 July 2012
Austria D. Mimm (FC Lustenau) – 01 July 2012
Austria T. Fröschl (LASK Linz, L.) – 01 July 2012
Argentina F. A. Troyansky (Team für Wien) – 13 July 2012
Austria T. Helly (Hartberg, L.) – 13 July 2012
Austria E. Salkic (Team für Wien) – 10 July 2012
Austria S. Ciftci (Sturm Graz) – 06 July 2012
Austria C. Tvrdy (Sollenau) – 06 July 2012
Austria C. Saurer (Rapid Vienne, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Austria P. Stöger (man., Austria Vienna) – 01 July 2012
Austria M. Lindner (Blau-Weiss Linz) – 01 July 2012
Germany W. Evseev (Hannover 96 B) – 01 July 2012
Austria A. Schicker (Ried, 0 €) – 01 July 2012
Austria M. Madl (Sturm Graz) – 01 July 2012
Austria M. Reiter (Ried, 0 €) – 01 June 2012

man. : F. Lederer
Romania F. Lovin (Kapfenberger) – 01 July 2012
Austria M. Prietl (Hartberg) – 01 July 2012
Hungary R. Waltner (Kaposvári Rákóczi) – 07 July 2012
Austria D. Schartner (Grödig, L.) – 01 July 2012
Croatia I. Parlov (Apollon Limassol, 0 €) – 26 June 2012
Rapid Vienne

man. : P. Schöttel
Austria C. Saurer (Magna WN, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Austria M. Ildiz (Innsbruck, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
United States T. Boyd (Dortmund B) – 11 June 2012
Austria C. Saurer (Innsbruck) – 02 July 2012
Austria C. Thonhofer (Wolfsberg) – 01 July 2012
Austria J. Patocka (Lustenau) – 01 July 2012
Kosovo A. Nuhiu (Eskisehirspor, L.) – 04 June 2012
Austria R. Gartler (Ried) – 01 June 2012
Red Bull Salzburg

man. : R. Schmidt
Austria S. Ebner (Anif) – 01 July 2012
Austria R. Zia (Anif) – 01 July 2012
Austria S. Sommer (Anif) – 01 July 2012
Austria F. Klein (Austria Vienna, 0 €) – 01 July 2012
Austria C. Dibon (Trenkwalder) – 01 July 2012
Uruguay J. Boghossian (Nacional, B.L.) – 30 June 2012
Germany R. Schmidt (man., Paderborn) – 24 June 2012
Brazil Leonardo (NAC Breda, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Netherlands R. Moniz (man., Free) – 12 June 2012

man. : H. Fuchsbichler
Austria M. Grössinger (Vöcklamarkt) – 01 July 2012
Austria A. Schicker (Magna WN, 0 €) – 01 July 2012
Austria C. Walch (Dresden, 0 €) – 21 June 2012
Austria H. Fuchsbichler (man., Al Wadha) – 01 June 2012
Austria R. Gartler (Rapid Vienne) – 01 June 2012
Austria M. Reiter (Magna WN, 0 €) – 01 June 2012
Austria G. Schweitzer (man., Free) – 01 July 2012
Austria D. Beichler (Hertha, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Austria S. Lexa (Grödig) – 01 July 2012
Austria M. Beer (Gratkorn, B.L.) – 01 June 2012
Sturm Graz

man. : P. Hyballa
Germany R. Sukuta-Pasu (Kaiserslautern, L.) – 08 July 2012
Austria S. Ciftci (Magna WN) – 06 July 2012
Austria L. Kaufmann (LASK Linz) – 01 July 2012
Austria M. Madl (Magna WN) – 01 July 2012
Germany J. Focher (Dortmund, 0 €) – 01 July 2012
Austria R. Okotie (FC Nürnberg, 0 €) – 29 June 2012
Montenegro N. Vujadinovic (Udinese B) – 24 June 2012
Germany P. Hyballa (man., Free) – 14 May 2012
Croatia S. Cavlina (Inter Zapresic) – 20 July 2012
Austria D. Pürcher (Kapfenberger) – 01 July 2012
Austria T. Burgstaller (Kapfenberger) – 01 July 2012
Austria M. Weinberger (Kapfenberger) – 01 July 2012
Germany S. Foda (Hartberg) – 01 July 2012
Austria R. Okotie (FC Nürnberg, B.L.) – 28 June 2012
Georgia G. Popkhadze (Baku) – 22 June 2012
Germany T. Kristl (man., Sturm Graz) – 15 May 2012
Trenkwalder Admira

man. : D. Kühbauer
Austria T. Schick (Altach) – 01 July 2012
Austria C. Dibon (Salzburg) – 01 July 2012
Czech Republic M. Zeman (Sparta B, B.L.) – 01 June 2012
WAC St. Andrä

