russia division 1

“Neftekhimik” – “Khimki”  

“Neftekhimik”: Losev – Makhmutov Kverkveliya, Ryaboshapka, Morozov – Ustinov Djalilov Dzahov, Galiulin – Nurov, Portnyagin (7/7)

” Khimki “: Gavrilov – faded, Efimov, Danilov, Kuznetsov – Breev Aleksanyan, Sobolev, lint – Kuleshov, Kozlov.

“Tom” – “Ural”

“Tom”:  Vashek – Cherevko, Nikolov, Bendz, Nikitinsky – Omelyanchuk, Sabitov, Gorbanets, Sorokin – Dimidko, Bazhenov.

“Ural”: Cat – Danz, Oyevole, Tumasyan, Novikov – Chuhley, Acevedo, Berhamov, Schanitsyn – Herc, Gogniev.

“SKA-Energia – Volgar”:

“SKA-Energia”: Solosin – Nightingale, R., Mikutskis, Zura – Zuev, Zyuzin Trusevich, pretzels – Lutsenko Murnin.

“Volgar”:Kabanov – Riedel Kaleshin, Stove, Maruschak – Romanenko Chochiev Kolomiychenko Beketov – Mukhutdinov, Degtyarev.

“Petrotrest – Ufa”:

“Petrotrest”: Samokhvalov – Tarasyuk Ershov, Kostin, Surkov – Semenov, Kirsanov, Matrah, Kudinov – Andreev, Myazin. 

“Ufa”:Kobozev – Smirnov, Putilin, Popov, Tishkin – Dukhno, Zaseev, Voydel, Vasiliev – De Oliveira , Marcos.

“Yenisei” – “Rotor”

“Yenisei”: Carpenters – Margasov, Nikitin, Lemamba, Pyatikopov – Laizans, Chadov, Chuperka, Rodnenkov – sunray, Alekseev.  

“Rotor”: Pchelintsev – Vasyanovich, Malygin, Olenikov, Zinin – Fomin, Todorovic, Vaganov, Rashevsky – Stavpets, Pugin.

“Spartak Nalchik” – “Torpedo”

“Spartak Nalchik”: Kochenkov – Baga, Dzhudovich, Ovsienko, Zahirovich – Crown, Ruach, Shogenov, Tatarchuk – Dorozhkin, balls.

 “Torpedo”: Klevinskas – well done, Mishchenko, Shumeiko Slasher – Glass, Gasinski, Andreev Rodin – Bezlihotnov, Gauračs.

“Shinnik” – “Siberia”

“Shinnik”: Gypsy – Ndri, Katynsus, Steshin, Beletsky – than, Korytko, Valikaev, Skrylnikov – Yatchenko, Nizamuidinov.

“Siberia”: Makarov – Khodyrev, Alunderis, Golovatenko, Khaliullin – Zinoviev, Makarenko, Kulchiy, Logua – Shevchenko, Medvedev.

“Metallurg-Kuzbass” – “Salute”

“Metallurg-Kuzbass”: Sautin – Egorov, Buhryakov, Tkachuk, goes – Kiselev, Volgin Avsyuk Emelyanov – Uchur, blue.  

“Salute”:Krivoruchko – Kabutov, Starks, Butyrin, Kaleshin – Shevchenko Alborov, Yakovlev , Kobenko – Mosquera, Bazhev.


Russia»Division 1

The fate of leadership will be decided on the Baltic coast.

The fourth round of the FNL is very important to the league point of view: it may finally decide the championship leaders and outsiders, but the main issue of the upcoming tour – remain a “rotor” individual leadership, and whether to go to White Castle, or lead the table once again will be a few commands?

At the bottom of the table, too, there was an interesting situation: almost certainly fall into the relegation zone Astrakhan “Volgar” skipping this tour, but who can escape from the basement of the standings and will be reflected as a possible defeat in the tournament the fate of one of the principal participants in the tour matches “Shinnik – Spartak Nalchik “?

Yenisei” – “Metallurg-Kuzbass”

In the last round, “Metallurg-Kuzbass” shown that it can deal with any opponent by taking away points from “Ural”, “Yenisei” is held not a very convincing match against “Petrotrest”, played only 10 minutes before the end of the meeting, but despite not this is a favorite in the match will still remain the owners – the players, “Yenisei”.

For the team from Krasnoyarsk, this match – a great chance to gain a foothold in the group of leaders. “Metallurg” would suit and tie, in order to feel more confident in the mid-table.

As part of a disqualification novokuznechan Samoilov . In the first team “Yenisey” no casualties. 

“Yenisei”: Carpenters – Pyatikopov, Cachan, Shabaev, Lemamba – Sitdikov, Fatullayev Leshonok, Rozhkov – Koža, Bazanov. 

