1 HNL preview season 12/13

NK Zagreb Zagreb-:-Lokomotiva Lok. Zagreb  dnb 2 @ 2,63  / x2 @ 1,78

Zagreb is big unknown for public bbut also for them alone. They didnt bring quality palyers . New names are Ahmed Guilouzi (Gorica), Kobi Darrick Morris (Zagreb U17), Josip Krezo (Croatia Sesvete – loan). Club left Mate Maleš (Lokomotiva), Dinko Trebotić (Hajduk), Vedran Nikšić, Valentino Novosel , Josip Krezo. Pavlovic, Medic, Abdurahimi and Strok are good players but they cannot alone. Also zagreb will have problems when come injuries and suspensions, they dont have bench. Their ‘best player’ is their coach. Besek is good coach but still i belive more in young LokomotivaLokomotiva is better team IMO than Zagreb. Both clubs are from Zagreb, Lokomotiva is 2nd team of Dinamo and they play on Maksimir (Dinamo stadium). They are 3rd youngest team in whole Europe and of course they must have oscillations. Last season they finished 7th with point less than Zagreb. This season i expect better games because now they are 1 year older, with more expirience and that are all good players, ex young internacional players which has quality. Ademi and Puljic (important duo) are back in Dinamo but other players stayed. Also they bring defender Barbarić (expirience defender from Dinamo), Goran Zakarić (perspective young striker from dinamo / was on loan in siroki) and two perspective u19 internacional players, Filip Mrzljak and Marko Pajač. So now they have solid keeper )picak), very good defence with two expirience dinamo’s players like Barbaric and Mesaric with u19 int player komorski, good and very ofensive midfield with Brozovic, Antolic, Skvorc and great attackers from dinamo Kramaric and Situm (and new Zakaric)

Zagreb pre season: Zagreb – Rudar Velenje 1:2; Zagreb – Celje 0:1; Zagreb – Sibir 1:0; Zagreb – Siofok 2:1; Zagreb – Slask 1:1; Zagreb – Sevastopolj 0:5; Zagreb – Zavrč 4:2

lokomotiva pre season: VOŠK – Lokomotiva 0:7, Lokomotiva – U19 reprezentacija Hrvatske 2:0, Lokomotiva – Slaven Belupo 0:2, Lokomotiva – Volyn Lutsk 1:5, Lokomotiva – Slovan Bratislava 2:0, Rudeš – Lokomotiva 0:2

RNK Split Split-:-Rijeka Rijeka

Pre seasonDerby in first round. I belive more in this two clubs (if we look 2nd place) than in Hajduk. Split from begining (from their first season in 1st league) looks as serious club who buying clever and not spending much. This mercato they sold best striker Cop to Dinamo and no other important leaving. They bring good, fast, perspectiv striker Belle Henri from Istra, than Aljosa Vojnovic, another striker who had quality but now was in Iran and dindt look him last year. Also they bring very good radotic from Cibalia nad few other players. So they are stronger than before no matter Cop leave, they keep best players Križanc, Marčić, Vitaić and Vidić and bring new faces.
Rijeka is new club. When i said new i mean they changes 80 % of team. But it is possitive stuff. Last season in half of season Gabrielle Volpi come in club. It’s very rich Italian who owned Pro Recco and Primorje (in waterpolo) and lot other. He decide to make Nk Rijeka European club so he bring lot new, quality players (yes, i forgot to mention that he also owns Spezia, Italian football club which he bring in Serie B and probably will now invest lot there to bring them in Serie A / also forgot to said few days ago he quit with waterpolo but that’s not importnat now). So, new players are: Lukasz Mierzejewski, Dario Knežević (ex international player), Mato Neretljak (great defender, Hajduk didnt pay his saleries and he come in Ri), Josip Brezovec (great midfielder), Jurica Vranješ (ex international player), Drago Gabrić (great midfielder, Hajduk didnt pay his saleries and he come in Ri), Leon Benko (great winger/striker), Luka Marić (good defender from Istra), Ivor Weitzer (back from loan), Ivan Mance (Istra’s first gk), Diego Vannucci (they said he is good player from Italy) and Andrea Mutombo (perspective Nigerian from Volpi’s camp in Nigery)
players leave club: Igor Čagalj, Dino Drpić, Alen Dedić, Valentino Stepčić, Andro Švrljuga, Mario Tadejević, Ivan Bošnjak, Damir Čehič. Only Cagalj and Svrljuga was important

