Friday the 13th

Derry City – Sligo under 2,5 @ 1,73

Usually i dont like u/o to play but this is because few reasons. First of all, on both sides missing topscorers. Derry is without McLaughlin  (16/7) while is Sligo without league topscorer North (16/15). Average of derry is 2,4 and Sligo 2,1.  

Denmark»Superliga, Aarhus – Aalborg (first round)

Aarhus without some changes, no one come just Lucena (df 24/0) left. Out for this game are povlsen(mf 26/0 last season), Larsen (26/8 ls) and Eckersley (df 27/1)

Aalborg also without changes, just  Thelander (df 23/2 in AB) come. They have out Nielsen (df 29/2, suspended from last season) and Kayke (att 17/2)

Switzerland»Super League, Servette – Basel


We can see some important players leave like Nater (mf 26/2), Eudis (23/4) and Yartey (att 31/8). They didnt make some significent signings, mybe Lang play first 11, other not so quality. Also, they have problems in defence  Vincent Ruefli (df 30/2) and  Genseric Kusunga (df new defender from Basel) are suspended, Patrick Baumann (df 8/1) is injured while are Isaga Diallo (df 18/0) and   Julian Esteban (att 14/1) and Christian Schlauri (df 9/1). Diallo probably out

Basel also leave important players: Abraham (df 233), Huggel (mf 23/4) retired, Shaqiri (mf 31/9). Also  Fabian Frei (mf 31/4) and Mohamed Salah with olimpic team so we can said they are little weaker than last season

Slovakia»Corgon Liga, Zilina – Myjava

Champs are opening new season with new team, 2nd league champs. Important players stayed.

Spartak Myjava

They came:
Peter smoker – home kennel, Matej Székely (both Spartak Trnava), Luke Sebek, Thomas Marček (both (AFC Nové Mesto n. Váhom), Thomas Mrva – pupil home (MFK Dubnica n. Váhom), Peter Majerník – domestic pupil (FC Brasov / Rum).

Ivan guys (SK Jalšové), Lubomir Ulrich (hosťovanie Piešťan), Peter Kumančík (Nové Mesto n.V.), Miroslav Manak (Nové Mesto n.V.)

Ukraine»Premier League, Volyn Lutsk – Karpaty


So, Volyn has no Maicon (24/13) any more.

J-League » Iwata – Sapporo  -1,5ah Jubilo Iwata @ 1,84

Jubilo is without first gk Kawaguchi  but he is injured whole season. Also striker Kanazono (scored 12 goals last season) injured from begining, didnt even play this season (and without him they are best <ttacking team). Only new important miss is Sung Dong (mf 11/2) and he is out alreaddy 3 games. So, nothing new (Han Sang-Wun is new striker but cannot play yet).

Sapporo is worst team in league, won just 4 pts this season (17 rounds) and have injurie problems. Most of them are long term injured, 10 players was out and after last game midfielder kawai (16/0) also injured. tree goalies are out long time so they recive much goals. Also must said Quirino (att 7/0) left club before two days.

J Iwata is also best home team, 6-1-1 while is Sapporo worst away, 8-0-0 (5:22)

Europa League

MyPa – Newi Cefn Druids

On Saturday 31 March 2012 Cefn Druids defeated Airbus at Rhyl’s Belle Vue 4-1 to reach their first Welsh cup final in 108 years. Andrew Swarbrick got a hatrick and Tony Cann netted once to complete the rout. Druids were defeated 2-0 by The New Saints in the final, but qualified for the Uefa Europa League as a result.

MyPa changed squad a little in league game after first game

Osijek – FC Santa Coloma

Osijek had manny problems for first game (won just 1-0) but now they have almost all players back (even 3 u19 int players come) and just is Sorsa out. Today sure home win, i will try over 3,5. It’s questionable will Santa Coloma have all players because of job

Aktobe – Torpedo  1

Aktobe invest lot, they are much richer club which have international players from Kazahstan, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Kyrgzystan..They rest players last league round, their league is playing while Georgian not. Also georgians had long trip..

Eschen – Hafnarfjordur

Eschen/Mauren is Liechenstein club which play in 1. liga classic, group 3. it is 4th class of Swwiss football (they was 4th there, 19 pts behind 1st and 11 behind 3rd). they are in europa league because they won Liechenstein cup. Their league is not playing, over before month while Iceland playing right now.

Due to lack of active football teams, Liechtenstein is the only UEFA member nation not to have their own league and hence does not have any spots in the UEFA Champions League. Club sides play in the Swiss leagues, with FC Vaduz currently playing in the second highest Swiss division after going down in the 2008-2009 season. The tiny principality does have its own cup competition, the winners of which are guaranteed entry into the Europa League qualification.

Given their placement within the Swiss league system, it is perhaps unsurprising that FC Vaduz have become the dominant force within the Liechtenstein Football Cup, winning the last 11 competitions, dating back to the 96-97 when FC Balzers won. Liechtenstein’s most important player of all time could arguably be Mario Frick he holds the record for most appearances and goals scored for Liechtenstein, and also played in respectable football leagues around Europe.

