Deportes Temuco – U. Catolica

Sports Temuco looks like hospital before duel with Catholic University

And it is that the souvenirs add eight casualties for the meeting in the German Becker stadium: Diego Diaz, Matías Donoso, Jaime Soto, Matías Navarrete and Orlando Gutiérrez. All from injury.

Everton – Antofagasta

The DT of the other finalist of the championship, confirmed that in the duel will not be the main figures of the team.

Lok. Gorna – CSKA Sofia

People in Lokomotiv Gorna Oryahovitsa will be able to enjoy the return of the local Lokomotiv in the city, in this clash against CSKA Sofia.





1.12. Russia
TOM Tomsk-Lokomotiv Moscow

Pick: Lokomotiv – 0,75 @ 2,0

-1 looks good too
Game is on Lokomotiv M stadium 
(so Tomsk travel 3600 km) 
Loko 11th with 17 pts.  Attack weak but defence on high level.  Solid at home.  Tarasov mf 3/0 injured,  V.  Deniaov (df 14/0) susp..
Tom without away win. They are without any win from 17.9.  (9 games).  Same points and – 17gd like last placed arsenal.  Haven’t scored in last 5..
Out suspended first gk Kochenkov (11 games),  df Manolev suspended by club,  doubts Puljic (df 5/0), Vranjes (df 7/1) and Ciuperca (mf 6/0)…

Japan cup

Gamba Osaka-Shimizu S-Pulse

Pick: Gamba – 0,75 @ 1,85 medium

Cup game,  1 game so i like – 1 too)


Last week finished J league (regular)  so Gamba focused on cup.  In league was very good,  1st phase fibished 6th, now in  2ns was 4th. No missings problems


Shimizu is 2nd league team and league is still runnung,  still two round to play and for Shimizu very imp 2 round.  They are 3rd placed and they are fighting for title and promorion – first two places are direct promorion,  3-6 playoff. Table:

1. Sapporo 81pts

2. Yamaga 81pts

3. Shimizu 78pts


So, i though thwy will focus on league and took early (also they had injuries) .  Now i found comfirmation for their rotations,  resting key players (if i understood good :)


Shimizu practiced in Miho for private training toward Sanchi (1 pm Pucasta on June 6) on the 5th. The battle at the enemy land welcoming the 2nd day from the game of Kyoto in the previous section comes to the expedition with 20 people system with several injured people.


Pay attention. In the previous section, the ball before the match kicked in the head. Cause dizziness “inner ear shakes” with the diagnosis GK Hiroki Uekusa (34), joined the practice. Shinji Kobaiashi Director (56) is suspended for the GK3 people Usui, along with Kazu Takagi u “in order to keep an eye on the situation up to the production.” DF Inukai, the players on the field for some players suffering from DF Miura et al. Injuries also increased one person.


Shimizu will face the G-Osaka match of the Emperor ‘s Cup quarter (9: 7 pm, Suita), complete turnover system. Director Shinji Kobayashi (56) decided to turn off the 8th to the stamen at Sanmi war (6th) (some excepting). I decided to adjust the main force for home final game of the 12th · Okayama war (3 pm · Asta in the afternoon).