NK Rijeka (Vitez) 3:0, Sarajevo 0:1, GOŠK Gabela 2:0, Široki Brijeg 2:2 (9:8 poslije jedanaesteraca), Imotski 1:0, Široki Brijeg 3:2
Rijeka – Tom Tomsk 2:0, Rijeka – HIT Gorica 2:0, Rijeka – Sevastopolj 1:1, Rijeka – Gaz Metan Severin 1:2, Rijeka – Radomlje 5:1

Zadar Zadar-:-Osijek Osijek dnb 1 @ 1,55 / 1 @ 2,1

1. HNL, 20:00, Zadar – Osijek

DNB 1 @ 1,55 cannot drop imo

Osijek dont have players, they dont have quality, they dont have money, they dont have bench and dont have fans (it’s administration fault, people wants to go and look european games but they put most expencive tickets of all, bigger than hajduk, dinamo, slaven belupo) and there come 500-600 people. Only which club from my city has are problems. No money so there was no transfers. It’s ambelivable how club which play europe (loose in cup finale) go much weaker in that europe than buy (bring) somebody. only player who arrived is zulim (will not play first squad). I wached 2nd game in 1st ql round against poor amatuer team Santa Coloma from Andora (1st they won 1-0) and they won but they shouwed lot weakneses. Osijek is poor team and couldnt won convincigly even amatuers (which come without tree players which must stay at work). 6 players left club, Marko Babic (mf 18/3, ex international palyer, captein), Vidakovic (mf 9/3, important player, was injured), Bubalo, Gavric (df 21/1, important player), Lukacevic (mf 24/1, important player) and Maglica (att 23/7, topscorer and one of most perspective players, left in Hajduk). 2nd striker Ljubojevic (14/5) leave club before, 3rd striker šorša (29/4) is injured and probably will not be readdy for this game..So what expect when you never buy nobody, just wait to your young players showes few good games and than you sell him chief just to have for costs (for salaries of course there is no money). And same every year, just is difference that each year are playing younger and younger players..There is talent but there will not be resaults and they cannot play good in continuity. So Osijek in big problems. But that’s whole shitty league. That article was made after games with Andorian club, yesterday they played good with Sweden side Kalmar but they showed how they are young, unexpirienced and ‘green’. First, in 63rd minute Leskovic got 2nd yellow and they must play half hour with 10 polayers (which also can be plus for this pick) and than they recived 2 goals (and loose their hope in next round) in just two minutes. Coach still hope they can make miracle and maybe chance from first minute get youngsters like Dugandzic, Aleksic, Misic..They was better side but they won themselfs alone (once again). When goalkeeper Kardum left club last season (Austria W) they dont have goalkeeper. Kalmar yesterday shoot tree times on goal and scored 3 goals. You can look it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQBP2Wx1vaA&feature=player_embedded#!

Zafar played good in friendlyes (Zadar – Kupres 5:1, Zadar – GOŠK 2:1, Zadar – Široki 1:2, Zadar – Jedinstvo Bihać 5:1 ). In Zadar is situation nothing better than in Osijek but they are always good at home and they have very hard scedule first rounds so this is game where they must try to find points (after first round coming to new Rijeka, than Hajduk coming, than new trip to Koprivnica to another home team, Slaven Belupo and than Dinamo coming – very hard scedule). They are, same as Osijek without money so they couldnt bring some names, Jolić, Brnadić i Conjar are new names (Jolic and Conjar are good players for HNL). jonjic leave club and Tomasov whic i dont count (was here quickly when argue with Hjaduk). So most important for them is they have almost same team. Two important players, Antonio Mrsic (son of Osijek’s coach) and Igor Prahic left in pre season in Zilina but when they make agree something happened and they stayed in Zadar. Another good news for them (but not for this game) is that very dangerous striker, Zelimir Terkes  (21 goals for zadar in season 07/08 in 29 games) will be fit soon after long injury.Two poor teams but my pick here is home win. Zadar was always home team, always most of their points won at home and Osijek will have one of longest trips.