“Metallurg-Kuzbass”: Sautin – Egorov, čini se Buhryakov Nedorezov – Klimenko, Volgin Sapaev, Tkachuk – Shpakov, Kirillov. 

“Khimki” – “Tom”

Khimki, although it lost the last match, “Rotor”, it looked much more interesting than the beginning of the championship: it seems Tarkhanov, gradually adjusts the game team, but the test of “Khimki” to be extremely serious, “Tom” is gaining momentum and it seems quite prepared to fight for place in the Premier League.

To win the game on both teams motivated: Tomsk citizens three points are needed in order not to fall out of the group leaders, and in certain hands, the chair and the table. “Khimki” share the same last place in the table with “Volgar”, “Petrotrest” and “Torpedo” (in the last game in hand) and must score points in every game.

In a match with “Rotor” defender “Khimki” Mamaev received a red card and will miss the game with Tomsk citizens. 

“Khimki”: Budak – Cruel, Belotserkovsky, Efimov, Kuznetsov – Pooh Hatazhenkov, Alexanian, Kuznetsov – Voronkin, Kuleshov. 

“Tom”: Vashek – Aravin, Omelyanchuk, Nikolov, Stroyev – Petrakov, Dimidko, Sabitov, Sorokin – Khazov, Bazhenov.

“Ufa” – “Salyut”

Two teams that could be called the discoveries of the championship, come together in an internal fight in the capital of Bashkortostan. “Ufa” after three tours has an unexpected second place and, apparently, Bashkir team led by Kolyvanov could build on this success. The “Salyut” a little worse – the team is in 11th place, but while the density of the table is that in case of victory, Belgorod bypass “Ufa” according to the number of points.

“Salute” at the start of the championship has shown that the team is justifiably claim to be high on the FNL: Belgorod play every match until the end, the moral and strong-willed and quite able to slow down speeding Bashkir club. On the other hand, the football, “Ufa” – one of the most spectacular and successful in the first division, so we provided an interesting match.

Neither Ufimtsev or Belgorod any problems with the starting lineup does not have.

“Ufa”: Kobozev – Popov, Vasilenko, Alikin, Smirnov – Oliveira, Osadchuk, meeting, and Vasiliev, Voydel – Galyshev. 

“Salute”:Krivoruchko – Kaleshin, Tsukanov, Miroshnichenko, Starks – Kobenko, Kushov, Tkachuk, Roy – Bazhev, Kabuto.

“Baltika” – “Rotor”

The central match of the tour will be held in Kaliningrad, and it will come together in the championship leader, “Rotor” and the team that comes fourth in the table – a local “Baltika”. As shown by the FNL start, both teams found their game, are in good shape and show an interesting attacking football: All this gives grounds to believe that Kaliningrad will match is highly entertaining.

Motivation League teams before the game is simple: “Rotor”, in case of victory, will retain its leadership, “Baltika”, if he wins this match will bypass the Volgograd in the standings. The defeat will hit Kaliningrad and, practically, “detach” them from the leading group. According to forecasts, sees quite a likely outcome is a draw, and not without reason. Intentionally or neutral result in the “rotor” or “Baltika”, of course, will not play, but mathematically, a draw and those suits, and others.

For the “Baltic” in this match will not be able to play Gacko : he disqualification. There are problems and “rotor”: a series of major players injured, but Volgograd, until quite successfully compensate for the fact that the long bench.

“Baltika”: Kolinko – Ibragimov, Plop, Zimulka, Ignatiev – Zyuzins, Chirkin, Shubladze, Sysuyev – Levshin Votinov. 

“Rotor”:Pchelintsev – ions, Malygin, Zinin, Olenikov – Rashevsky, Todorovic, Rylov, Arlashin – Pugin, Stavpets.

“Neftekhimik” – “Torpedo”

Both teams have already noted unexpected results in the matches with his participation: “Torpedo” devastating lost “Ufa”, and “Neftekhimik” made so far the biggest sensation of the championship in the last round, winning on the road Nalchik “Spartacus,” and it is likely that a team from Nizhnekamsk courage to try to continue winning streak, the benefit of a rival can afford it. To say that the “Torpedo” fever – do not say anything. The legendary club is after three rounds of last place in the table (without, however, game in hand), and shows unusual for a gray and dismal football.

However, travel to Tatarstan may be that necessary to shake torpedovtsev: Class “Neftekhimik” is not so high as to win the Muscovites, in order to leave the relegation zone, simply must, as neighbors in the table are likely to rack up in this round a minimum score: “Volgar” tour passes, and the chances of “Khimki” and “Petrotrest” low.

“Neftekhimik” problems with the composition does not feel, but the starting lineup after the Muscovites Ufa fiasco raises many questions.

