Copa Colombia, Pereira – Quindio -0,25 quindio  @ 2,05

two bad teams in their leagues. Pereira weak in 2nd league, Quindio week in 1st league but Quindion playing good in cup.
Game will be without fans (hots banned)

Quindio will put good squad

Posible alineación: Oscar Meza, Cristian Peña, William Tesillo, Jaine Barreiro, Wilmer Palacios, Jaine Barreiro, Alfredo González, Gustavo Biscayzacú, Jorge Serna, André Beltrame y Luis Paz.

Home team coach Jesus Barrios must negotiate with players from the Under 20 the high number of players who have injuries. Therefore, of the 16 invited, seven are under 20 and three of them will hold: Livingston Ediee Segura (just 16 years), John Alexis Piedrahita and Jimmy Medranda.

This also generates the coach Barrios modify the schema, you play with three defenders, unable to have a profile marker left by injuries.

Paul Mina, Eddie Livingston Segura, Anselmo De Almeida, Jose Ramirez, John Alexis Piedrahita, Jimmy Medranda, Cristian David Betancourt, Juan David Rios, Pablo Navarro, Anderson Daniel Plata, Carlos Andrés Sinisterra.
They were also called Gustavo Quiroz (goalkeeper), Henry Vivas, Edward Meisel, Daniel Rodriguez and Cristian Camilo Garces.

shame opponents are disaster, Steaua will give chance to players which not playing

GLORIA BISTRITA: Dolha – Oct.Ionescu, Hlinca, Ad.Iordache, Tarca – Oprea, Enescu, Cubilla, M.Stancu – R.Radu, Sighiartau

STEAUA: Cojocaru (0/0, 17y.o.) – Rapa (6/0), Gardos (17/1), D.Bratu (0/0), Lupu (0/0)– Prepelita (16/1), Filip (14/0)– Nastasie (0/0), Rosu (0/0), Iancu (5/0) – Nikolic (20/3)