Dinamo Zagreb Dinamo-:-Inter-Zaprešić Zaprešić  -1eh / -1,5ah / -2ah 1,75-2,1

Inter is weak team without money,. Last season they almost relegate but this season is league 12 (next season league 10) and they can easy drop. They are not Dinamo’s club any more (before few years dinamo send their players to Inter, now is their club Lokomotiva). Midfielders Jancetic and Todorcev and striker Abilalilaj left club. Expirience keeper Cavlina come and that’s it if we look players which can make difference.Their tewam is very young (7th youngest in europe), 19 of 23 playewrs are under 23 years. There will be big osscilations i belive. They played very bad in frirndles, didnt even win, 0-3-3. Baku – Inter 1:1, WAC – Inter 1:1, Volyn – Inter 1:1, Aluminij – Inter 1:0, Inter – Kaposvar 2:3, Inter – Dukla Prag 1:2Dinamo played in wednesday in Bulgaria with their treble winner LUdogorec, played bad and aved themself in 90+ (1-1). As i said, they didnt play good and i dont think coach Cacic will rest players, he will go with best 11 to make convincigly win for 2nd game to get selfconfidence. And they will destroy Inter. Team is same, no one left (yet) and they are stronger for strker Cop from Split (+their two players, Ademi and Puljic back from loan, i belive Ademi have quality for first squad).

Cibalia Cibalia-:-Slaven Belupo Belupo  no bet

This article i wrote before Slaven Belupo European game:
Slaven is tipiucal home team, most of their points win at home. They are, IMO, weaker than before. Ante Batarelo (Istra 1961), Nikola Rak (Luckko), Mateas Delic;are new players while tree important midfielders left club, Polak (26/2), Brezovec (26/5), Mujanovic (26/4). Alsdo Jaksinic; (mf 14/1). Best player Leon Benko (16/7) left before. They have injured Gregurina (mf 23/1), Glavice (mf 23/5) i canad;ija (mf 12/0). Also, Bojan Vrucina come on half season as big star, first striker but he is injured from than and almost forgoten player. So if we want thing abouth squad, i cannot imagine how it will be, speciall midfield. Most dangerous will be 38 yeard old Davor Vugrinec (all time league topscorer). Busic (scoredc5 goals last season) shoved some skills and was scoring infirendlyes, but..

pre season friendlyes

Polet Cestica – Slaven Belupo 1:8, Polet SMNM – Slaven Belupo 0:3, Slaven Belupo – Borac Banja Luka 2:1, Lokomotiva – Slaven Belupo 0:2, Slaven Belupo – Sloboda Tuzla 1:0,Slaven Belupo – Koper 2:0, Slaven Belupo – Kaposvar 2:1

Thzey played that game and destroyed amatuers from North Ireland 6-0 (but they are not be relevant).
And what to say abouth Cibalia. They didnt bring no one, just players come back from loan ( Leopold Novak (Split), Josip Martinović (Mladost Cernik), Tomislav Maras (Mladost Antin), Stjepan Kvesić (Marsonia 1909), Petar Mišić (Dinamo), Marko Terzić (Marsonia 1909). Tree important players left, Culjak, Radotic and prgomet. Also important striker Kresinger and main midfielder Vitaic can leave if there will be some good offer. So they are weaker than last year

Istra 1961 Istra 1961-:-Hajduk Hajduk Split no bet

Istra was one of refresh last season (loose just two games in 2nd half of season). They are stabile club with good financies (Russian is a president). They made solid team. Players like Belle, mance, Batarelo leave club and that was good players but they bring good players too, Linic, Jugovic, Blagojevic and Cagalj are great players for this elague and they are even stronger Imo than before.

