Atletico Mineiro vs Santos

Atletico Mineiro to keep leading with a win against a weakened Santos side

The list of absences isn’t that small for Santos. They have three players with the national team in London, three injured players and center back Durval suspended after getting three yellow cards.

A meeting of two teams that are not used to living the moment. So is the duel between Atletico-MG, which ended the last five rounds as leader of the Brazilian Championship of 2012, and Santos, who is still trying to recover in the competition since its elimination in the Copa Libertadores. The alvinegros face off on Thursday at 21h (GMT) at the Independence Stadium in Belo Horizonte.

The Saints before being eliminated by Corinthians in the Libertadores Cup, had been considered the best team in the country. But the fish go to Belo Horizonte without double Neymar and Goose, which serve the Brazilian national team that will compete in the Olympics in London, also with the first game on Thursday. With one win and seven goals after 11 rounds, the Alvinegro Sao Paulo is just one point ahead of the relegation zone in 15th place, and a bitter series of three games without a win. In the last round, losing to Vasco by 2-0, in Rio de Janeiro. 

Atlético-MG:  Roosters have only one change from the team that thrashed the Sport, by 4-1 at Ilha do Retiro. The steering wheel replaces Sergio Leandro Donizete suspended. Roosters to face the fish will be formed by

Victor, Mark Richardson, Rafael Marques, review and Junior Cesar, Pierre, Serginho, Bernard, Ronaldinho and Danilinho, Joe. 

Santos:  Fish should go out with at least a novelty in relation to the team that lost to Vasco in San Gennaro. In central defense, David Braz – who has not played since the first round of the Brasileirão – is the favorite for the position of Durval suspended. In the attack, there is an expectation by the debut of Bill, already regularized Newsletter Daily (IDB) of the CBF. Even without making tactical activities with the rest of the group, Bill dispute with Dimba vague to act alongside Miralles. Thus, the team will likely:

Spider; Peres Bruno, Bruno Rodrigo, David and Leo Braz, Adriano, Arouca, Henry and Philip Anderson, and Bill Miralles (Dimba).

who is off (Photo: art sport)

Atlético-MG:  coach Cuca will be without striker Berola Neto, in the final stages of recovery from stress fracture in the basin. Bulgar wheat with a shoulder problem, is also in the Medical Department. Since the wheel is suspended by Leandro Donizete third yellow card.

Santos:  beyond the suspension and double Durval Neymar and Paul Henry Goose, who is with the Olympic Team in London, the team of Santos has no available goalkeeper Rafael (right elbow injury, just cut off the Olympics), defender Edu Dracena (rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee), Rafael Gallardo (left foot injury) and Fucile (again having pain in his left foot and will be operated). Another who is still out half Bernardo, who is recovering from injury in his right leg, but is already training with the ball. The newly hired Pato Rodriguez, who led a stomp in practice on Tuesday and was at the gym club during practice Wednesday, has not yet appeared in the IDB.

some more infos

Coritiba – Palmeiras

Assuncao joins nine other players who are out of the duel – not counting the wheel Wesley, who is away for more than three months. Are suspended midfielder Valdivia (two sets of hook in STJD), defender Henrique (red card), midfielder and striker Joao Vitor Maikon Milk (both the third yellow card).Defenders are injured Mauricio Ramos, Thiago Heleno and Román, and the attacker Luan. And there are boats Hernan, who is recovering from surgery to remove the appendix. Neither coach Luiz Felipe Scolari will be on the bench. He is also suspended.

On the other hand, the attacker has its opening Obina confirmed. After having left his name at the IDB (Newsletter Daily) CBF in the early afternoon, it was related and can replace Betinho in the attack – the tendency is to start on the bench.

With so many defalcations, Scolari listed five basic categories of players. All have played in this Championship, the defeat by 1-0 to Ponte Preta: Wellington defenders and Luiz Gustavo, midfielder John Denoni, midfielder Patrick Vieira and striker Caio. Of these, only Denoni must hold, since only he and Marcio Araujo are available for the midfield.