“Neftekhimik”: Losev – Ustinov and Kulikov, Piskunov, Varzi – Dzahov, Djalilov Makhmutov Galiulin – Portnyagin, rising

“Torpedo”: Klevinskas – Epifanov, Shumeyko, Mishchenko, Molodtsov – Boyarintsev, Rodin, Gasinski, Bezlihotnov – Glass, Gaurachs.

Russia * Division 1

Preview. Third round of the Championship SUPRA-FNL.

The third round. Let’s go …

Superiority of FNL is gaining momentum: already there and the first opening, and frustration, some of the results of the first two rounds proved to be quite unexpected, and the density of the tournament table suggesting alignment of class most of the teams participating in the tournament. Of course, on the basis of two rounds, no conclusions can not be done and the interposition of the commands in the table may change even in the future – the third round, and very important.

The main issue of the third round – who among the top five will go into isolation from the others, but because of the vagaries of the calendar, you might find the option in which the “Ural”, “Yenisei”, “Sibir”, “Rotor” and “Baltika” preserve the status quo : together leaders in this tour does not play, but on changes in the middle of the table round promises to be rich, but first things first.

“Tom” – “Sibir”

The central match of the tour will be held in Tomsk, and it will converge to increase the two contenders in the class. The hosts – “Tom” – after the defeat in Volgograd and exit in the last round victory over not the strongest “Petrotrest” yet does not leave a solid impression: see the general level of the team, the ability to keep the initiative, individual excellence, “Tom” high, but it is clear that the team did not have enough concentration in the actions of attackers (even with three goals, “Petrotrest”, which leads to problems with the implementation of scoring chances, especially with a well-organized defense of the opponent.

And it is against such a defense, and Tomsk citizens to fight: “Siberia” in the first two rounds has demonstrated the ability to play tight and neat, combining procedures in the defense and positional attack with fast counter-attacks.

Tomsk and Novosibirsk geographical neighbors, which means that the upcoming game can be called “Siberian derby.”Teams’ chances of winning the match, and about equal, although the factor of the field should help, “Tom”, a draw would be acceptable result for both contenders. The teams before the match is optimal: “Sibir” has decided to issue a short bench, including dozayaviv Robertas Poshkus and veteran Alexander Kulchiy , but for “Tom” was finally able to play again claimed striker  O’Connor.

Expected formations: 

“Tom”: Vashek – Aravin, Omelyanchuk, Nikolov, Stroyev – Petrakov, Dimidko, Sabitov, Bazhenov – Khazov, O’Connor. 

“Siberia”:Makarov – Špičić, Klimov, Khaliullin, Golovatenko – Astafiev, Makarenko, Brkljača , Skorokhodov – Shevchenko, Medvedev Zuev

“Salyut” – “Baltika”

Another interesting match of the tour will be held in Belgorod: showing at the start of the championship-quality football “salyut” and “Baltic” will play each other in principle at stake is a match – an opportunity to gain a foothold in the leading group. In the last round of the “Salyut” and “Baltic” was played with teams that have not yet found his game this season, with “Khimki” and “Volgar”, respectively, and achieved victories with the same score 2-0.

A draw seems pretty likely outcome of this match: the rivals are, and to lose three points in this match definitely worse than two. But both teams have shown they want to and can play to win, so we are in for an interesting game on a collision course.

Before the match, neither the “Salute”, or “Baltic” is not experiencing any problems with the starting composition as well as from the bench. Seriously injured and disqualified the teams do not.

Expected formations: 

“Salute”: Krivoruchko – Kaleshin, Tsukanov, Butyrin, Starkov – Kobenko, Kushov, Tkachuk, Kabuto – Bazhev, Carlos Rua. 

“Baltika”:Kolinko – Ibragimov, Plopa, Zimulka, Ignatiev – Zjuzins, Chirkin, Gacko, Sysuyev – Levshin Votinov.

“Yenisei” – “Petrotrest”

“Yenisei”, which has already earned a reputation as thunderstorms favorites, consistently selected the 3 points in “Shinnik” and scratched a draw in Yekaterinburg in the match against the “Ural”, takes an outsider in his field championship “Petrotrest”, which can only curse at the start calendar slip from St. Petersburg to the opponents of one another unpleasant.

Defeat in this game can cost “Petrotrest” “fixation” on the last line of the tournament table, and at a time when other teams, including direct competitors in the struggle for survival, gaining points, a start for the club from St. Peterbruga may not be just a failure, and catastrophic. In the next round, “Petrotrest” accepts “Siberia” and the chance to score in this match at the Petrograd ghostly, and therefore need blood from the nose, but to cling to at least a draw in the match with the “Yenisei”, and on the latter: a very daunting task for Peter.

The only thing that can help “Petrotrest” – is the result of pressure on the game “Yenisei”. In the event of defeat, Krasnoyarsk club fall behind the group leaders. But it may be able to use Petersburger trump card – a novice team Belov , having experience of the game, even in the Premier League.