Hajduk played in thursday Europa league game with Skonto. I will put what i wrote before that game:

I belive it’s weakest Hajduk i ever seen. No money, no president, no players, no wages, and first time that fans are not interested. I belive more in Split and Rijeka (ifor 2nd place in league) than in Hajduk. Hajduk was banned because of doubts to Sibenik and they couldnt play friendly games (they played few weak friendlyes but couldnt play as hajduk). They bring only young perspective striker Maglica from Osijek. Other players come back from loan. Club left manny important players: Neretljak (Rijeka), Gabrić (Rijeka), Tičinović (Nordsjaelland, Dan), Lendrić (Waregem, Bel), Buljat, Lima, Vejić, Andrić, James, Režić, Sačer (Tomasov left before). Also Sharbini (anas best player) will leave and will not candidate for this game. Only good news if we can spoke abouth something good in Hajduk is that striker Vukusic stayed (for now).Istra was one of refresh last season (loose just two games in 2nd half of season). They are stabile club with good financies (Russian is a president). They made solid team. Players like Belle, mance, Batarelo leave club and that was good players but they bring good players too, Linic, Jugovic, Blagojevic and Cagalj are great players for this elague and they are even stronger Imo than before.

Hajduk won that game, played good (suprised me) but Skonto is poor team (i belived they are little stronger)

Cibalia Vinkovci

man. :
Croatia J. Gegic (Club croate) – 17 July 2012
Croatia L. Novak (Lucko) – 01 July 2012
Croatia M. Terzic (Marsonia SB, B.L.) – 01 June 2012
Croatia K. Prgomet (Istra Pula) – 01 July 2012
Croatia T. Radotic (RNK Split) – 01 July 2012
Dinamo Zagreb

man. : A. Cacic
Chile P. Morales (Univ. de Chile, B.L.) – 31 Dece 2012
Croatia D. Cop (RNK Split) – 01 July 2012
Croatia A. Puljic (Lokomotiva) – 01 July 2012
Croatia T. Barbaric (Istra Pula, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Croatia I. Peko (Lokomotiva) – 01 July 2012
Croatia M. Situm (Lokomotiva, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Croatia I. Peko (Lokomotiva, 0 €) – 13 July 2012
Croatia M. Situm (Lokomotiva, 0 €) – 13 July 2012
Croatia T. Barbaric (Dinamo Zagreb) – 01 July 2012
Slovakia J. Sylvestr (Aue) – 01 July 2012
Hajduk Split

man. : M. Krsticevic
Croatia A. Maglica (Osijek) – 06 July 2012
Croatia M. Jurina () – 01 July 2012
Bosnia and Herzegovina D. Stojanovic (Nacional) – 01 July 2012
Bosnia and Herzegovina A. Vrsajevic (Celik Zenica) – 01 July 2012
Belgium T. Susic (Standard B) – 01 July 2012
Croatia P. Vugdelija (Strobec, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Australia S. Lustica (Dugopolje, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Croatia L. Kalinic (Karlovac, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Croatia H. Tokic (NK Zadar, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Croatia M. Oremus (H. Tel-Aviv, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Croatia M. Sacer (Varazdin, B.L.) – 01 June 2012
Croatia M. Jonjic (NK Zadar, B.L.) – 01 June 2012
Croatia J. Hajder () – 01 May 2012
Croatia D. Medak () – 01 May 2012
Croatia F. Ozobic (Spartak Moscow B, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Croatia D. Gabric (Rijeka) – 01 July 2012
Croatia M. Tomasov (Munich 1860, 0 €) – 01 July 2012
Croatia I. Lendric (Zulte-Waregem, 600 k€) – 07 June 2012
Inter Zapresic

man. :
Croatia J. Mlinaric (HNK Gorica) – 01 July 2012
Croatia I. Celikovic (Cilipi) – 01 July 2012
Croatia I. Mrsic (Hrvatski, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Croatia M. Misic (Osijek) – 01 July 2012
Istra Pula

