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Montpellier – Sochaux

Hosts without: Bocaly (df 26/0), Dernis (mf 17/5) and Ali Fana (att 7/1)
Sochaux out: gk Richert (24/0), defenders Brechet (5/0), Mouyokolo (4/0), Peybernes (22/1) and Perquis (18/0), midfielder Mikari (18/0) and strikers Butin (25/5), Gurler (1/0) and Bakambu (18/3)

Liverpool – Aston Villa

Awful Form, Injury crisis and deluded manager, a win impossible

Kapfenberger SV – FC Admira Wacker

Kapfenberg without: Schönberger (df 14/1), Sencar (mf 19/1), Lucic (att 1/0), Junior (att 7/1) and Welnicki (df 1/0).
Admira has much more problems: defenders Dibon (20/1), Palla (11/0) and Plassnegger (23/0), midfielders Toth )24/5=, Schwab (27/4) and Sulimani (11/2) and attacker Ouedraogo (19/4) all out. Back are defenders Schrott (df 18/2) and Windbichler (17/0)

Sion – Zurich 1

Look on table can confuse you, Sion is last on table but they are better team. Thy should have 45 points but association took them 36 points. But, they will not drop directly, they will get chance to play relegation playoff with 2nd in 2nd league (Xamax relegate by association). So, it’s very important them to keep good form. Players didnt leave club and they are doing great, they have 4-1-0 in league (plus one cup win) and they didnt recive goal in that games. Now something what seems as a miracle seems posible, to become Laussane and escape from alst place (8 pts difference). Mrda is long term injured, Basha and Florin doubtful but no big worries.
Zurich won Grasshopers in city derby before a month and from than they won only worst laussane (1-0). Euro place is now too far and atmosphere is not good. Also, they cant count on suspended Silvan Aegerter (mf 20/2), injured Philippe Koch (df 15/0), Loris Benito while are Chaker Zouaghi (mf 10/0), Mathieu Beda (df 19/2) and Adrian Nikci (mf 23/6) doubtful.
Sion very motivated, in great form, playing home and quality on their side should be enough for home win.


Lahti Pelicans – Blues Espoo tip1

Away team was missing the last match the composition of the Jack Hakanpää, Petri Koivisto, Oscar Korpi, Kari, Petri Sheep Island, Camilo Jari Miettinen, and storage. A long list of illness has forced the blue team to make changes all the time. On Thursday, a team jersey made ​​his debut 17-year-old Niklas Tikkinen.

NHL, NY Rangers – Washington

Injury woes hit Capitals

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US Citta di Palermo

US Citta di Palermo – Juventus FC

Juventus FC

 Italy – Serie A – 2011/2012 – 31.Round 07.04.2012 18:30


Eskişehirspor – Mersin İdmanyurdu

Mersin İdmanyurdu

 Turkey – Süper lig – 2011/2012 – 34.Round 07.04.2012 19:00

England » Blue Square Premier » Stockport – Lincoln  1 @ 2,5

Stockport without problems, Lincoln out: Simon Russell-MF-26/1, topscorer Sam Smith-FW-24/7, Andy Hutchinson-FW-0/0, Tony Sinclair-DF-24/0, Conal Platt-FW-5/2, Mark McCammon-FW-5/2, Peter Bore-MF-7/1, Jean Christophe-MF-26/2 and Richard Pacquette-FW-11/3.T

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Swansea City – Newcastle United

Hercules – Girona

Hercules out: Gilvan Gomes Vieira (mf 10/3), David Aganzo (att 13/1), Sergio Diaz (df 6/0), Juanra (df 25/0) but back are Vera (att 21/6), Pena (df 28/0) and Mora (df 27/0)

Girona out: Oscar Diaz (mf 8/0), Migue (df 30/2), Ion Velez (att 5/0), Roberto Santamaria (gk 20/0), Richy Hidalgo (df 10/0), Dani Erencia (df 2/0), Javi Acuna (att 9/1), Joseba Garmendia (mf 11/0), Luso Delgado (df 13/0), Juanlu Hens (df 25/1), Saizar (att 14/1), Matias Ballini (mf 3/0)

