Spain U21 – Croatia U21

Spaain won group and will give chance to players which are not standard

Al estar ya clasificados, Lopetegui podrá dar oportunidades a hombres que no participaron ante el combinado helvético. Todo hace pensar que saldrán de inicio jugadores como Diego Mariño, Jordi Amat, Nacho Fernández, Asier Illarramendi o el delantero recién fichado por el Getafe CF Álvaro Vázquez.

On the other side Croatia will be without some important players like Duje Cop, Arijan Ademi, Mijo Caktas, Marcelo Brozovic, Domagoj Antolic, Dejan Glavica

Belarus U21 – San Marino U21

Belarus U21 team will play today a new convocation – players born in 1992-1993 and younger.

Quote by Ksasha:
Older kids will play on Friday for the “junior” for the last time – said the steering team. – And against San Marino on Wednesday will be released a new team – fully represented guys 1992-93 birth and younger

Lanus vs Godoy Cruz  x2 @ 1,82 marathon

Doubtful: Mario Regueiro (fractured ribs 3/0); Silvio Romero (right thigh 2/0)
Injured/unavailable: Victor Ayala )5/1), Osvaldo Vizcarrondo (on international duty 4/0)

Godoy Cruz
Injured/unavailable: Nelson Ibanez (right ankle 5/0)

Union vs Tigre

Suspended: Pablo Magnin (sent off during last match 5/0)
Doubtful: Diego Jara (left hamstring 3/0)

Suspended: Diego Castano (sent off during last match, 5/1)
Injured/unavailable: Agustin Torassa (right hamstring, 4/0)

Finland » Kakkonen East » Atlantis – PK-35 1/1 @ 1,91 10bet

Must take this bet on this odds. Qaulity and form difference, home field..

Raufoss – Stromsgodset II

Stromsgodset without firt team help

Vi reiser med en ung gjeng til kveldens kamp, bestående av Borger Thomas, Ole Lauritzen, Krister Aunan, Armann Ingthorsson, Behajdin Celina, Jean C. Rugamba, Anwar D’Was, Mads Westlie Gundersen, Christopher Lindquist, Sapandip Grewal, Iver Fossum, Lars C. Karlsen, Tokmac Nguen, Gustav M. Wikheim

Preview. The 11th round of the Championship SUPRA-FNL.

“Tom” and the rest.

11th round opens the second third of the FNL rally championship season 2012-2013 and, before such an event it is useful to look closely at the standings, and the attention it is more than deserved. Perhaps the question is not only causes leading position, “Tom”, but the center of the table – “Rotor”, “Yenisei” and “Baltika”, but otherwise, thanks to the unexpected first significant segment of the championship, the situation of many teams do not seem logical, as the sign “plus”, and in the worst sense of the word.

A loser

Major disappointment start of the segment – “Siberia”, “Shinnik” and Moscow “Torpedo”. Moreover, the Muscovites, the nominal position which is worse (15th place, nine points from nine matches), least of all the issues: failing the very beginning, “Torpedo” not by leaps and bounds, but rather builds confidence game and shows good results in the last rounds.In addition, a guest in Nalchik defeat a week ago and did not look natural in the current round, Muscovites have a good opportunity to rehabilitate himself, taking in his field “Petrotrest” which, however, is not quite the boy to fight in Petrograd are recorded after major starting lesions. Judge for yourself, a third championship behind, “Petrotrest” tenth, with 12 points after 10 meetings, and, among other things, the club from St. Petersburg became the creator of the most high-profile sensation in the first trimester, regularly taking away points from teams that were considered absolute favorite. Principled match confrontation between the two capitals, and add the fact that in case of victory, “Torpedo”, the teams will be equal in points, and distance themselves from the relegation zone to kofmortnoe enough distance. Well, if the match is stronger club from Peter, this victory will lift “Petrotrest” to unparalleled heights. So, the match “Torpedo – Petrotrest” promises answered by a serious affair.

