wednesday bet

Peru, U. San Martin – Alianza Lima

(both from Lima)

Hard situation for Alianza. They are in big financial problems, they are reducing player’s wages so manny of them dont wanna that and leave club.

Club alreaddy left: Johnnier Montaño, Luis Trujillo, Paolo Hurtado, Óscar Vílchez, Christian Ramos, José Carlos Fernández, Fernando Meneses, Manuel Corrales y Miguel Curiel.

Probably will leave this days: Giancarlo Carmona, Juan José Jayo Legario, Joazhiño Arroé y Jean Tragodara (todos porque sus contratos acaban a fines de junio y julio).

Thinking to leave: Salomón Libman, Junior Viza, Paulo Albarracín y Edson Aubert.

San Martín (4-cuadrado-1-1): Leao Butrón; Aldo Corzo, Luis Felipe Cardoza, Gianfranco Espinoza, Jair Céspedes; Josepmir Ballón, Carlos Fernández, Ronald Quinteros, Christian Cueva; Johnnier Montaño; Luis Alberto Perea. DT: Orlando Lavalle.

Alianza (4-2-3-1): Salomón Libman; Giancarlo Carmona, José Cánova, Walter Ibáñez, Jesús Rabanal; Édgar González, Paulo Albarracín; Jorge Bazán, Junior Viza, Yordy Reyna; Cristofer Soto. DT: José Soto.

Istra 1961 – Tomsk

i will try some suspicious options like ht/ht 1/2 (34) and 2/1 (29). Istra’s chairman is also russian

Finland » Kakkonen West » VIFK – Sporting Kristina

Finland » Kakkonen West » Narpes – TPV

 Loukkaantumistilanteessa (TPV) have a lot of question marks. Kimmo Gulf of effort mild knee injury, which may prevent gaming. Joe Lane, Olli effort has become a game of playing with the wooden leg and will be until the last minute. Jarno Eränen is still on the side for weeks, but Innola and Jaakko Ilkka Rönkkö exercises are likely to return for at least next week. Ville Salonen’s MRI results are still waiting. Exchange last nilkuttaneet Samu Jokela and Teppo Syrjänen are playing okay, but Jarkko Vesa park is due to exhaustion of the card account on the side.

Finland » Kakkonen North » GBK Kokkola – HauPa  1

Quality difference, GBK in great form while HauPa weak team in bad form

Club Friendly, Gloria Bistrita – Concordia

Gloria promoted in first league, Concordia solid first league club. concordia played already few games and this is their last game in Brasov (there is playing) while Gloria just come and this is their 2nd game so i would said Concordia are slight favorites and i wait for odds for dnb  (ahO)

Club friendly, Liberec – Nitra  1

Nitra poor Slovakian team with some injury problems while Liberec won Czech league, much better team and game is in czech.

MLS; Montreal Impact – Toronto FC  1 / montral over 1,5 goals

Montreal without some important players: defenders Rivas (7/0) and Ferrari (14/0), midfielder Mapp (13/2) and striker Corradi (11/4). They are still much better team than worst team in league – toronto who won just 1 game and just 5 points in 13 rounds. They (Montreal) have good attack and today injured Corradi will replace new acquisition, star player Marco Di Vaio