FH doing great in their league and i belive they will won once again, specially because Eschen must attack

France U19 – Croatia U19  1

Odds gone but still i belive you wont make mistake if you bet on France. Croatia come without half squad, main players didnt come. Hajduk didnt let their players to go because they have weak squad now and they will focus on their young players, Dinamo didnt let Mateo Kovacic to gow (one of biggiest talents in Europe, playing for first team), than Livaja from Inter Milan, Canadija, Radosevic, Elez, Milic, Tomicic..Rebic injured on friendy..

What to said, for me and whole country game with England was banker on England win, specially because England was two years ago Euro Champs (same generation when was u17) and than our youngsters suprise, playing better than england and even was leading. I belive it was bad day for England youngsters and i belive we cannot two times suprise without so much important players. Let’s see what coaches said after game:

Noel Blake, England coach
We came from behind, so I need to be satisfied. Croatia played better in the first half but in the second I think there was only one team on the pitch. We were dominating, we scored a goal, hit the bar and the Croatian goalkeeper made a few good saves. In fact, both goalkeepers did well today. We are playing a good passing game at the moment. We are getting stronger and stronger and I can be happy.

Dinko Jeličić, Croatia coach
I need to congratulate my players for their display. It’s a pity that we didn’t score from our chances in the first half. We needed to do better in terms of those goalscoring situations; who knows what would have happened had we done so. We played excellently in the first first half; we were dominating and kept England down. I knew we had the quality to do that. If we didn’t concede so quickly after scoring it would have made things easier for us. After the break my players felt down physically as some of them only recently ended the season and that showed in our play. England were better in the second half and if we judge the game on that, a 1-1 draw was a fair result, but I am still sorry we didn’t win.

So, France is better team than England, on of Europ favorites and i cannot see other resaul than France victory

Estonia U19 – Greece U19

What to said for Estonia quality. Cannot prise tham, i will just said they are here just because they are hosting this Euro. Greece has better team but odds are too low to risk

Serbia U19 – England U19

As i said, England won Euro u17 woth this generation before two years. Serbia come without some important players:

Europa League Betting

Khazar Lenkoran – Kalju

Not betting info. I just wanna ask Platini how is posible that clubs from Azerbajdzan or Kazahstan to play Europa league and some clubs must travel few days ago, few time zones, 3-4000 kilometers so they must stay few times to change plain..fucking unbeliveble..

FC Santa Coloma – Osijek

Nk Osijek
for 3 days osijek will play europa league qualifications. first game in andora, opponents santa coloma. of course santa coloma is weak club but i dont see some destroying from osijek’s side. sitation is bad:

-team has no money, no administration, they didnt bring any player (zulim is new player but cannot said much abouth it), some palyers leave club

-they start preseason too late

-first friendly was postponed because of player’s illnes, 2nd they played with FC Sevastopol from Ukraine, played against their reserves and youngster and loose 5-1

-some players are injured, tree are with u19 national team

Tomislav Sorsa, Ivan Milicevic (zglob), Vedran Jugovic (zglob), Niksa Petrovic (zglob) te Ivo Smoje (koljeno) injured.

This players contract expired: Babic, Vidakovic, Bubalo, Gavric, Lukacevic

with u19 on euro: Aleksic, Dugandzic i Pongracic
-and they dont have strikers available…e-bez-napadaca

news: Osijek travel to Budapest by bus, than by plain to Barcelona and than by bus to Andora. Also, their flight was delayed two hours

Jagodina – Ordabasy

Jagodina sold best players from the last season : 1st league best goalkeper Marko Simic(Sanat Naft), Sasa Marjanovic(Sheriff Tiraspol), Milos Krstic(Thun) only god player thats still with the team is young talent Mudrinski that had some very good games last season.

Ordabasy league is playing now, so they dont need to catch form but they must travel unbeliveble 5000 km (4974 exacly)

KuPS – Llanelli

Finland league is stronger than Wels so KuPs is favorite here. Also, big adventage is that their league is playing right now…but, they are in bad form, currently last on table and maybe they turn arount to league survive. only Holopainen (df 11/0) injured

Llanelli’s preparation for the tie has been rocked by a number of high-profile summer departures, including captain Stuart Jones and top scorer Rhys Griffiths.

And goalkeeper Craig Richards has also left for Port Talbot Town, meaning 17-year-old Dafydd Jones has been added to the Reds’ European squad behind first-choice stopper Craig Morris who returned to the club from Afan Lido.

Jones is a big miss to defence as well as Griffiths who regularly scored 20+ goals every season. They signed two good (for welsh league standards of course) offensive players – Bowen and Rose, to cover Griffiths’ departure, but they’ll be good enough only for league games..

FK Baku – Mura

Mura is in financial and inside problems, some palyers didnt even travel..they loose 4-0 vs Baku in friendly..there is also long trip..

Dacia Chisinau – Celje

Dacia imo has more expirience, playing home, they are good team which are now stronger for few players.

