Brasilero B

Sport Recife – America RN  -1ah Sport @ 1,9

Quality on home side. Both need victory, Sport for G4, America to avoid relegation
Sport without Oswaldo (df 6/1), Vinícius Simon (df 4/0), Ailton (mf 5/1) e Pereira (df 14/0). Anderson Pedra (df 22/0) back

America defender and midfielder Norberto Neto (df 21/09 and Mazinho (9/1), will not play under the third yellow card. Fabinho (mf 19/0), who served only one time in the defeat to Bragantino not play under expulsão.Fabinho is the seventh expulsion credited to America in the Brasileirão, Márcio Passos has only received three cards vermelhos.a news is the return of striker Rodrigo Pimpão (att 17/3), who suffered a jaw sag, did not require surgery and was released to act in Retiro
Andrey, Chiquinho Alagoano, Cléber, Edson Rocha, Raí; Márcio Passos, Coutinho, Daniel Amora, Chiquinho Gaúcho; Adriano Pardal e Rodrigo Pimpão.