EuroBasket U20 B » Finland U20 – Croatia U20  1  

Croatia u20 is here joke of team, manny important players didnt come and this guys cannot play seriozus games. yesterday Czech destroyed them, they scored just 17 points on half (loosing 39 points on half) and than Czech could stop to play. Now they can just teoreticly go in Divizion A, must won 22 points + and need Czech to won GB (Czech is leading last quarter). Finland youngsters are not playing bad and i belive they will win too against so poor team as this croatia


Evening games

 – futbol peruano – 

Alianza Lima – Inti Gas Deportes

Alianza (4-2-3-1): Salomón Libman; Rodrigo Cuba, Walter Ibáñez, José Cánova, Jesús Rabanal; Juan Jayo, Paulo Albarracín; Junior Viza, Donny Neyra, Jorge Bazán; Jhonny Vidales. DT: José Soto.

Inti Gas (4-cuadrado-2): Mario Villasanti; Paolo Phillips, Óscar Nadín Díaz, Percy Chuquisengo, Javier Chumpitaz; Carlos Ibarra, Anderson Santamaría, Henry Colán, Gary Correa; John Jairo Palacios, Fernando Oliveira. DT: Édgard Ospina.

Inti without Llanos (df 15/0), Montalva (df 14/0) and Corcuera (mf 18/0). Alianza have manny manny problems (i wrote before few time). Carlos Beltrán (df 10/0) is suspended and injured are Yordy Reyna (att13/3) y Jonathan Charquero (att 14/1) and  Paulo Albarracín (mf 19/2). Also, because of fifnancial problem manny players left clubb (there will be more leaving) and they took tre players from juniors: Carlos García, Edson Goyzueta y Bryan Rodríguez.

Garcilaso – Sport Boys

Hosts 11-0-0 at home, main reason, of course, altitude. They are from Cuzco (3249 meters). SB comming from Callao, just 6 meters altiutude and they will have problems here. They suprised before in Huancayo, but last away games they play awfull (0-1-6). They took point in Lima after 6 games loosing strike but lima is also ‘down’ Real Garcilaso (3-2-3-2): Juan Goyoneche; Jaime Huerta, Fernando Allocco, Emiliano Ciucci; Eduardo Uribe, Iván Camarino; Jhoel Herrera, Fabio Ramos, Israel Chávez; Ramón Rodríguez, Andy Pando. DT: Fredy García. Boys (4-cuadrado-2): Fisher Guevara; Jesús Arismendi, Jorge Huamán, Ederson Mogollón, Joseph Muñoz; Juan Carlos Nakaya, Mario Gómez, Manuel Tejada, César Ruiz; Carlos Orejuela, Fernando García. DT: Julio Colina. for hosts Eduardo Uribe (df 22/1) is suspended, for Boys Riojas (df 12/1) suspended and Ricardo Caldas  (att 12/3) y Santiago Salazar  (df 12/0) injured

FBC Melgar – Sporting Cristal

melgar on 2520, SC best team in best form, they are from Lima (16 meters) Melgar (4-2-3-1): José Carvallo; Larry Yáñez, Manuel Contreras, Víctor Balta, Federico García; Karlo Calcina, Ángel Ojeda; Miguel Huertas, Hilden Salas, Roberto Carboni; Julián Di Cosmo. DT: Julio Zamora. Cristal (4-2-3-1): Erick Delgado; Marcio Valverde, Nicolás Ayr, Walter Vílchez, Yoshimar Yotún; Carlos Lobatón, Jorge Cazulo; Junior Ross, Renzo Sheput, Irven Ávila; Hernán Rengifo. DT: Roberto Mosquera. Hosts without topscorer Meza Cuadra (att 20/9) Sporting without Advíncula (mf 21/0), Alvarez (df 17/0). Juan Carlos Mariño, Irven Ávila y Hernán Rengifo are fit

