Rising Star Trio from Spain

Spain did not have an endless orbit talented players. After embracing his U-19 European Cups, three young players the team “Matador” up to the surface.

It is a rising star trio Jese Rodriguez, Gerard Deulofeu, and Paco Alcacer. Three players during the UEFA European Under-19 in Estonia has collected 9 goals. Jese Rodriguez five goals are also the top scorer of the championship, while Deulofeu and Alcacer each collected two goals.

Jese is now playing at Real Madrid, as successor to Gerard Deulofeu Lionel Messi at Barcelona, while the prospective bomber future Alcacer Valencia.

1. Jese Rodriguez

Jese actually not the original product Real Madrid academy. “Los Blancos” take Jese when he was 14 years old from the local club Huracan AD. Prior to Huracan, Jese first studied at El Pilar FC.

Two years of practice in Madrid, Jese straight teeth. Las Palmas-born players were called in to reinforce the Spanish U-16 national team. Until now, Jese consecutive rate rises in the national team level and is now joined in the Spanish U-19.

Jese dream team to play in Madrid is reached when Jose Mourinho arrived. His debut play for Madrid attended the 2011 pre-season tour game against the Los Angeles Galaxy. Unfortunately, it is not considered an official game.

On December 6, 2012, Jese like “ketiban windfall”. He had been called into the squad for Madrid against Ajax Amsterdam in the Champions League. However, the opportunity to show off Jese failed to materialize. He was only a reserve player without playing the game.

Jese opportunity to feel official debut at the Madrid finally reached seven days later. Jese signed to replace Cristiano Ronaldo at the Copa del Rey against SD Ponteferradina. Then, on March 24, 2012, Jese taste the inaugural match in the League BBVA, and again met to replace Ronaldo at Real Sociedad.

Although more often want to play in the team “Los Merengues”, Jese was not in a hurry. “Real Madrid Castilla is my team now. However, the coach (Mourinho) know the quality of young players Madrid. He can call these players whenever he wanted,” said Jese.

2. Gerard Deulofeu

Learn to play football at La Masia academy at the age of 9 years, loyalty to Barcelona Deulofeu were embedded to this day. Deulofeu career in the “Blaugrana” began to appear on the season.

Deulofeu be the mainstay Barcelona B player who played in the Segunda Division competition. In between his work with Barcelona B, then Barcelona coach, Josep Guardiola, call Deulofeu entry team against Real Mallorca on October 29, 2012. Deulofeu also recorded his first minute in the senior team “El Barca” when replacing David Villa in the middle of the second half.

Deulofeu career in the Spanish youth team started in 2009 with Spain U-16. Soon, players born Riudarenes was called in the Spanish U-17 and last up to two years. Then, since 2011, Deulofeu already subscribed to “La Rojita” U-19 with the score five goals in 19 appearances.

Barcelona is also reportedly not willing to lose if Deulofeu. This is evident with the release clause Deulofeu which reached 20 million euros (about USD 231 billion). In addition, Deulofeu also briefly glimpsed the eternal rival Barcelona, Real Madrid, and the English club, Chelsea.

Nike as a sponsor Deulofeu Barcelona did not want to move to a club sponsored by Adidas. Apparently Nike has established cooperation with Deulofeu personal player since the age of 14.

“Gerard is a very good player and could face the pressure of playing at Barcelona. He had to grow up and ready to perform with the star players here. We do not expect to face it sooner,” said Barcelona coach, Tito Vilanova.

3. Paco Alcacer

If there is Valencia striker David Villa is considered as a successor, perhaps the player is Paco Alcacer. Valencia sharpness along with a collection of proven B 42 goals from 60 appearances.

At the age of 17 years, Alcacer had felt his professional debut with “El Che”. Until now, Alcacer had played four times in the first team Valencia.

Gait player plays the body was 174 cm with the Spanish youth team are also promising. In the period 2009-10, Alcacer put 15 goals in just 13 games for Spain U-17. Now, playing in the Spanish U-19, Alcacer also appeared keen to pour seven goals in 16 games.

Considered to have great talent as a striker, Torrent-born players into game two of the Spanish club, Barcelona and Real Madrid. Reluctant to lose valuable asset, Valencia immediately install “high wall” in the clause of the release of Alcacer.

However, Valencia seems to be hard to resist the temptation Alcacer of big clubs in Spain or even Europe. As before, the young star that shines in “El Che” often go to another club when it shows “bright light”. Of course, with a greater transfer of compensation.