Starting failure “Shinnik” can be explained by internal conflicts in the club, but not too much lost Yaroslavl in time for conditional permission? 14 places and 9 points after 10 games – it is not what they were waiting for the team that last season nearly came to the Premier League, and in the current season, at least before the start, the aim is to make as good as last year. And now, a third of the distance traversed, “Shinnik” pretty far behind not only the leaders, but even to the middle of the table is already fully formed a gap, which still must be eliminated, as it may seem, that the club from Yaroslavl already begun to tackle opposite problem, namely – to fight for survival. And in the struggle for survival and will be a meeting of the 11th round, “Khimki – Shinnik” . Himchanami no luck at the start of even more than their opponents, even to the last round of “Khimki” could not win, but in the last match to win it lacked quite a bit, so we can say that winning Moscow Region team was brewing, but as this will eventually happen! Beat away “Neftekhimik” – is expensive and it is clear that the success of the Khimki will fix it in the match with a direct competitor in the solution is not the most pleasant task – to keep residence in the First Division.

“Siberia” to start the hindmost segment can be attributed to the stretch, but we remember the recent successes of the team, with a strong and uniform composition, and with the lost points in Novosibirsk is not so bad as that of the same “Shinnik”, but 11th in Siberians somehow not a person, or what? In the current draw of the “Siberia” lacks stability: after the strong-willed and impressive victories, followed if someone is not evidently failing, it is enough gray game, in which the club from Novosibirsk losing valuable points. In short, in the match of round 11 Siberians really need a win, but to achieve it will be very difficult, because the rival “Siberia” will be awake, but not reached their optimum condition “Ural”, who returned to the leading group and has now occupies the 4th place. This is certainly not a surprise: the “Ural” and before the championship waited a good result, but the “no man’s disease” in the start segment made ​​fans nervous team. Match last round, in which, in fact, played the lead in the championship, ekateriburzhy lost, and therefore the price of victory in a game with the “Siberia” for them is no lower than for the hosts. Match “Siberia – Ural” quoted channel “Russia-2” as the central and, in general, broadcasters can agree.

Opening of the season 2012-2013

First of all the teams, the discoveries are the “Ufa”, which is now as much as 3 spot, and with 17 points after 10 games. Igor Kolyvanov built a very battle-worthy team, which lacks only the famous “class”: winning an important game, could lose Ufimtsev next, regardless of the level of the opponent, but the stability – the skill that comes only with experience of playing at a certain level, and its “Ufa” still need to gain. In the meantime, the third place team is consistent with the level of play that demonstrates the Bashkir club, but for the first 11 rounds, “Ufa”, most likely with a drive back: Bashkirs passed round.

The second surprise with the “plus” – “Neftekhimik” – in the 11th round will have to prove randomness of his stay at the top of the table in the away game against the “Baltic”, a strong middle peasant FNL, and this match promises to be one of the ornaments of the tour, not least because that Nizhnekamsk and Kaliningradians love and know how to play in attack and score. Over the last 10 rounds in total command gate opponents hit 29 times, and the best scorer “Neftekhimik” Portnyagin is also the leader of sniper race. Maybe hail goals in meeting the fans and not see, but the chances that the match “Baltic – Neftekhimik” finished goalless draw enough.

Just as Planned

That “Volgar” that Nalchik “Spartacus” tour before 11 occupy the most suitable place for themselves in the table, though, and decide to opposite problem. This season game “Volgar” unless there is some radical change is unlikely to allow the team more than the preservation of residence in the First Division, but Astrakhan have to try very hard to solve this problem: one win in 9 games and all 6 goals scored does not contribute to the promotion on the table top. Nalchane as though he had found in the leading group, and on the lost points are even in the top three, but the game of “Spartacus” have very mixed impression: yes, nalchane can beat any opponent, but just may lose anyone, so meeting “Volgar – Spartak Nalchik” is probably the most unpredictable in the round, despite the formal obvious superiority of one of the teams.

7th “Rotor”, after the sudden hurried Volgograd at the start, does not seem so logical, but only at first glance. “Rotor” rising from the non-existence and the very presence of the team in the First Division of the leaders is a good result for the club, whose existence was not so long ago was in doubt. In this case, the current “Rotor” – a completely new team, even compared to the sample itself last year: the level and experience of the players by the standards of the FNL is high, but teamwork is still buggy. It is difficult to say whether there will be enough and the whole season to strum on the interaction so that the “rotor” could put the task of improving in the classroom and it is absolutely accurate to say that the Volgograd can solve such problems still after 10 rounds from the start of the championship. However, when the game is a “Rotor” turns out to win this team is not easy, especially at the legendary Central Stadium, regularly upon and gushing own attendance records. What is and will be able to make sure the players, “Metallurg-Kuzbass”, in general, the fans did not disappoint in the championship and has a well-deserved 12th place. So, “Rotor – Metallurg-Kuzbass” in Volgograd: if he wins, “Rotor” eliminate the consequences of the failed bit of recent tours, and for “Metallurg” acceptable outcome would be a draw.