Unión Comercio – Jose Galvez

Comercio (4-cuadrado-2): Juan Pretel; Wenceslao Fernández, Héctor Vidal Sosa, Lee Andonaire, Miguel Trauco; Wilber Huaynacari, Marco Casas, Daniel Chávez, Aldo Olcese; Germán Pacheco, Ronal Céliz. DT: Mario Viera. Gálvez (3-4-1-2): Daniel Reyes; Andrés Salinas, Paulo Ramos, Manuel Calderón; Ricardo Salcedo, Josimar Atoche, Jhony Obeso, Jersson Vásquez; Carlos Barrena, Osnar Noronha; Martín Arzuaga. DT: Javier Arce. Arzuaga (att 17/8) back for Jose

Sport Huancayo – Cienciano

Huancayo (4-cuadrado-2): Joel Pinto; Renzo Reaños, Anier Figueroa, Rafael Farfán, Luis Román Ojeda; Blas López, Luis Alberto Hernández, Ángelo Cruzado, Ryan Salazar; Jahirsino Baylón, Sergio Ibarra. DT: Jorge Cordero. Cienciano (4-3-1-2): Jesús Cisneros; Jean Pierre Cáncar, Miguel Ángel Villalta, Javier Pereyra, Cristian García; Junior Núñez, Edwin Retamoso, Yancarlo Casas; Juan Cominges; Miguel Mostto, Carlos Elías. DT: Raúl Arias. Hosts without Willyan Mimbela (mf 16/1) +y José Mendoza (mf 18/1).  ‘Rojo Matador’, Sergio Ibarra (att 19/7) is back Cienciano without Raúl Penalillo (df 16/0)

León de Huánuco – Universitario de Deportes

León (4-línea-1-1): Juan Flores; Guillermo Salas, Roller Cambindo, Juan Diego Lojas, José Dionisio; Johan Vásquez, Daniel Hidalgo, Carlos Zegarra, Edwuin Gómez; Sidney Faiffer; Pedro García. DT: Aníbal Ruiz. Universitario (4-2-3-1): Carlos Cáceda; Diego Chávez, Werner Schüler, John Galliquio, Aurelio Saco Vértiz; Antonio Gonzales, Rainer Torres; Andy Polo, Horacio Calcaterra, Edison Flores; Miguel Ximénez. DT: Nolberto Solano. leon will miss Minzum Quina (df 16/1), Luciano Cardinali (att 12/2) y Jorge Araujo (df 22/2) Universitario have Polo (att 20/3) back

U. San Martin – Cobresol

San Martín (4-1-4-1): Pedro Gallese; Gianfranco Espinoza, Christian Ramos, Luis Felipe Cardoza, Jair Céspedes; Josepmir Ballón; Joel Sánchez, Johnnier Montaño, Juan Diego Gutiérrez, Christian cueva; Luis Alberto Perea. DT: Ángel Cappa. Cobresol (4-2-3-1): Michael Sotillo; Omar Zegarra, Juan Francisco Hernández, Carlos Alberto Flores, Javier Soria; Edward Campos, Gregorio Bernales; Sergio Ubillús, Alexánder Cordero, Diego Chávarri; Tunde Enohoro. DT: Javier Chirinos. Cobresol has Hernandez (df 17/1) back in squad

Cesar Vallejo – Juan Aurich

Vallejo (3-4-1-2): Éder Hermoza; Carlos Solís, Carlos Galván, Diego Otoya; Paolo De La Haza, John Hinostroza, Juan Morales, Guillermo Guizasola; Alexander Sánchez, Johan Sotil; Roberto Jiménez. DT: Víctor Rivera. Aurich (4-2-3-1): Diego Penny; Diego Minaya, Luis Guadalupe, Leandro Fleitas, Nelinho Quina; César Ortiz, John Jairo Valencia; Willian Chiroque, Michael Guevara, Israel Kahn; Luis Tejada. DT: Franco Navarro. JA without Rojas (mf 19/0)

 – futebol brasiliano –

Santos – Botafogo RJ

Atletico-MG – Internacional

Hosts best team in best form. Striker Jo (7/3) and mf Serginho (5/0) are suspended but they have enough quality without them, (Ronaldinho).