Monaco – Nantes

Monaco is much stronger than first half of season, Russian gug buy them, bring money, bring players and they are double motivated. I said double because they fight for relegation and they are most paid players for a win (each player get 5000 euros for a win, in PSG they get 4000, in other clubs much less or they dont get bonus). So, resaults are much better, they won 4 of last 5 games and have 5-2-0. Still few players injured but no new injury worries.
Nantes is in bad form 0-3-2, they arw awfull away 2-5-8 (just is Amines worst than them) and i see Monaco favorites here

Reading – Leeds

Reading out: Joseph Mills (df 15/0), Matthew Connolly (df 5/0) and goalkeeper Mikkel Andersen (gk 0/0).
Midfielder Jay Tabb (mf 16/0) is a doubt, Adam Le Fondre (att 27/7) should be back. Reading hope to include Jem Karacan (mf 36/3) and Jimmy Kebe (mf 29/3) in their matchday squad.

Leeds manager Neil Warnock will be forced into a defensive reshuffle due to injury, suspension and illness. He cannot count on: defenders Darren O’Dea (df 32/2) and Paul Connolly (df 24/0), plus midfielder Adam Clayton (mf 39/6) are suspended. Injured are Aidy White (df 36/0) and two unnamed players had some virus and probably will not play. while defenders Leigh Bromby (df 6/0) and Andy O’Brien (df 4/0) could return to contention.

Eerste divisie (jupiler), period winners:

-Zwolle (counting Den Bosch as winner, they was 2nd), 
-Sparta Rotterdam

in this, 4th period (after 5 rounds):
1. Helmond 15 pts
2. Cambuur 13 pts
3. Fortuna Sittard 13 pts
4. Willem II 11 pts
5. Maastricht 11 pts
6. Fc Eindhoven 11 pts

Helmond – Volendam

Helmond is team with best league form, didnt loose 13 games, won last 6 and they are leading in last period which they want won. They have no new woes (Nygaard and Veerman long term injured) and they want keep this before playoff.
Volendam won last two games, both played home but they are not in speciall form. Barry Opdam (df 1/0), Robbin Ruiter (gk 20/0), Jahmill Flu (df 2/0) are out. Ludcinio Marengo (mf 9/0) is doubtful.

Hungary » NB I » Gyor – Kaposvar  1 / -1eh @ 2,1 paddy power

Dont have time too look but it can be good pick, of course you must chech injuries but all other on home side (quality, form, home ground where they have 10-0-1, Kaposvar avay didnt win…)

Rugby, St Helens – Wigan Warriors

Warriors Injury Woes

Wigan look set to leave their team selection for Friday’s derby at St Helens to as late as possible as a number of key players struggle to be fit for the big clash at Langtree Park.

bet fixing scandal

Striker Ciobanu admits match-fixing in Romania

Friday 30 March

Stefan Ciobanu is a Romanian professional footballer. On Thursday 29 March he disclosed that he has played in manipulated Romanian league matches, in an interview with national newspaper ProSport. ‘You do what you’re told to do.’

Stefan Ciobanu is 32 years old and currently plays as a striker at CS Stefanesti in the Romanian third league.

He left Farul Constanta last winter after the team owner, Giani Nedelcu, accused him of fixing the match against FC Snagov on 11 November 2011. Ciobanu defends himself by saying that there is no evidence to sustain this, but admits that in the past he played in fixed matches.

ProSport: Stefan, Giani Nedelcu says that he kicked you out of the team because you fixed the match against FC Snagov.
Stefan Ciobanu: ‘I have heard what he said, but in that moment, he didn’t say that. Actually he implied that. He said that we didn’t fulfill our match duties.’

He didn’t say that you fixed that match?
‘No. He came to us, started hitting my team mate Adrian Patulea and told me and Liviu Stefan that we would be going to train with the second team. Actually, with the youth team, because Farul doesn’t have a second team. The next day, he came again and sanctioned Cornel Cernea and Ionel Posteuca too. He said that he kicked us off the team because the coach Marian Pana had told him that we didn’t do what he asked us to do on the field.’

And what did you do?
‘We went to the youth team, we trained there. I’ve talked to Marcel Lica, the president of the club, and he clearly told us that Nedelcu has no evidence. Nedelcu thought that we had fixed the match and that’s why he told us about the fact that we didn’t respect the match duties.’