Celje is young team which left some important players (Krljanovic mf 23/0, Kapic df 22, Bakaric df 21/0, and Kovjenic mf 4/1

KF Tirana – Grevenmacher

Albanian team should easy won Luxembourg side

Lech Poznan – Zhetysu Taldykorgan

Lech is, of course, big favorites but they are weaker for some important players. Rudnevs, Stilic, Injac and Wojtkowiak left club

Newi Cefn Druids – MyPa

On Saturday 31 March 2012 Cefn Druids defeated Airbus at Rhyl’s Belle Vue 4-1 to reach their first Welsh cup final in 108 years. Andrew Swarbrick got a hatrick and Tony Cann netted once to complete the rout. Druids were defeated 2-0 by The New Saints in the final, but qualified for the Uefa Europa League as a result.

Bohemians – Thor Akureyri

Both playing season (hosts 15 round, away team 8). But bohemians playing Ireland Premier league, could make better but still they won last round Shamrock 4-0. No missing problems in their team

Borac Banja Luka – Niksic

I read a lot about Čelik Niksic last season, they won 2nd league and cup, increibly good resaults. They have the big boss, rich businesmann and here i dont belive in odds i see. True, Borac is always good at home, but..

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Shkendija – Portadown


Shkëndija 79 is Albanian club in Macedonia. They should be favorites in this clash but maybe is suprise posible. Important players left club: tree players come in Metalurg, Nikitović (df 24/0), Alomerović (att 14/2), Peev (mf 28/8), Marko Jovanovski (first goalie, 28/0) to Ethnikos, Nafiu (1/0) to Basel Sali (1/0) to Dacia and Demiri (mf 14/0) to Teteks. They are much weaker now. Fed days ago they played friendly with Flamurtari Vlore (4th in Albania) and loose big 5-0

So, big favorites with much weaker team than usuall but they are strong at home (14-2-1). Reason is great crazy fans which are their 12th player. Ballistët is their name, they are puting down Macedonian flag, fighting with other fans, with police. They killed man last season with knife and chanpionship was blocked..

Portadown leave : McCloskey (mf 19/2) a Tipton (35/24) . Tipton very important attacker and cmon : Murray (att 33/12) a Casement (ddf 13/0)

Champions League

F91 Dudelange

That team played 30 international games where won 3, lost 24 and drew 3, too. The most important players in the squad are new signings Bruno Matias (ex-Sporting Clube de Portugal youth) and Yasine Karaca (ex-Anderlecht youth). Their coach Ralph Stange is unknown to me.
F91 Dudelange is the second most successful club in Luxembourg.

Tre Penne

There aren’t professional players in that team. Tre Penne won their first title last season, so they will debut in UEFA CL. Tre Penne scored a goal in 3 of their 4 games in previous two seasons, so this mean that these enthusiasts played an open games without any pressure on them. (2-9; 1-4 against Zrinjski Mostar and 1-3; 0-6 against FK Rad Belgrade).
Valletta FC

Well, this is the third most successful team in Malta. Their coach is an Englishman called Mark Miller (unknown to me). Their most important players are Michael Mifsud, William (34 years old Brazilian) and Denni (29 years old Brazilian). Valletta FC played almost every year in Europe in the past.

FC Lusitanos

The team is known as the Portuguese team in Andorra. There are many Portuguese players in the squad which is built by amateurs. This is a relatively new team, founded in 1999 and won its first title last year. If we see the standings during the years of its foundation, we may conclude that this is the best team of Lusitanos history. Their coach Vicente Gonzalez is totally uknown to me.

Linfield FC

There’s no need to explain what is Linfield FC for Northern Ireland’s football.
Their coach David Jeffrey is also well-known.

B36 Torshavn
This is the third most successful club in Faroe Islands. Most ot guys playing there are amateurs and their most valuable players are Jakup Borg, Suni Olsen, Klaemin Matras (captain) and Atli Danielsen. The club take part in 24 UEFA club competitions (2w-4d-18l). Their coach is Mikkjal Thomassen, a former Faroeric NT player, but without any international success as a coach, cuz he started his career recently.

CL by Valdi

Arab Cup of Nations

IFA: Iraq ready to face Morocco and deserves Arab Cup

BAGHDAD, July 2 (AKnews) – The Iraqi Footbal Association (IFA) said on Monday that the Iraqi football team is ready to face Morocco tomorrow in Saudi Arabia in the semi-finals of the Arab Cup with all its strength and that it deserves the title.

A member if the IFA Mohammed Khalil told AKnews that “The Iraqi team will play with all its stars in tomorrow’s match… the Iraqi tam reached the semi-finals and deserves to be crowned champions of the Arab Cup for its high performance in most of its matches so far”

The Iraqi team, however, will have to play without midfielder Qusay Munir who suffers from an injury from the previous match against Sudan where the two teams tied.

Iraq’s Zico has scrutinized the Moroccan team carefully and has come up with solutions for any kinds of danger that the Moroccan team might pose to the Iraqi goal, according to Khalil.

“Zico and his assistants are confident of the performance of the Iraqi footballers and are working hard on getting the team to victory in tomorrow match to get another step closer to the Cup”

The winners of the Iraq-Morocco match will face the winners of Saudi Arabia-Libya match in the finals.