Rivals Match in Belgorod “Salute – SKA-Energia” just after the first third of the championship are, conditionally, in its place, though, Belgorod fans, of course, would like to see his team higher than the current 13th place, and the game ” Salute “can count on it, even after 11 rounds. “SKA-Enegriya”, without regard to the current second place absolutely unbeatable opponent for belgordtsev not look, while a draw would be a good result for the “Salute”.


“Tom” is the leader in law, deservedly, and direct PARTICULAR at Tomsk club until indicated. 20 points in 9 games. 20 goals scored (“Tom” – one of the two most precast team league). Only one defeat and a series of 8 is unbeaten. It all – league schedule. Count on to oust the Tomsk citizens from the first line in the near future can only count “SKA-Energia”. “Ural” and “Ufa” already missed their chances, but in order to have a chance of Khabarovsk, a small sensation in the 11 round will create “Yenisei”. Sensation, not because of “Yenisei” leaves a pleasant impression on the outcome of the start of the segment, leaves, and even more than. Just really really looks good, “Tom” in the last rounds, even without the “background” in the form of misfires rest: while all major fights end in favor of Tomsk citizens. A view of the overall level of the team to play , “Tom – Yenisei” most reasonable claims to be the central match of the tour.

russia division 1

“Neftekhimik” – “Khimki”  

“Neftekhimik”: Losev – Makhmutov Kverkveliya, Ryaboshapka, Morozov – Ustinov Djalilov Dzahov, Galiulin – Nurov, Portnyagin (7/7)

” Khimki “: Gavrilov – faded, Efimov, Danilov, Kuznetsov – Breev Aleksanyan, Sobolev, lint – Kuleshov, Kozlov.

“Tom” – “Ural”

“Tom”:  Vashek – Cherevko, Nikolov, Bendz, Nikitinsky – Omelyanchuk, Sabitov, Gorbanets, Sorokin – Dimidko, Bazhenov.

“Ural”: Cat – Danz, Oyevole, Tumasyan, Novikov – Chuhley, Acevedo, Berhamov, Schanitsyn – Herc, Gogniev.

“SKA-Energia – Volgar”:

“SKA-Energia”: Solosin – Nightingale, R., Mikutskis, Zura – Zuev, Zyuzin Trusevich, pretzels – Lutsenko Murnin.

“Volgar”:Kabanov – Riedel Kaleshin, Stove, Maruschak – Romanenko Chochiev Kolomiychenko Beketov – Mukhutdinov, Degtyarev.

“Petrotrest – Ufa”:

“Petrotrest”: Samokhvalov – Tarasyuk Ershov, Kostin, Surkov – Semenov, Kirsanov, Matrah, Kudinov – Andreev, Myazin. 

“Ufa”:Kobozev – Smirnov, Putilin, Popov, Tishkin – Dukhno, Zaseev, Voydel, Vasiliev – De Oliveira , Marcos.

“Yenisei” – “Rotor”

“Yenisei”: Carpenters – Margasov, Nikitin, Lemamba, Pyatikopov – Laizans, Chadov, Chuperka, Rodnenkov – sunray, Alekseev.  

“Rotor”: Pchelintsev – Vasyanovich, Malygin, Olenikov, Zinin – Fomin, Todorovic, Vaganov, Rashevsky – Stavpets, Pugin.

“Spartak Nalchik” – “Torpedo”

“Spartak Nalchik”: Kochenkov – Baga, Dzhudovich, Ovsienko, Zahirovich – Crown, Ruach, Shogenov, Tatarchuk – Dorozhkin, balls.

 “Torpedo”: Klevinskas – well done, Mishchenko, Shumeiko Slasher – Glass, Gasinski, Andreev Rodin – Bezlihotnov, Gauračs.

“Shinnik” – “Siberia”

“Shinnik”: Gypsy – Ndri, Katynsus, Steshin, Beletsky – than, Korytko, Valikaev, Skrylnikov – Yatchenko, Nizamuidinov.

“Siberia”: Makarov – Khodyrev, Alunderis, Golovatenko, Khaliullin – Zinoviev, Makarenko, Kulchiy, Logua – Shevchenko, Medvedev.

