9.4. Denmark » Landspokal Cup » Aalborg – Horsens  2-1


first game 3-1 for AaB

Aalborg leading top league, in good form and AaB are unbeaten at home in 18 major home games – 17 premier league showdown and a qualifier in the Europa League.

For Kent Nielsen and AaB’s trophy at least as important, though gold seems within reach.

Therefore there will be no expense spared on players before Sunday’s top match in the league, and the squad can handle the load, consider AaB coach.

Horsens is 2nd in 2nd league..There’s hard battle for promotion and their priority is to promote, not cup (specially after first game 3-1 loss at home)

But it will be without a number of Horsens largest profiles. Horsens put up without four regular players in trying to turn a 1-3 defeat by winning the DBU Pokalens semifinals.First Keeper Lasse Heinze, backen Anders Randrup and fixed midfielders Janus Drachmann and Martin Retov is not in the squad against AaB. They will be spared.

Instead, Horsens coach Johnny Mølby incorporated a number of young and unknown players in the squad.


8.4. Poland cup, Zagłębie Lubin – Arka Gdynia  3-0


Hosts means serious and they traveled from last game with plane to save time and players. They are 14th placed in first league

Arka is from 2nd eague (3rd and spoke few times priority is to try catch one of first two places to promote in first league). Arka in problems today:

Paul Sikora , the guardian of the Ark, will not be able to take advantage of: Marcus Vinicius (att 20/4, 2nd scorer), Igor Tyszczenko , Michael Rzuchowski (mf 19/4, 2nd scorer), Michael Schubert (att 15/1) and Michael Marcjanik (df 4/0). We all have health problems. In contrast, because of the pause for cards to Lubin did not go: Bartosz Ślusarski, (att 5/2), Piotr Tomasik (mf 23/4, 2nd scorer), Paul Wojowski (df 10/0) or Sławomir Cienciała (df 5/0). It’s quite a weakness for the ark, and therefore Gdynia in Lubin above all do not want to lose the match and decide the fate of the competition on their own property

Przewidywane składy:
Zagłębie Lubin: Rodić – Rymaniak, Dzinic, Guldan, Cotra – Piątek, Curto – Abwo, Kwiek, Piech – Papadopulos.
Arka Gdynia: Miszczuk – Glauber, Juraszek, Cichocki, Oleksy – Budka, Jarzębowski Pruchnik, Szwoch, Kowalski – Aleksander