2. hnl

2. HNL, Rudes – Gorica 1 @ 2,3 bwin

Rudes was playing whole time on stadium of Hrvatski Dragovoljac, they hope they will finish works on their thill first round but they didnt because of weather. After that they fight with HD and there was also story they will not play 1st round of 2nd part of season (all stadiums are destroyed because of weather). But they finaly find stadium and will play in Mladina..
They wasnt satisfied with half season resaults so they bring some good players, they are much stronger now, attack is strong, defence always was good..
Gorica last season was best team in lelague but asocciation didnt give them to go in first league (they asso judge on European court, long story). Now they even didnt make licence request and sold main palyers (topscorer between them) and bring some young perspective players. That players have some quality, but they are chieper with not so high wages. Also they are today without  tree players which would be important (one can play from tomorow, new player) and two are under suspension (yellow cards)