“Metallurg-Kuzbass” – “Salute”

“Metallurg-Kuzbass”: Sautin – Egorov, Buhryakov, Tkachuk, goes – Kiselev, Volgin Avsyuk Emelyanov – Uchur, blue.  

“Salute”:Krivoruchko – Kabutov, Starks, Butyrin, Kaleshin – Shevchenko Alborov, Yakovlev , Kobenko – Mosquera, Bazhev.


no title

 Chelsea – Reading 


Starting with a win in the league, European Champions Chelsea will be in search for another 3 points when they play against the newly promoted site Reading at Stamford Bridge. After a 2-0 win with two early strike from Ivanovic and Lampard on penalty, Chelsea were able to find a clean sheet to gain some confidence in the pursuit.

With new Signing Hazard quickly adapting to the Premier league and Oscar starting from a Bench, RDM is probable to start with similar line up as Ramires still is out due to injury. While for the newly promoted side, Jason Roberts will be out serving his last match of ban and midfielder Jimmy Kebe probable to miss some starting fixtures of the league.

Chelsea out: Marko Marin

Reading out: Jason Roberts, Jimmy Kebe, Jem Karacan


The 2010/2011 Europa League semi-finalists face an uphill task in their attempt to reach Champions Leaguegroup stages, with Serie A giants Udinese on the other side.

Sporting Braga have really raised the club’s profile over the last decade, having not only closed the gap behind Porto, Benfica and Sporting on domestic level, but also showed a lot of promise in European competitions.

The Minhotos did well to beat very good Sporting Lisbon side to the final Champions League berth, but were very unfortunate to be drawn alongside Udinese in the play-offs.

The club have stayed without important players Ewerton, Ukra and Miguel Lopesin the summer, while signing a number of unproven players from smaller Primeira Liga clubs.

Even so, Braga impressed at the start of the league campaign, having held Benfica to a 2-2 draw at Estadio da Luz..

Boss Jose Peseiro faces some selection problems before the clash against Zebrette, with Paulo Cesar, Yazalde, Eder and Maximilian Haas all sidelined through injury.

Probable starting line-up (4-2-3-1): Beto – Leandro, Douglao, Paulo Vinicius, Ismaily – Custodio, Amorim – Alan, Viana, Mossoro – Lima.

Despite selling their key players season after season, Udinese somehow manage to remain in contention for a top 3 finish and they have got to be congratulated for piping Lazio, Napoli, Inter and Roma to the 3rd place in Serie A last term.

Once again, the club chiefs decided to cash in on their star players, as a result of which Samir Handanovic, Kwadwo Asamoah and Mauricio Isla have left the club, while their players were taken by completely unknown players, who, I am sure, will be worth just as much money in a few years’ time.

The Friulani’s 4-0 victory over Southampton in the final warm-up game proved that their fans have reason for optimism before the clash with Braga

Having been very unfortunate to be eliminated by Arsenal at this stage last term, the Zebrette will give their best to avoid a similar scenario.

Star striker Luis Muriel misses out with a muscle strain, while Joel Ekstrand doesn’t travel with the squad as he lacks match fitness.

Probable starting line-up (3-5-1-1): Brkic -Benatia, Danilo, Domizzi – Basta, Pinzi, Willians, Pereyra, Armero – Maicosuel – Di Natale.


Cash-strapped Malaga are in a position tofight for their lives and no wonder they desperately need to reach Champions League group stages.

Panathinaikos may be in much better financial position than their opponents, but that doesn’t mean the Greeks will not be just as motivated to win this tie.

Boosted by the heavy summer spending, los Boquerones achieved their goal and finished the La Liga campaign in 4th place, but little did they know that they would soon find themselves in huge problems.

After the owners lost interest in club, key players Santo Cazorla, Joris Mathijsen, Salomon Rondon and Apono decided to leave, while few other high-profile players expressed their desire to abandon the sinking ship.

As a result, Malaga were completely outclassed by newly promoted Celta in their opening La Liga game, but they somehow managed to record a valuable win thanks to 16-year-old Fabrice Olinga, who had been extended his Visa just few days before the game.

Los Boquerones now face a tough task against experienced Panathinaikos side..

With no fresh injury worries to report, boss Manuel Pellegrini is likely to stick to the side that beat Celta at the weekend.

