Poland Super Cup

9.7.  Legia – Zawisza  2-3  
odds: 1,5  3,8  6,5
Legia won title, Zawisza won cup. Legia is of course stronger team but this is one game and Legia have some other priorities:
Legia Warsaw begins a new season. Super Friendly important than the Zawisza? 
…Against Zawiszy to play replacements and youth.
Coach Henning Berg at a press conference before the match of Super Polish from Zawisza said Ondrej Bagpipes return to training during the week and argued with media opinion that the Super Cup play reserve composition: – No one should say that the first eleven Legion is weaker than second. We really have a large group of great players on the same level – he said.
​Zawisza is almost same team as last year, there was no important leavings (just defender Lewczuk), there are no injuries ​and there is big value in this situation. They was angry on Legia’s decision and their chairman talk they could boyccot thsi game but they wont, they comfirmed they will play
just two standard players in Legia..
Przypuszczalny skład Legii:
Jałocha (1/0) – Bereszyński (33/0), Lewczuk (new player), Wieteska (youngster 17yo, 0/0), Kalinkowski (youngster 19yo, 0/0) – Kosecki (14/0), Kopczyński (2/0), Vrdoljak (30/5), Ryczkowski (youngster 17yo, 0/0)- Piech (new player), Saganowski (11/5).