man. : D. Raic-Sudar
Croatia S. Blagojevic (Lucko) – 01 July 2012
Croatia D. Ljubovic (Karlovac) – 01 July 2012
Croatia K. Prgomet (Cibalia) – 01 July 2012
Cameroon H. Belle (RNK Split, 250 k€) – 11 July 2012
Croatia P. Grbac (Lokeren) – 10 July 2012
Croatia T. Barbaric (Din. Zagreb, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Croatia A. Batarelo (Slaven) – 01 July 2012
Lokomotiva Zagreb

man. : T. Ivkovic
Croatia M. Situm (Dinamo Zagreb, 0 €) – 13 July 2012
Croatia I. Peko (Dinamo Zagreb, 0 €) – 13 July 2012
Croatia T. Barbaric (Istra Pula, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Croatia M. Pajac (Varazdin) – 01 July 2012
Bosnia and Herzegovina G. Zakaric (Dinamo Zagreb, L.) – 01 July 2012
Croatia J. Calusic (Sesvete, B.L.) – 01 June 2012
Croatia M. Males (NK Zagreb, B.L.) – 01 June 2012
Croatia M. Situm (Dinamo Zagreb, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Croatia A. Puljic (Dinamo Zagreb) – 01 July 2012
Croatia L. Scrbec (Rudes) – 01 July 2012
Croatia I. Peko (Dinamo Zagreb) – 01 July 2012
NK Zadar

man. :
Croatia I. Conjar (Varazdin) – 17 July 2012
Bosnia and Herzegovina I. Jolic (Anagennisi) – 17 July 2012
Croatia I. Santini (Freiburg, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Croatia P. Sare (Grazer AK) – 10 July 2012
Croatia H. Tokic (Hajduk Split, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Croatia M. Jonjic (Hajduk Split, B.L.) – 01 June 2012
NK Zagreb

man. : D. Besek
Tunisia A. Guilouzi (HNK Gorica, B.L.) – 01 July 2012
Croatia M. Males (Lokomotiva Zagreb, B.L.) – 01 June 2012

man. :
Croatia J. Misic () – 01 July 2012
Croatia M. Zulim (Lucko) – 01 July 2012
Croatia M. Misic (Inter Zapresic) – 01 July 2012
Croatia A. Maglica (Hajduk) – 06 July 2012
RNK Split
man. : I. Katalinic
Cameroon H. Belle (Istra Pula, 250 k€) – 11 July 2012
Bosnia and Herzegovina M. Piric (Buducnost) – 01 July 2012
Croatia T. Radotic (Cibalia) – 01 July 2012
Croatia A. Vojnovic (Mes Kerman) – 01 July 2012
Bosnia and Herzegovina M. Kvesic (Siroki Brijeg) – 01 July 2012
Croatia D. Cop (Dinamo Zagreb) – 01 July 2012

man. : I. Istuk
Poland L. Mierzejewski (Podbeskidzie) – 06 July 2012
Croatia D. Gabric (Hajduk Split) – 01 July 2012
Italy D. Vannucci (Carrarese) – 01 July 2012
Croatia D. Knezevic (Livorno, 0 €) – 01 July 2012
Croatia J. Brezovec (Slaven Belupo) – 07 June 2012
Croatia J. Vranjes (Free) – 06 June 2012
Croatia T. Jovic (Club croate, B.L.) – 01 June 2012
Croatia M. Tadejevic (Sarajevo) – 01 July 2012
Slovenia U. Palibrk (AC Milan B, B.L.) – 28 June 2012
Mexico L. Delgadillo (Atlas B, B.L.) – 01 June 2012
Slaven Belupo

man. : M. Petkovic
Croatia N. Rak (Lucko) – 01 July 2012
Croatia A. Batarelo (Istra Pula) – 01 July 2012
Croatia K. Jambrusic (NK Koprivnica, B.L.) – 01 June 2012
Croatia G. Mujanovic (Khazar Lankaran) – 25 June 2012
Croatia J. Brezovec (Rijeka) – 07 June 2012

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