HV 71 – Jyp Jyväskylä +1,5 @ 1,5

2  (3,25), away win 2 @ 1,9 (inc ot)  or +0,5 or x2(1,9)

hv with youngsters, juniors

HV71 is investing in the youth of ET game against JYP

Published: 2012-10-19 11:16

Reigning champions Finnish JYP comes while core selection last match in European Trophy will be decided. HV71 choose to invest in a young team to give the guys a good experience while giving junior players a chance to prove themselves in the first team.

The past week has meant three straight wins for the HV71.
– I am pleased with both the results and the game. Therefore, it also feels good to get a couple of days with a focus on training, says Ulf Dahlen.

Tomorrow will be a temporary pause in the Elitserien Match force when HV71 receives reigning Finnish champions JYP core selection in the last match of the European Trophy. HV71 has already won their division and are ready for ET Finals Red Bulls Salute, played in Vienna and Bratislava on 13-16 december.
– It feels a bit unusual to play a European Trophy match in the middle of the series. We’ll try to win it, but will do so in a different way, says Dahlén

– Given that we do not know if we will have players in the squad, while the finals are played, we will try very many juniors tomorrow. The players who played many league games recently will focus on training this weekend. We may instead be the opportunity to test many juniors against JYP. It will be an experience for the young guys to play this kind of game, and probably the youngest roster we had in HV71 in a long time.

In the last league matches, including Filip Sandberg, Anton Bengtsson and Johan Johnsson presented itself for HV audience.
– We see opportunities to give young players a chance to show what they can because they are fighting for places. They come in with energy and just drive. I think they have played a mature hockey, said HV coach.