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Sport Huancayo – Jose Galvez

hsts will have atitude , they are on 3189 meters while is JG on 11. They also has full squad

Huancayo (4-2-3-1): Joel Pinto; Renzo Reaños, Anier Figueroa, Rafael Farfán, Luis Román Ojeda; José Mendoza, Blas López; Jahirsino Baylón, Ryan Salazar, Willyan Mimbela; Sergio Ibarra. DT: Jorge Cordero.

Gálvez (3-4-2-1): Daniel Reyes; Andrés Salinas, Paulo Ramos, Manuel Calderón; Jhony Obeso, Ricardo Salcedo, Josimar Atoche, Jersson Vásquez; Carlos Barrena, Osnar Noronha; Martín Arzuaga. DT: Javier Arce.

Inti Gas Deportes – Cienciano  1 @ 1,7 bah

Inti Gas has 5 points more than their today opponents but they are in bad form, 6 games without win (0-3-3). But i belive time for win come because of Cienciano missings. Today they will be without: coach will rest Miguel Mostto (att 20/9, topscorer) y Miguel Ángel Villalta (df 15/1) , Carlos Elías (mf 16/6, 2nd scorer) is suspended (5 yellows) and Damián Ísmodes (mf 15/1), Leonardo Rivero (att 18/2) y Jean Pierre Cáncar (df 12/0) are injured. Pereyra (df 20/0) and Cominges (mf 23/3) also not in first 11. On 1,5 i would not bet but 1,7 i must take because of Cienciano away games 

Inti Gas (4-2-3-1): Mario Villasanti; Miguel Llanos, Óscar Nadín Díaz, Percy Chuquisengo, Javier Chumpitaz; José Corcuera, Carlos Ibarra; Anderson Santamaría, Gary Correa, Iván Chumpitaz; Fernando Oliveira. DT: Édgard Ospina.

Cienciano (4-1-4-1): Jesús Cisneros; Junior Núñez, Raúl Penalillo, Marcelo Zamora, Vladimir Hinostroza; Edwin Retamoso; Junior Castrillón, Yancarlo Casas, Crifford Seminario, Cristian García; Diego Virrueta. DT: Raúl Arias.

Costa Rica » Primera Division » Alajuelense – CS Uruguay
odds drop while i write analise
New season of Costa Rica futbol starts ‘explosive’. In supercup game Ajaluelense and Herdiano and there was fight between players. Nobody didnt get some penalty after game (but posible there will be i i understand good) and Ajaluelense won 2-0 (played almost whole half with players less). So they start great into new season. They keep the team, main players stayed and they bring few new faces. They are stronger team than last season and everybody see them on top (for apertura).
Uruguay (full name CS Uruguay de Coronado) is new club in league, promoted from Liga de Ascenso. Big star there, Paulo César Wanchope (ex Derby County, West Ham, Man City, Malaga..) come in 2009, after he finish his career, come in club (something like sports director if i understang good) and he make a plan to bring club in first league in next few years. He succeed in that. He also wanted bring his friend Cristian ‘Kily’ González to play. It’s hard to find and ‘normal’ infos about this club so i real on some of their sites, but there’s nothing so important.
Alajuelense is main candidate and should not have problems with newcomers, specially not at home
Betting option: Asian Handicap
Pick: alajuelense -1ah
Odds: 1.78