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Colombian Cup » Bogota – Cucuta  1-0

Bogota is in 2nd league but very strng at home on their altitude (2548 meters). Cucuta Deportivo is in frst league, after catastrophical apertura when they won just 11 points and was worst team they changed team a lot and started good in clasura (2-2-0). Stil they dont have win away from home (0-3-8). Their problems is that they are not ‘on high’ (317 meters).

Bogota today with best line up:
La posible nómina contaría con: Mario Muñoz, Gustavo Rojas, Omer Escalante, John Bermúdez, Jader Romaña, Edgar Ramos, Robinson Hernández, Juan David Díaz, Yesid Correa, Camilo Fonseca, Miguel Pérez, Luis Díaz.

Cucuta today rotate squad:
Posible formación titular: José Escobar; Juan C. Angulo, Sebastián Botero, John Lozano, Edwin Rivas; Carlos Caicedo, Javier Flórez, Henry Palacio, Dayron Pérez; Víctor Uribe y Eduardo Sarabia.

Suplentes: Luis Estacio; Darwin Carrero, Javier Valencia, Fabián Parra, José Luis Bueno.
Published Aug-23-2012, 11:48 CET

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Pick: bogota Dnb
Odds: 1.73