Argentina B, Nueva Chicago – Atl Parana

Chicago – 0,75 @ 2,04  5/10 Slikovni rezultat za daum hoch smiley


Away with no quality and will rotate


The fact of having to dispute two commitments in four days led to the coach of Athletic Paraná, Ricardo Pancaldo, to bet on the rotation of players. In this way, the DT will give rest to some values that acted in the last commitments since the santafesino assumed to the technical conduction of the Dean.


The alignment was not defined by Pancaldo. In yesterday’s practice the DT arranged tactical work in different lines. In all sectors there was rotation of players. However, there are indications of what training will be sought tomorrow to hit the house of one of the candidates for promotion.


Bundesliga, Hertha-Augsburg

-0,5 Hertha @ 1,94 pinny 5/10  Slikovni rezultat za daum hoch smiley


Hertha out of form but at home always strong, one of best home teams (lost last one vs Hoffenheim but with 10 players, before won Dortmund, draw with Bayern when Levandovski scorwd in last min for draw).. Several players long term out but few ate back: defenders Brooks (19/1), Plattenhard (22/3) and Muttelstädt (8/0). In form topscorer Ibisevuc back too (25/11)


Augsburg still hope to avoid relegation but there are no resaults. After 6_0 v Bayern, lost at home v 17th Ingolstadt. Key defender Hiteregger (25/2) ia today out, Gouweleeuw (df 13/1) too. I dont think Augsburg can won hier point, Hertha clear fav for me




2. Bundes, Stuttgart – Karlsruhe

-1ah Stuttgart @ 1,88 pinny 5/10  Slikovni rezultat za daum hoch smiley


Stuttgart on the way back in Bundesliga but dont wanna ‘just  promotre’, they wanna win this league. Mane is out (19/6) but there is enough attacking power. Mf Maxim (18/1) back


About Karlsruhe i wrotr short when wrote pick on Nürnberg last week.. Nothing changed (Nurnberg was extrem bad that game but at end won). Karlsruhe with just one away win this season, out of form, several players out again.. I can see just Stuttgart win here, probably with hendicep..

Bundesliga II

31.3. Bundesliga 2, Nürnberg – Karlsruhe

Nürnberg – 0,5 @ 1,91 Sbo 5/10 Slikovni rezultat za daum hoch smiley


Watching Nürnberg often on tv or live and i am satisfied with recently games, las few ganes when the,y changed coach. Lost derby vs Fürth bu could win, won vs Arminia and last round away vs leaders lost in ast minutes. ttStill wuthout several players..


Karlsruhe last placed, usually with squad problems and bad form but now tree more players suspended and few injured, total 10-11 first teamers out, 5 of them team topacorers (s ored 15 of 19 team goals)


Metz – Bastia


Metz – Bastia

Friday, 17 Mar 2017, 19:00


Pick; – 0,5 Metz @ 2,03 Sbo  Slikovni rezultat za daum hoch smiley

Both teams in bad form and crisis but Metz at home and must mention last two games had lead till last seconds and both draw. No misaing problems) 4 not imp long term missings) and inp defender Diagne back


Bastia 5 players suspended and there are some other woes too

Suspended Gael Danic (mf 23/3), Yannick Cahizac (mf 21/0), Mehdi Mostefa (mf 24/0), Nicolas Saint Ruf (mf 3/0), Alexander Dijku(df 15/1).

Injured Sebastian Squillaci (df 10/0), Sadio Diallo (att 24/3, 2nd scorer)  and doubtful Farid Boulaya (mf 2/0) and topscorer Enzo Crivelli (att 17/7-maybe fit for thia gane but definitly not ready after long injury period)