Probable starting line-up (4-2-3-1): Caballero – Gamez, Demichelis, Weligton, Monreal – Toulalan, Camacho – Joaquin, Isco, Portillo – Fernandez.

Panathinaikos were very fortunate to be drawn alongside Motherwell, a team that replaced Rangers, in the third qualifying round, so nobody was surprised to see the Greeks record a 5-0 aggregate win over the Scottish side.

PAO can have no complaints on the play-off draw either having been pitted against out of sorts Malaga that have stayed without several very important players this summer.

It really appears that Lady Luck has been smiling on the Greek side this summer, and with that in mind..

It is important to point out that Panathinaikos are now coached by Jesualdo Ferreira, a man who was sacked by Malaga not long ago, and he will now have an extra motive to do well against his former side.

The squad have seen some changes this summer, with Quincy, Fornaroli, Sissoko, Velazquez and Sow arriving to the side, and Ninis, Plessis, Cleyton and Kante leaving the club.

As far as the Malaga game is concerned, key midfielder Sebastian Leto is unavailable, as are new signings Quincy and Pape Sow.

Probable starting line-up (4-2-3-1): Karnezis – Vyntra, Velazquez, Boumsong, Spyropoulos – Katsouranis, Vitolo – Zeca, Christodoulos, Sissoko – Toche.

 Dinamo Zagreb v NK Maribor 

Dinamo without: Ivan Tomecak, Ivan Krstanovic, Mateo Kovacic

Maribor without: Mitja Viler

probably line ups:

Dinamo: Ivan Kelava, Josip Pivaric, Domagoj Vida, Tonel, Josip Simunic, Milan Badelj, Arijan Ademi, Jerko Leko, Sammir, Mehmed Alispahic, Fatos Beqiraj

Maribor: Jasmin Handanovic, Nejc Potokar, Alexander Rajcevic, Arghus, Ales Mejac, Dejan Mezga, Goran Cvijanovic, Ales Mertelj, Agim Ibraimi, Robert Beric, Marcos Tavares

 Stuttgart – Dinamo Moscow 

Stuttgart out: Johan Audel, Zdravko Kuzmanovic, Gotaku Sakai

Stuttgart 11: Sven Ulreich, Tim Hoogland, Serdar Tasci, Georg Niedermeier, Arthur Boka, William Kvist, Christian Gentner, Tamas Hajnal, Ibrahima Traore, Martin Harnik, Vedad Ibisevic

Dinamo M doubtful: Luke Wilkshire

Dinamo M 11: Anton Shunin, Igor Shitov, Gordon Schildenfeld, Leandro Fernandez, Marko Lomic, Balazs Dzsudzsak, Artur Yusupov, Igor Semshov, Christian Noboah, Zvjezdan Misimovic, Kevin Kuranyi

 Blackburn Rovers – Hull City 

Blackburn boss Steve Kean will have Ruben Rochina at his disposal again for the visit of Hull.

The striker missed the 1-1 draw at Ipswich on the opening day because of a hamstring injury.

It was thought the clash with the Tigers may be too soon for him too, but the Spaniard has recovered in time to give Kean a boost.

Captain Danny Murphy will also be available despite complaining of tightness in his calf earlier in the week.

Full-back Martin Olsson is yet to return to training from his groin injury so the Sweden international misses out, as does back-up goalkeeper Mark Bunn, who is sidelined following a hip operation.

Midfielder Steven Nzonzi will again be left out in the cold after declaring his desire to leave while summer signing Leon Best is a long-term absentee with a knee injury.

Hull manager Steve Bruce has hinted he will shuffle his pack to cope with the physical presence of Blackburn at Ewood Park.

The Tigers boss enjoyed a winning start in his first npower Championship match in charge, as they beat Brighton 1-0 thanks to a goal from substitute Jay Simpson.

The performance of Simpson and the other replacements, coupled with a lack of match-fitness for a number of his players, has given Bruce food for thought ahead of their clash with Rovers.

Forward Matty Fryatt (Achilles) remains Hull’s only injury absentee, but Corry Evans, Paul McShane and Alex Bruce will be hoping to force their way into the manager’s thoughts.

“In terms of Wednesday, I think we will need to change slightly in terms of personnel,” Bruce told Hull’s official website.

“Going to Blackburn on a Wednesday night, we need to be physically ready for the challenge that they’re going to throw at us.”