Compeonato Carioca, Flamengo – Madureira +1 Madureira 

Fla big favorite here but after few games with best squad coach decide to rest main palyers (probably all starting players). Away team loss last game but solid team, after it won tree ina row and value on them (they are without Fla’s player on loan – Fernandinho)

Jayme de Almeida confirms reserve team Flamengo on Wednesday

After three straight games, holders will be spared against Madureira

“It’s time to take a rest. Among those who played Sunday, I think it will not play anyone because we have to save,” said the coach, projecting the match on Wednesday against Madureira at Maracana.

The commander explained that his team could not stand one more match in the sequence. The wear is accumulated from the long journey that the Rossoneri delegation made to Mexico, where he lost in midweek to Leon, the continental tournament. “It is humanly impossible after the trip.’s Team that has been playing has not demonstrated a willingness and a very cool game.’m confident in putting them in the match, because I know I will represent well Flamengo, “he added.


Jayme de Almeida confirms reserve team Flamengo on Wednesday
“It is humanly impossible after the trip. The team has been playing has not shown a willingness and a really nice football. I am confident in placing them in the game, because I know they will represent well Flamengo, “he added.

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Boavista – Flamengo

Flamengo with reserves


Getúlio Vargas, Paulo Barrach, Gustavo, Bruno Costa e Romarinho; Rômulo, Pedroso, Thiago Silva e Cascata; André Luís e Romário. Técnico: Paulo Campos


Paulo Victor, Léo, Chicão, González e João Paulo; Cáceres, Feijão, Gabriel e Lucas Mugni, Negueba e Alecsandro. Técnico: Jayme de Almeida


Internacional Coach Abel Braga set on Tuesday to the International squad for the game against Pelotas, Wednesday, at 22 hours away from home for the sixth round of the Campeonato Gaúcho when will use a mixed team of players from the reserves and Under-23 team. And it will keep the base of the team that beat São Paulo, Rio Grande, by 2-1, last week.

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Brazil » Campeonato Gaucho

Gremio – Veranopolis  -1ah Gremio 

Gremio is leading group B in Compoenato Gaucho. They will first time with strongest squad, last games they rotated with reserves and youngsters. Coach Enderson Moreira want his team to be readdy for Copa Libertadores chalanges

GRÊMIO: Marcelo Grohe; Pará, Rhodolfo, Bressan e Wendell; Edinho, Ramiro, Maxi Rodríguez, Zé Roberto e Kleber; Barcos – Técnico: Enderson Moreira.

Veranopolis is 3rd in group A of Compoenato Gaucho. Bruno Coutinho will strengthen the team, after returning from suspension, and Smith must leave the team. In the last round, when the half was not used, reads, Juba and Smith worked together. Now the trend is that the latter about the first two to form the most advanced double.

VERANÓPOLIS: Rodrigo Rocha, Fininho, Léo Dagostini, Douglas e Romano; Marcos Rogério, Glauber, Eduardinho, Bruno Coutinho; Lê e Juba (Soares) – Técnico: Julinho Camargo.

Brasilero B

Sport Recife – America RN  -1ah Sport @ 1,9

Quality on home side. Both need victory, Sport for G4, America to avoid relegation
Sport without Oswaldo (df 6/1), Vinícius Simon (df 4/0), Ailton (mf 5/1) e Pereira (df 14/0). Anderson Pedra (df 22/0) back

America defender and midfielder Norberto Neto (df 21/09 and Mazinho (9/1), will not play under the third yellow card. Fabinho (mf 19/0), who served only one time in the defeat to Bragantino not play under expulsão.Fabinho is the seventh expulsion credited to America in the Brasileirão, Márcio Passos has only received three cards vermelhos.a news is the return of striker Rodrigo Pimpão (att 17/3), who suffered a jaw sag, did not require surgery and was released to act in Retiro
Andrey, Chiquinho Alagoano, Cléber, Edson Rocha, Raí; Márcio Passos, Coutinho, Daniel Amora, Chiquinho Gaúcho; Adriano Pardal e Rodrigo Pimpão.


Brazil » Série B » Joinville – Ceará -0,5 Joinville @ 1,73 sbo

Quality on home side, they are fighting for promotion (1 point less than G4) and they won tree in a row. No important missings, just Rafael (df 12/1) injured.

Ceara very weak away, still without single win. 6 players are out for this game , defenders Vicente (df 14/1) and Anderson Marques (df 16/2), than Rogerinho (mf 12/2) and Hamilton (mf 4/0) and strikers Léo Gamalho (attt 7/2) and topscorer Magno Alves (att 15/7).

serie A, Nautico – Sao Paulo

here for double with first game, i think it’s goot to take Sao Paulo to score (or double chance on them). Sao paulo play bad this season but Nautico is worst team in league, have some missings today (two defenders loaned from Sao paulo so cannot play)..Awfull form and Sao paulo has two main strikers back in team..