Ceara v  Avai 

Ceara without: Fernando Henrique (first gk 23/0), Potiguar (df 1/0), Everton (mf 6/0), Leandro Chaves (mf 9/1), Romario (att 9/4), Robert (att 12/3) and Mota (att 26/13). Luizao (df 25/2), Thiego (df 17/1) and Itamar (att 26/7) left club

Avai without: Leandro Silva (df 18/1), Cassio (df 16/0) and Erick Flores (att 1/0)

CRB – Grêmio Barueri

CRB will have to improvise defense to face Gremio Barueri

To worsen the delicate situation the club through the Brazilian Championship Serie B, against Gremio Barueri, the CRB will not have their kernels zaga holder, formed by Rodrigão, Rogelio and Philip, and will be without Anderson, one of experienced goalkeepers in the group, all suspended. Anderson, Rogelio Rodrigão and received his third yellow card and was sent off in the defeat Philip 3-2 for Ipatinga.

Faced with so many embezzlement, Roberval Davino will have to resort to improvisation in central defense because the only remaining player born for this position is Italo. And as the work week began on Monday, the coach has said regatiano not yet have an idea you want to put the team on the field.

CRB out: Anderson (gk 16/0)Rodrigao (df 16/2), Filipe (df 7/0), Rogelio (df 24/2), Roberto lopes (mf 19/0), Gercimar (mf 9/0), Denilson (att 5/3), Edson Reis (att 15/3)

Gremio out: Leonardo (df 7/0), Wendel (df 12/0), Dionisio (mf 13/0)