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Preview. Third round of the Championship SUPRA-FNL.

The third round. Let’s go …

Superiority of FNL is gaining momentum: already there and the first opening, and frustration, some of the results of the first two rounds proved to be quite unexpected, and the density of the tournament table suggesting alignment of class most of the teams participating in the tournament. Of course, on the basis of two rounds, no conclusions can not be done and the interposition of the commands in the table may change even in the future – the third round, and very important.

The main issue of the third round – who among the top five will go into isolation from the others, but because of the vagaries of the calendar, you might find the option in which the “Ural”, “Yenisei”, “Sibir”, “Rotor” and “Baltika” preserve the status quo : together leaders in this tour does not play, but on changes in the middle of the table round promises to be rich, but first things first.

“Tom” – “Sibir”

The central match of the tour will be held in Tomsk, and it will converge to increase the two contenders in the class. The hosts – “Tom” – after the defeat in Volgograd and exit in the last round victory over not the strongest “Petrotrest” yet does not leave a solid impression: see the general level of the team, the ability to keep the initiative, individual excellence, “Tom” high, but it is clear that the team did not have enough concentration in the actions of attackers (even with three goals, “Petrotrest”, which leads to problems with the implementation of scoring chances, especially with a well-organized defense of the opponent.

And it is against such a defense, and Tomsk citizens to fight: “Siberia” in the first two rounds has demonstrated the ability to play tight and neat, combining procedures in the defense and positional attack with fast counter-attacks.

Tomsk and Novosibirsk geographical neighbors, which means that the upcoming game can be called “Siberian derby.”Teams’ chances of winning the match, and about equal, although the factor of the field should help, “Tom”, a draw would be acceptable result for both contenders. The teams before the match is optimal: “Sibir” has decided to issue a short bench, including dozayaviv Robertas Poshkus and veteran Alexander Kulchiy , but for “Tom” was finally able to play again claimed striker  O’Connor.

Expected formations: 

“Tom”: Vashek – Aravin, Omelyanchuk, Nikolov, Stroyev – Petrakov, Dimidko, Sabitov, Bazhenov – Khazov, O’Connor. 

“Siberia”:Makarov – Špičić, Klimov, Khaliullin, Golovatenko – Astafiev, Makarenko, Brkljača , Skorokhodov – Shevchenko, Medvedev Zuev

“Salyut” – “Baltika”

Another interesting match of the tour will be held in Belgorod: showing at the start of the championship-quality football “salyut” and “Baltic” will play each other in principle at stake is a match – an opportunity to gain a foothold in the leading group. In the last round of the “Salyut” and “Baltic” was played with teams that have not yet found his game this season, with “Khimki” and “Volgar”, respectively, and achieved victories with the same score 2-0.

A draw seems pretty likely outcome of this match: the rivals are, and to lose three points in this match definitely worse than two. But both teams have shown they want to and can play to win, so we are in for an interesting game on a collision course.

Before the match, neither the “Salute”, or “Baltic” is not experiencing any problems with the starting composition as well as from the bench. Seriously injured and disqualified the teams do not.

Expected formations: 

“Salute”: Krivoruchko – Kaleshin, Tsukanov, Butyrin, Starkov – Kobenko, Kushov, Tkachuk, Kabuto – Bazhev, Carlos Rua. 

“Baltika”:Kolinko – Ibragimov, Plopa, Zimulka, Ignatiev – Zjuzins, Chirkin, Gacko, Sysuyev – Levshin Votinov.

“Yenisei” – “Petrotrest”

“Yenisei”, which has already earned a reputation as thunderstorms favorites, consistently selected the 3 points in “Shinnik” and scratched a draw in Yekaterinburg in the match against the “Ural”, takes an outsider in his field championship “Petrotrest”, which can only curse at the start calendar slip from St. Petersburg to the opponents of one another unpleasant.

Defeat in this game can cost “Petrotrest” “fixation” on the last line of the tournament table, and at a time when other teams, including direct competitors in the struggle for survival, gaining points, a start for the club from St. Peterbruga may not be just a failure, and catastrophic. In the next round, “Petrotrest” accepts “Siberia” and the chance to score in this match at the Petrograd ghostly, and therefore need blood from the nose, but to cling to at least a draw in the match with the “Yenisei”, and on the latter: a very daunting task for Peter.

The only thing that can help “Petrotrest” – is the result of pressure on the game “Yenisei”. In the event of defeat, Krasnoyarsk club fall behind the group leaders. But it may be able to use Petersburger trump card – a novice team Belov , having experience of the game, even in the Premier League.

Expected formations: 

“Yenisei”: Plotnikov – Pyatikopov, Kachan, Shabaev, Lemamba – Sitdikov, Fatullaev Leshonok, Luzhkov – Laizans, Bazanov.

“Petrotrest”: Samokhvalov – Surkov Ershov, Grigoriev, Tarasyuk – Matrakhov, Kirsanov, Andreev, Khotov – Kozlov, Sushkin.

“Spartak Nalchik” – “Neftekhimik”

Of course, “Spartacus” in the home match will be played only to win: keeping the game in stock, nalchane to score points, especially in matches with the teams, the class is below. But, is it easy, “Neftekhimik”, which gave the fight to the last round, one of the regulars FNL Khabarovsk “SKA-Energia”?

Happen in this match a draw, it will definitely be in favor of the team from Tatarstan, but the eventual outcome of the match with one of the leaders of the First Division for “Neftekhimik” maloveroyanet.

Nalchik gradually solve the problem of short benches. Traumatized, and disqualified the teams there, and then on the “Spartak Nalchik” and “Neftekhimik” will be in optimum formulations.

Expected formations: 

“Spartak Nalchik”: Kochenkov – Džudovich, Bagaev, Zasaev, Chernyshov – Zahirovich, Shogenov, Rukhaia, Tatarchuk – Goshokov, Dorozhkin. 

“Neftekhimik”: Losev – Ustinov and Kulikov, Piskunov, Varziev – Dzahov, Djalilov Makhmutov , Galiulin – Portnyagin, Nurov

Photo: The official site of FC “Baltika”