Internacioanl bring Diego Forlan but he cannot paly yet. Also they have some important players out for this game: defenders Kleber, Rodrigo Moledo  and Nei, midfielders Datolo and  Oscar and striker Leonardo Damiao

Flamengo RJ – Corinthians

Corinthians won Copa Libertadores but than some players transfered.

suspensions and infos

Finland»Kakkonen East, LOPA VS. PALLOHONKA

If you have any option against LoPa bet on it, they are with juniors

Club Brugge – Dortmund

As i wrote last BVB friendly, they again without 10 players (most of them main, ibnternational players Piszczek, Błaszczykowski, Lewandowski, Perišić, Hummels, Reus, Götze..) and there will get chance lot u23 players (promoted from regionalliga to 3rd league)

B. Moenchengladbach – Preussen Munster

Munster played yesterday hard have with other Bundesliga club – Hannover (and won 2-0). I thing 2 so hard games in two days will be too much for them.

M’gladbach without: Niklas Dams, Filip Daems, Mike Hanke, Alexander Ringsowie,  Alvaro Dominguez , Yuki Otsu und Bamba Anderson

ND Gorica – Maribor

last season Gorica 5th (53 pts), Maribor 1st (85 pts)

Gorica left: Goran Galesic (df 33/10), William Franklin Vicente (att 31/3), Aris Zarifovic (df 28/4), Boris Mijatovic (1/0), Dalibor Stojanovic (mf 7/0), Andrej Komac (mf 10/0), Rok Buzeti (mf 20/1), Nebojsa Kovacevic (mf 32/0) and Danjel Rakuscek (mf 8/1). They bring some youngsters and they are much weaker than before

maribor left two great scorers, Velikonja (30/15) and Volas (34/17) but other players stay and they bring some new: Komazec from petrolul, Rep from Mura, Osaj from Nafta, kek from Dravinja, gabriel from Nafra, Dodlek from Mura, Resek from Heerenveen and Spahic from Aluminij

Russia»Super Cup, Zenit Petersburg – Rubin Kazan


Corinthians vs Nautico Recife

Corinthians are losing quite a few players after the Copa Libertadores title. Striker William, left back Ramon and center back Leandro Castan already left the team and midfielders Ramirez and Alex might leave in the next few days as well. In addition to the same four players that missed last round, they won’t count with strikers Emerson and Jorge Henrique, and coach Tite will need to use his reserves in the attack.

Injured/unavailable: Emerson (thigh), Jorge Henrique (thigh), Edenilson (broken foot), Guilherme (inguinal hernia), Gomes (back), Zizao (shoulder)

Injured/unavailable: Marlon (thigh), Cascata (knee), Rogerio (knee)


Sverige, Allsvenskan
Lalawele Atakora, AIK 14/7
Viktor Lundberg, AIK 14/7
Alfred Finnbogason (att 14/9), Helsingborg 14/7
Omar Jawo, Syrianska FC 14/7
Haris Skenderovic, Syrianska FC 14/7

Copa do Brasil

Copa do Brasil  Finale (first game)

Palmeiras: Henrique is suspended, Luan e Wesley are still injured

Coritiba: Sérgio Manoel está suspended;Roberto and Ayrton are injured

Palmeiras:  Bruno, Artur, Maurício Ramos, Thiago Heleno e Juninho; Márcio Araújo, Marcos Assunção, João Vitor e Valdivia; Mazinho e Barcos.

Coritiba: Vanderlei; Jonas, Emerson, Pereira e Lucas Mendes; Willian, Júnior Urso, Gil, Rafinha e Everton Ribeiro; Everton Costa.