Brazil » Campeonato Gaucho

Gremio – Veranopolis  -1ah Gremio 

Gremio is leading group B in Compoenato Gaucho. They will first time with strongest squad, last games they rotated with reserves and youngsters. Coach Enderson Moreira want his team to be readdy for Copa Libertadores chalanges

GRÊMIO: Marcelo Grohe; Pará, Rhodolfo, Bressan e Wendell; Edinho, Ramiro, Maxi Rodríguez, Zé Roberto e Kleber; Barcos – Técnico: Enderson Moreira.

Veranopolis is 3rd in group A of Compoenato Gaucho. Bruno Coutinho will strengthen the team, after returning from suspension, and Smith must leave the team. In the last round, when the half was not used, reads, Juba and Smith worked together. Now the trend is that the latter about the first two to form the most advanced double.

VERANÓPOLIS: Rodrigo Rocha, Fininho, Léo Dagostini, Douglas e Romano; Marcos Rogério, Glauber, Eduardinho, Bruno Coutinho; Lê e Juba (Soares) – Técnico: Julinho Camargo.

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