You left…
‘I left, but what not everybody knows and Nedelcu isn’t saying, is that we didn’t get our money. Anyway I gave up a portion of the money the club owed me in order to be a free agent. Just now I received a letter from AFAN (the Romanian Players’ Union) in which Nedelcu states that we received our money…’

Did you receive your money?
‘No. The club had a deadline to pay me on 5 March.’

How much money?
‘He had to give me 20,000 lei (approx. 5,000 euro), but I signed a paper in which I said that I had to take only 10,000 lei in order for me to leave the club. On the 5th of March I hadn’t received the money in my account. I informed the Romanian Federation, after which Nedelcu sent a paper in the name of the club in which he said that he paid us.’

Let’s get back to the match against Snagov. Did you fix the match as Nedelcu says?

‘If he has any evidence, I ask him to make it public. And if he is right, I will pay him. I think I know why he thinks the match was fixed. When we were 3-0 up, we fooled around a little bit in midfield and lost some balls.’

You fooled around and Snagov equalized after being 3-0 down…
‘(He laughs) Yeah, right. Coach Pana blamed us that we didn’t play seriously, I even had an argument with him. I said to him: ”If not at 3-0 then when can we fool around?”

You weren’t being serious?
‘But were they being serious in the 2010-2011 season? At 1 o’clock at night, before another match with FC Snagov, our coach back then, Gica Butoiu, came to my and Liviu Stefan’s room and told us that Nedelcu didn’t want us to play the next day. We lost the game 3-1.’

Why didn’t they want you to play?
‘They said, because I had 3 yellow cards. I can’t remember the reason why Liviu Stefan didn’t play.’

Did you play?
‘No , we didn’t play because the owner told us not to do so. Farul had a weakened team that match, without a striker and without its captain.’

Maybe he had doubts about you fixing the match?
‘Doubts about us, who came to Farul even though we didn’t have electricity and water at the stadium? We went there to help the team in a battle against relegation.’

I will ask you directly. Did someone ever propose to you to fix a match?
‘(He thinks for two seconds). No, I didn’t receive any proposal! … While I was at Farul, I didn’t receive any proposal…’

But at other teams you were asked?
‘Yes, at other teams I received proposals!’

‘I’m not going to tell you where, but I will tell you how. When I was at another second league club, a person from the board told us that we had to lose the next match so that everything would be okay.’

In the locker room?
‘No, a few days before the match.’

Were all the players present?
‘No, only a few were present. You can imagine, he didn’t talk with all the players because there were also kids in the team and they shouldn’t know about these kinds of things.’

‘He told us that the owner wanted us to lose the match because he had personal business with the owner from the opposite team.’

What did you receive from this, any special bonus?
‘Bonus? We didn’t receive anything extra. We didn’t have a word to say. What you were told, that’s how it should be. You do what you’re told to do. You couldn’t act like you didn’t hear anything.’

How did you react?
‘How could I react? When I entered the field, I felt very ashamed. We saw that we let the other team pass us and that they couldn’t score. We had to stay on our knees. A few times, out of shame, I asked the coach to substitute me. I pretended like I was injured.’

How many times did you play in fixed matches?
‘Once , from what I can recall.’

You said that you asked to leave the field several times…
‘Once, twice, a few times anyway.’

You are a striker. What did you do on the field to avoid scoring?
‘You cannot miss the ball, it’s too obvious. You avoid contacts, run from the ball. You can’t do more.’

How do you feel as a football player who has participated in fixed matches?
‘I don’t feel very comfortable. These are uncomfortable things which are very hard to do. But if you don’t do them, where can you go? You have no place to go to. Everywhere it is the same. This is what the Romanian footballer is used to do, to stand on his knees for a few bucks.’

Did you ever bet?
‘No, I wasn’t tempted. I bet on dogs, on other championships. I don’t bet on the matches from our country. I happened to receive calls from befriended football players who would tell me: “That match will end in that way!”

Matches from the second league or from the first?
‘Only second league.’

How much do you bet? 100 lei? (approx. 25 euro)
‘(Hesitates) I don’t bet on the matches here. I’ve never placed a bet against a team in which I played.’

The Romanian professional footballers’ association, AFAN, advises all the players who find themselves in a similar situation as Stefan Ciobanu’s, to inform the authorities and the players’ union. These kinds of practices should be prevented, disclosed and punished.