man. : N. Bjeliça
Austria M. Knaller (Kaiserslautern) – 12 June 2012
Spain D. De Paula (UD Logroñes, 0 €) – 08 June 2012
Spain R. Rivera (Free, 0 €) – 06 June 2012
Austria M. Liendl (Austria Vienna, 0 €) – 06 June 2012
Spain R. Rivera (Wolfsberg) – 01 July 2012
Austria D. Micic (Kapfenberger, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Wacker Innsbruck

man. : W. Kogler
Austria C. Saurer (Rapid Vienne) – 02 July 2012
Austria C. Schilling (Grazer AK) – 01 July 2012
Brazil Marcelo (Bangu) – 01 July 2012
Austria S. Piesinger (BW Linz) – 01 July 2012
Austria M. Perktold (First Vienna) – 01 July 2012
Austria M. Ildiz (Rapid, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Austria G. Harding (LASK) – 01 July 2012

uefa europa league


Udine out: Danilo Larangeira, Mauricio Isla, Andrea Coda, Emmanuel Agyemang Badu, Gabriel Torje, Gelson Fernandes, Jean-Alain Fanchone, Paulo Vitor Barreto
Doubtful: Dusan Basta, Sérgio Piccoli

AZ out: Charlison Benschop, Maarten Martens


PSV out Abel Tamata
Valencia without: Roberto Soldado, Sergio Canales, Luis Miguel, Ever Banega, Victor Ruiz, Ricardo Costa
Doubtful: Adil Rami
Back: Hernandez


Bilbao out: Aitor Ocio, Carlos Gurpegi, Xabi Castillo, Igor Martinez
Doubtful: Fernando Llorente, Oscar de Marcos, Borja Ekiza
Man U out: Darren Fletcher, Nemanja Vidic, Anders Lindegaard, Nani, Anderson, Phil Jones
Doubtful: Antonio Valencia
Back: Smalling


City out: Vincent Kompany
Doubtful: Joleon Lescott, Pablo Javier Zabaleta, Gareth Barry
Back: Barry
Sporting out: Joao Pereira
Unavailable: Santiago Arias, Oguchi Onyewu, Alberto Rodriguez, Fabian Rinaudo, Elias


Besiktas out: Fabian Ernst(r)(mid)
Unavailable: Ricardo Quaresma, Roberto Hilbert, Tanju Kayhan, Bebe, Ersan Gulum, Burak Kaplan, Muhammed Demirci, Mehmet Akyuz
Doubtful: Hugo Almeida, Tomas Sivok
Atl Madrid without: Diego, Silvio Pereira, Tiago Mendes, Fran Merida, Antonio Lopez
Back: Filipe


Schalke out: Ralf Fahrmann, Lars Unnerstall, Peer Kluge, Teemu Pukki
Doubtful: Benedikt Howedes, Christoph Metzelder
Twente out: Andrej Rendla, Denny Landzaat, Wesley Verhoek

Hannover – Standard Liege (2-2)

Hannover out: Artur Sobiech, Carlitos Alves, Leon Andreasen, Markus Miller, Mame Biram Diouf
Back: Schmiedebach
Standard out: Reginal Goreux, Mujangi Bia, Maor Bar Buzaglo, Nacho Gonzalez


Hockey EBEL

BWLinz – Olympia (3-1)  1 / -1,5ah, -1eh

Quality on home side, home ice, injuries away

Medvescak – KACKlage (1-3)

Not in the squad are still locked to Frank Banham and Joel Prpic, and the injured Gal Koren. In addition, there are health problems for some players, including captain Alan Letang and counter-specialist Tom Zanoski. Among other things, the Bears improve their power play for a success-rate in the semifinals. At home, keep them at 1-in-5, with total 1-of-12, which means puny 8:33 percent.

Gefle – Mjallby

mjallby will rotate best players, Gefle with some changes but strong in attack
Emil Hedvall – Daniel Bernhardsson, David Fällman, Olof Mård, Sebastian Senatore – Jonas Lantto, Marcus Hansson, Alexander Faltsetas, Hjalmar Öhagen – Mikael Dahlberg, Jakob Orlov

Ivanovski – Wikström – Cederberg – Leandersson
Radetinac – Kivuvu – Nilsson – Nicklasson
Pode – Fejzullahu

Germany » Regionalliga West » TuS Koblenz – Lotte

(bottom team against top team)
Sportfreunde Lotte has back Hess (att 17/4) after suspension and Grieneisen (df 18/1) after operation.

Atletico-PR – Sampaio Correa  aletico -1eh, -1,5ah (when come), over 2,5, over 3,5

Atletico with strong (specially attacking oriented) line up
Rodolfo; Pablo, Gustavo Araújo, Bruno Costa (Manoel) e Heracles; Deivid, Paulo Baier e Harrison; Bruno Furlan, Marcinho e Bruno Mineiro.