Expected formations: 

“Yenisei”: Plotnikov – Pyatikopov, Kachan, Shabaev, Lemamba – Sitdikov, Fatullaev Leshonok, Luzhkov – Laizans, Bazanov.

“Petrotrest”: Samokhvalov – Surkov Ershov, Grigoriev, Tarasyuk – Matrakhov, Kirsanov, Andreev, Khotov – Kozlov, Sushkin.

“Spartak Nalchik” – “Neftekhimik”

Of course, “Spartacus” in the home match will be played only to win: keeping the game in stock, nalchane to score points, especially in matches with the teams, the class is below. But, is it easy, “Neftekhimik”, which gave the fight to the last round, one of the regulars FNL Khabarovsk “SKA-Energia”?

Happen in this match a draw, it will definitely be in favor of the team from Tatarstan, but the eventual outcome of the match with one of the leaders of the First Division for “Neftekhimik” maloveroyanet.

Nalchik gradually solve the problem of short benches. Traumatized, and disqualified the teams there, and then on the “Spartak Nalchik” and “Neftekhimik” will be in optimum formulations.

Expected formations: 

“Spartak Nalchik”: Kochenkov – Džudovich, Bagaev, Zasaev, Chernyshov – Zahirovich, Shogenov, Rukhaia, Tatarchuk – Goshokov, Dorozhkin. 

“Neftekhimik”: Losev – Ustinov and Kulikov, Piskunov, Varziev – Dzahov, Djalilov Makhmutov , Galiulin – Portnyagin, Nurov

Photo: The official site of FC “Baltika”

Russia premier league preview

Landmark season for Russia’s Premier League clubs casts an eye over the runners and riders in the Russian Premier League, which appears more competitive than ever ahead of its first autumn-spring campaign.

After a hectic 18-month transitional season, the Russian Premier League is all set for its first autumn-spring championship. Despite the calendar switch, the list of clubs likely to be leading the charge for the title has a familiar look about it. The chasing pack is stronger than ever, though, and analyses the runners and riders ahead of a much-anticipated campaign.

Title favourites: FC Zenit St Petersburg, FC Spartak Moskva, PFC CSKA Moskva

It is hard to see beyond last season’s top three. With Zenit’s aim to become one of the ten strongest clubs in Europe, domestic glory is a must. However, Luciano Spalletti’s men did not impress in the Russian Super Cup, losing 2-0 last week to FC Rubin Kazan. They will start the season with the same squad as last after a quiet summer on the transfer front, though they should have new recruits in place by the time the UEFA Champions League group stage begins.

CSKA have retained their key personnel, including the coaching staff, despite off-season speculation. The signing of full-back Mário Fernandes was announced in April, so CSKA fans have spent the last few months anxiously awaiting more arrivals. Runners-up in five of the last seven campaigns, Spartak finally seem to have everything in place to go one better. New coach Unai Emery has four solid strikers at his disposal and has scouts hunting defensive reinforcements.

Top-three hopefuls: FC Dinamo Moskva, FC Lokomotiv Moskva, FC Rubin Kazan, FC Anzhi Makhachkala

Rubin head a strong chasing pack. Their back line, already one of the best in Russia, has been bolstered by Iván Marcano, while attacking midfielder Carlos Eduardo has returned following a lengthy lay-off. They are, however, still hunting a prolific frontman. Anzhi secured UEFA Europa League football last season, but lacked the stability needed to realise their UEFA Champions League dreams. “We need to go forward step by step and break into the group of traditional leaders in Russia,” said coach Guus Hiddink.

The aim of the Dinamo board this season is a top-three finish, although they may not have the strength to hit their target this time around judging by their spring form and the departures of key men Aleksandr Samedov and Andriy Voronin. Meanwhile, there has been another mini-revolution at Lokomotiv, with Slaven Bilić taking over the coaching reins and several promising recruits signing on with the Railwaymen.

European contenders: FC Kuban Krasnodar, FC Krasnodar

Upon taking over at Kuban in December 2009, Dan Petrescu was asked to deliver European football within three years. Things are progressing according to schedule for the Romanian. In his first term he guided the team to the top flight and followed that up with a top-half finish last season. They will have their work cut out, however, to improve on that – Lacina Traoré’s departure for Anzhi means Kuban have lost their star striker. Unlike Kuban, Krasnodar, founded in 2008, do not have European aims. However, the southern outfit impressed as they finished ninth in their debut top-flight campaign and are no longer underdogs.

Relegation battlers: FC Amkar Perm, PFC Krylya Sovetov Samara, FC Volga Nizhny Novgorod, Mordovia Saransk

Amkar, Krylya Sovetov and Nizhny Novgorod have all had their problems of late, mainly financial. Mordovia, meanwhile, are top-flight debutants. Saransk will attract much attention from neutral fans after the city was included on the provisional list of 2018 FIFA World Cup venues.